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Looking at, my first impression was this was an official site. Then I started digging further and realized that it is simply a lottery concierge site that facilitates the purchase of lottery tickets. It looks pretty clean, but part of that is the lack of information. This is a service provider that doesn’t even have terms and conditions. Here’s what we found out about

What Does Offer? says they will enter your numbers and confirm your entry, double-check your numbers after each draw and send you the details of whether you win or not. I did have a bit of a chuckle over the ‘double-check your numbers.’ It made me think of Santa Claus; he’s checking his list, checking it twice. Oh – and the “no one will know that you have bought an Irish Lotto ticket and no one will know that your Irish Lottery numbers have won except you” also put a smile on my face. also says payment for your lottery lines includes postage (so what are they mailing), handling, and agent charges. But, they don’t say anything about whether they take a percentage or if there are any other charges regarding the processing of your payment. They do not provide any information on whether they send a copy of your lottery ticket scanned and/or how you access your account.

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Winning at

They also say that payment of Irish Lotto winnings will be made according to your instructions and within 48 hours. Winnings are tax-free, and underlines that you don’t have to live in Ireland to play.

Who is is owned by International Lottery Subscriptions based in Dublin, Ireland. There is no information on their site on who International Lottery Subscriptions is. links through their affiliates into a variety of different games including El Gordo, EuroMillions, Italian SuperEnaLotto, Japan Jumbo Draw, UK Lottery, US Mega Millions, US Powerball, and The Billionaire Series. Each of their sites follows the same design and layout as, though the colors change. Okay – I found that funny — the colors used on each site in some way compliments that particular draw. Customer Service

Besides the snail mail address, offers an Irish phone number, email address, and form to complete online. There is no live chat, and so far none of my emails have been answered. That’s not to say that these folks aren’t legit, but I would feel better if one of my queries had been answered. There is no indication of their timeline for responding to emails and/or whether their phone line is open 24/7 or during business hours. Even weirder, doesn’t even have an auto phone message to say when they are available.

Why Does Give Me Pause?

One of the things that state is this lottery replaced the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes in 1988. It closed because of scandal and accusations about money.
According to the Irish Independent newspaper “… the sweepstake did not have an entirely beneficial impact on Ireland’s international image. Complaints were made by foreign governments of illegal activities, including bribery, being used to sell tickets in countries that outlawed gambling, causing much embarrassment to the Irish government. The survival of the sweepstake was assured by the cultivation of a strong North American market. The gradual legalization of lotteries in the USA from the 1960s precipitated the demise of the sweepstake.” Why would a lottery site draw attention to what would be considered an indefinite period of lottery history?

Scams at

They also have a link that addresses a heap of scams relating to both the Irish Lotto and other UK lotteries. Most of it is the usual emails and letters requiring an upfront fee for processing a big jackpot win. Some of them directly use as the facilitator, and some simply use Irish Lotto.

Complaints at

There are no complaints on that I could find though part of that might be the simplicity of their name and amount of sites that sell Irish Lotto online.

Why You Should Register with Irish Lotto


Variety of Lotteries

Multiple Draw Entries

Money In 48 Hours of a Win

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Irish Lotto


Too Little Information

Poor Customer Service

Expensive to Play Here

Would you mind rating

Is Irish Lotto Legit?

I might seem to be a little picky, but I found the fact that their telephone number had no auto recording even to confirm that I had the correct number a little surprising. The fact that has a series of affiliates that all use the same layout on their sites also gave me pause for thought.

Overall, our team gives a thumbs down. I’ll update this if and when we get any further answers to our questions!

  1. Look folks – the lack of communication is enough to say ‘stay away’. Then I started reading some of the comments by other people and almost fell off my chair when I read that one guy actually received his winning in cash by airmail. Seriously – nice he got his cash but who sends that kind of stuff in the mail!

  2. I must have been mad to enter the Irish Lottery via but I thought it was the official site. I am on Guaranteed Pension Credit so I need to be more careful. I did not realise it would just repeatedly take the stake from my card, and they certainly make it difficult to cancel the payments. I have emailed them twice and no reply so far. I can’t find a telephone number or address either – I am beginning to panic!!

    • Hi Carrie,

      I can see the contact information on their site:

      11 G Lower Dorset Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.
      Phone: (+353) 1 487 7043
      Email: sales(at)


  3. Just to let anyone whos interested know my winnings arrived airmail from hongkong in 7 1 dollar notes.

  4. If you google Mark O Meara irish who fronts this
    and has his name on all emails I have been sent, it opens a full page recognising him as a scamster. Beware everyone!

  5. I thought I was buying Irish Lottery from the official site. I was a little suspicious of the prices but never having played before should have checked. I payed my 23.00 by debit card. I received a very nice email wishing me luck and telling me my payment would be autorenewed a week before subscription was due again. After several emails asking for my subscription not to be autorenewed I finally got an email saying they would not autorenew. I contacted my bank to be on the safeside but they said if I had an email from them it should be ok.
    Believe it or not I had a winning line. Only a small amount of 5 eurs. I asked for this to be paid into my account. They asked for my address and then nothing from them despite several emails from me. There was nothing from them for 2 weeks so I asked for my winnings again. According to their website winnings are paid within 48 hours.
    Lo and behold this morning I received an email saying winnings would be sent by cash to my address in 4 to 5 weeks. I dont really care about the 5 euros but feel people should know what is happening with this site and keep well clear.
    I’m not one for falling for scams as I am really careful but shows it can hppen to anyone.


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