Approved by Lotto Exposed: A Badge of Quality and Exclusiveness

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How do you find the perfect, most trustworthy, and reliable online lottery ticket agent? With so many choices, it can be nearly impossible to make up your mind.  Just take a look at our list of online lottery reviews – it’s enormous.

To give you more clarity and peace of mind, we’ve decided to launch a brand new program. Through the Approved by Lotto Exposed badge, we endorse the best service providers out there you can count on. If a particular agent has the badge, you can confidently conclude that they’re reliable, reputable, and utterly transparent in client interactions.

Approved by Lotto Exposed Badge: How It Works

The Approved by Lotto Exposed Badge is somewhat of a mark of honor. And just like any other honorable distinction, it’s not easy to get.

You can learn about our agent selection methodology here.

In essence, we have the knowledge and the research capacity to protect our audience from scams. Unfortunately, such happens in the world of online lottery agencies and lotto service providers. Very often, companies claim to deliver certain services without bringing what they’ve offered to the table. In other situations, the services are so overpriced that they’re not worth pursuing.

This is why we’ve decided to launch a program aimed at distinguishing and recognizing the best online lotteries and agencies out there. These are the platforms you can trust, the ones that will give you a good service for the money spent.

Through the years, we have reviewed lotteries and agencies from all parts of the world. We have interacted with current players and lotto enthusiasts who have shared their experiences and the things that they desire out of such interactions.

Based on this know-how, we believe that we have the knowledge and the qualifications to recognize and distinguish quality. Every single review published on Lotto Exposed is the result of hours, even days of extensive work. Information is double and even triple-checked using multiple sources. Hence, we can rest assured that the recommendations we make are 100 percent accurate and reliable.

What’s the Safest Online Lottery Website for All Your Needs?

So, which platforms and online lotteries have already received the much-coveted Lotto Exposed badge? Here’s the complete list of service providers that we’re confident enough recommending to our readers.

Recommended Lotteries

  • Sponsored
  • Highest Rated
  • Most Reviews
  • Name

Recommended Lotteries

Best Offer
Tickets Scan
Commission On Winnigs
Great 4.7
Reviews (33)
21 lotteries
33 0
Great 4.2
Reviews (45)
49 lotteries
& Syndicates
45 0
Great 4.3
Reviews (12)
19 lotteries
& Syndicates
70% Off of Your First Powerball or Mega Millions Ticket
12 0
Great 4.6
Reviews (9)
20 lotteries
& Syndicates
70% Off of Your First Powerball or Mega Millions Ticket
9 0
Great 4.3
Reviews (103)
12 lotteries
& Syndicates
101% Deposit Bonus
103 0
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As you can see, the list is pretty small. There’s a simple reason why – many of the online agencies out there don’t meet all of our criteria for quality and reliability.

Some of the ranking factors examined to give service providers the Lotto Exposed badge include customer reviews, availability of popular lotteries, promo offers and discounts (that are worth pursuing), and whether a scanned version of the ticket bought is sent to the client.

From this page, you can also visit an individual review that sheds more light on the specifics of the service, its pros, and its cons.

Ongoing Commitment to Reliable Information Provision

Please rest assured that granting a Lotto Exposed badge isn’t a one-time event.

This means that a service provider currently given the badge could lose it in the future.

Our team is committed to periodically checking the service quality, the terms and conditions applying to interactions with clients. If we notice any change that negatively impacts the service, we’re likely to take the badge away.

All of the lotteries and lottery agencies featured in the list are tried and tested by the team. Thus, we know what we’re talking about right now, and we’re going to keep assessing performance in the future so that you wouldn’t have to.

Choosing how and where to play the lottery isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you can make a wrong decision and lose some cash without receiving anything in return. It’s our mission to reduce the incidence of such occurrences and ensure a safe and enjoyable online experience for everyone.

Don’t hesitate to check the list of approved lotteries and agencies periodically to learn more about the best options out there. Also, you can always reach out to us if you have questions, comments, or additional information that could affect our rankings in the future.

  1. What would be a better alternative to Winslip’s 🤔…also thank you for clearing up my suspensions about Winslip’s 👋🏿. I live in Maui Hawaii so I’m hoping to utilize The Lotter to play the Powerball & Mega lotteries & want to keep the cost down. Much Respect: Jason.🤙🏿.


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