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Premier Lottos Exposed — What Exactly Are You Going to Play?

Premier Lottos Review

Premier Lottos Review

It’s such a good thing that international lottery players now have a huge range of options to choose from when buying tickets online. Getting a Powerball or a EuroMillions ticket from the comfort of your living room is no longer just a dream.

Choosing the right online ticket-buying service provider, however, isn’t such an easy task. Why? Because there are oh so many options, and some of them can easily be classified as fraud attempts.

Premier Lottos is one of the new entries into this world, but how does it compare to other sites? Can you count on the service, and is it affordable enough? That’s precisely what we’re about to find out today.

Is GiantLottos a scam or is it a legit lottery service?

Games at

Premier Lottos doesn’t offer a big selection of international games you can test out for the time being. If you’re looking for variety, this online agency isn’t the one for you.

You can currently buy tickets for EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Powerball, Mega Millions, Oz Lotto, SuperEnalotto, and Mega Sena.

Next, we need to make sure that buying a ticket through Premier Lottos will not cost you a fortune. We took SuperEnalotto as a random example. If you are in Italy, a single ticket is going to cost you one euro. You will have to spend 1.82 pounds on your ticket through Premier Lottos, which translates to 2.06 euros. The markup is quite significant, but we have seen websites out there that charge way more for their services. So, it’s really up to you to decide if you feel comfortable with the price or if you’d look for another opportunity.

Ticket buying itself is a straightforward process. You can choose your own numbers, or you can opt for a quick pick. You’ll also get to set the number of upcoming drawings that you’d like to participate in (advance buying feature).

So far, so good!


Taking a look at the terms and conditions of the website paints a completely different picture.

Nowhere does the document state that Premier Lottos will be buying tickets on behalf of the player to participate in the actual drawing of the respective lottery. The precise thing that the terms and conditions page states are:

“With, Players are placing Bets on the results of the draws of official and/or state-run lotteries for certain lotteries.”

So once again, it is the age-old trick of fooling players into believing they’re buying actual lottery tickets when this isn’t the case. In this instance, Premier Lottos can be classified as dishonest and lacking transparency. Nowhere on the regular website pages states that players wouldn’t be getting an actual ticket to participate in a drawing.

Premier Lottos: How Prizes Are Paid Out?

According to the infamous terms and conditions, there are numerous ways to win prizes at Premier Lottos. The number of rewards depends on the specific lottery that the player is betting upon.

There’s a lot of legal speak and fluff about a Bookmaker being responsible for determining payouts. We truly believe the information has been crafted to confuse players further and keep them from understanding exactly what service they’re getting.

Here’s what we mean. The payout for a bet that matches all the winning numbers is calculated in the following way:

“The Winnings for a covered Bet are calculated by dividing the amount of Jackpot or the aggregate allocated prize, as applicable for the relevant Prize category, by the sum of underlying winning tickets in the relevant prize category and covered bets in the relevant prize category. The result represents the amount of winning payable in respect of each covered bet…”


So, determining how much you’re going to win is challenging, but if you do win, here’s what will happen.

Sums of 100 euros or higher will be transferred to a player’s account, and the money can be withdrawn after that. There will usually be a delay because the website will have to determine payouts and calculate amounts of winnings (another hint you’re not actually getting a real lottery ticket).

Who Can Play at

To play at Premier Lottos, you have to be aged 18 or older, and you also need to be a resident of a country that isn’t featured in the website’s excluded countries list.

That list is quite lengthy, and you can find it in the terms and conditions.

For some kinds of payouts, identity verification will be required.

Is Premier Lottos Legit: Who’s Behind It?

Are we talking about a Premier Lottos scam or a legit service? Legally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with what the website is doing. The terms and conditions state exactly what kind of service you’ll be getting. Still, how the information is provided is intentionally misleading, and we don’t like such practices.

As far as who’s behind Premier Lottos, that information is available.

The company operating the website is called LKSL Support Services Ltd. This enterprise is registered in Cyprus, and its registration number is available. It works in cooperation with Lottoskings – an entity registered in Curacao.

Lottoskings has a gaming Curacao license and was set up in 2020. We didn’t find other projects or online portals linked to the company.

The company’s address and phone number in Curacao are provided. We haven’t tried reaching out, but we do hope it’s possible to get in touch with customer support.

Other Bits and Pieces

Looking for Premier Lottos reviews online, we didn’t really come across anything. And that’s pretty typical, taking into consideration the fact that the service is still fairly new.

Premier Lottos has a Facebook page with 12 followers and the latest post from December 2020.

If you have some experience with the platform, you can leave a comment here. We’d be more than happy to find out how you used the website and whether you were satisfied with what it had to offer.

A few final things we’d like to mention are the website’s FAQ and the syndicates.

The FAQ is pretty basic, and it doesn’t answer lots of questions. Still, we encourage you to read through it before signing up for anything or transferring money.

Syndicates are available for all of the lotteries that the website “offers.” One Powerball share, for example, costs 7.96 pounds per week but once again, there’s no information on what you’re going to win and how the prizes per player are going to be calculated.

To help you make up your mind about Premier Lottos, we’ve created a quick final list of pros and cons.

Why You Should Register with Premier Lottos


A well-designed, user-friendly website

The most popular international lotteries are available

Syndicate play is available

You’re in control of how you place your ticket bet (advance play, quick pick, etc.)

The simple and straightforward sign-up process

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Premier Lottos


It isn’t clear if you’re getting an actual ticket or you’re betting against official lottery results

Lack of transparency in terms and conditions

Fairly expensive tickets (especially if you’re not participating in the actual lottery)

No transparency about how prizes are calculated and paid out

Would you mind rating

Is Premier Lottos Legit?

The term “virtual lottery ticket” rather than the actual lottery ticket is mentioned way too many times for us to be confident in the service being provided by Premier Lottos.

Even if they decide to change things up and make things a bit clearer, how the information is presented right now doesn’t really make the website’s service worth pursuing.

With so many online ticket-buying options out there, you should probably direct your attention towards well-established and reputable online agencies (that are honest and direct in terms of what they offer). For the time being, Premier Lottos doesn’t get our stamp of approval.

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