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  1. I’m from hong kong and it was a great experience! The site was easy to understand as well. It’s a safe and very good place to buy lottery tickets, thank you

  2. I played in a lot of sites but WinTrillions is the best

  3. You can buy one ticket. You are not forced to buy 3 tickets like thelotter. Technical support is confidential and good. Gains in your account

  4. Been using for about a year. No issues, great service each time.

  5. I just found this discussion. I’ve been playing with WinTrillions for about 5 years now with no issues at all. My tickets are always timely and I never had any issues getting my prizes (and I did win a $10,000 prize!). Sometimes I have issues with my credit card but the issues are quickly resolved. I also tried tried other sites but I always came back to them. I’m perfectly happy.

  6. I liked WinTrillions, but they should improve their relation to costumers. However, it is still very trustful agent, so if you are new in online lottery world this agent is highly recommended.

    • I have been trying for about 2 weeks to just get to view my account! They just locked me out one day! Then wanted photos of 4 credit cards I used or they say I used, drivers license/passport, 3 MONTHS of a utility bill with my name on them when I told them one of the bank cards was destroyed due to loss they wanted FIVE credit card photos front and back with just the last 4 digits! Even while trying to get them the info I am still blocked from the site to check numbers I PAID FOR IN APRIL & this is May! They suck!

    • Wintrillions need to address their customers’ concerns better.

      I have been playing scratchcards and it was instantly buying the first day or two, now I have to wait up to 9 hours for my tickets to be MANUALLY processed even when using my winnings which are pretty low, played hundreds of scratchies and highest win is $5. Be warned.

  7. Good company. Except for the initial ticket purchased, all tickets after that are usual posted 1-3 days before the draw. My single tickets are emailed to me 1 day in advance and syndicate tickets up to 3 days before actual draw. All winnings have been deposited into my account.

    I did however get a phone call from them. I was talked into purchasing tickets to the Spanish Thursday draw. I agreed to purchasing $160 of tickets but soon received an email informing me of a $320 charge. Double what I had agreed upon.

    If I never answered that phone call I would give 5 Stars but now only give 4 stars and that is being generous considering what I experienced recently.

    • You do know that WinTrillions no longer actually buys real actual lottery tickets for their customers, all they do is just assign you numbers (or post numbers you have chosen) and then bet on those numbers …but no actual lottery tickets are ever involved or purchased.

      That means if a super jackpot is won by a customer it is the responsibility of WinTrillions to actually pay you the money and not the lottery you thought you were playing. If you win there is a good chance WinTrillions will simply be forced to close shop and declare bankruptcy as its a fraud and they do not have the money to pay out a 400 million dollar winning ticket.

      Again a greedy man behind this decided it was more profitable to simply take your money and give you random numbers rather than actually buying a lottery ticket. I have emails from wintrillions that actually told me they no longer buy or have anything to do with actual lottery tickets.

      • Sorry, this is just a silly review. I have been playing with Wintrillions for over six years and as soon as I won a large amount, they paid out the amount in full, once I submitted the requested paperwork. Unlike other sites that try their best to retain as much of the winning as possible, telling you that you are in with a chance to win bigger amounts.

        I don’t believe that they told you that they didn’t buy the actual lottery tickets, unlike you, I do check my numbers on the official ticket websites and my winnings always match the official payouts.

  8. Wintrillions aint bad. But they should revise their syndicates because there are just too many shares compared to lines. Also I find them a bit expensive although you pay for a couple of draws in advance with per line.

  9. I have never experienced any problem with Wintrillions. I haven’t played there for a while, but they are definitely not a scam. Will stick to them anyway.

  10. A newbie to Wintrillions.. i am very upset that only after purchasing tickets was i told it would auto renew. Seems there should be a opt in option to renew as well as telling the customer upfront before purchase.

    Something else i dont like…they don’t provide all tickets in the pool so we can confirm what numbers were played in the pool and confirm how many were played. As a pool of players who are paying more to better our odds..i think we all deserve to see the tickets and numbers played within the pool of players. Not doing that makes me hard would it be to provide a list of all played tickets prior to drawing because how do we know were not all getting the same copy of the same ticket for example…wintrillions show all tickets purchased for the pool!!

  11. I’ve used wintrillions many times but the service is no longer reliable and I feel they are no longer trustworthy.

    They have taken my money and confirmed my subscription to lotteries yet then failed to provide me tickets to the lottery (That’s fraud). Their excuse was they were overwhelmed and shorthanded trying to process so many orders. (I have email proof of this dialog with their company representatives and wish there was a way to post those here publicly)

    Another issue I have with them is when I use Western Union they send me an email telling me that as soon as I send them the MTCN# and a scanned copy of the actual receipt they will process the order. This too is another lie on their part because just this week I sent them a MTCN# and a scanned copy yet they thanked me for sending them in and then only after which they told me as soon as their financial department has a chance to verify that the transaction is real they will let me know and then process the order. This is contrary to them telling me that as soon as I send them the MTCN# that they would process the order and I know a MTCN# can be verified in minutes.

    However 4 business days later and after several emails to them asking for confirmation and not hearing back I missed the Lottery drawing and someone else won, and still no process of my order. Even after sending them payment in good faith I lost out on the opportunity to win a $165,000,000 million jack pot simply because they were unable to process my payment in a timely manner.

    I have a remaining balance of money on my account and once that’s gone I will no longer use their unreliable deceitful service that’s plagued with fraud. I have screen shots and emails detailing all of these transgressions which will stand up in a court of law, especially the one where they confirmed my subscription and failed to provide me tickets to play and that lottery was won by another person. They refused to let me speak to an owner or senior manager to clarify this matter and when I asked for their legal department they also refused. Shame on them for their deceitful practices!

    PS it’s one thing when its a one time error but after several similarly repeated “errors” I have no choice but to chalk it up to gross mismanagement and deception.

  12. Hi, I am also interested in checking whether is genuine or not. They have two more subsidiaries with different names: and So if wintrillions in alright then the other two are also fit to play. I have been playing buylottoonline for a while but there are still some mixed reviews for it. A ticket getting after the draw is OK because it will eventually show your numbers being played. If the ticket image shows incorrect numbers, that should be a trouble. Hope there is some more discussions on wintrillions and its sister sites.

  13. I agree with David that the hidden auto-renewal is dubious to say the very least. :-/
    This should be clearly stated when submitting an order – also that description isn’t correct then, you can’t make any orders with winzillions, you subscribe …

    Also the way to cancel an auto-renewal by having to send an email to support is a strange, you cannot easily find the instructions regarding this (this is under Terms and Conditions) and one can imagine why this isn’t easily possible through your account settings … to discourage doing so and that’s -not- customer friendly either.

  14. I have just had to send 3 emails to get an ‘automatically renewing’ subscription cancelled. They don’t make this clear when buying first entry. It is ‘in the terms and conditions’. There is no info anywhere to explain how to cancel a subscription. Why can’t they simply put the function on our account page? It isn’t even in the FAQs.
    As wintrillions is the syndicate site, (Congolotto is the simple purchase site) they can’t put your name on your ticket as you are buying a share in a large number of tickets!

    • Andrew I was not talking about the syndicate. It’s being said that they will scan your ticket and email you a copy of it with your name on it. This is not true, they will send you a copy of the ticket but it won’t have your name on it.

  15. Hello Nick, I’m a customer at wintrillions and I can tell you that they do email you a copy of the ticket, but they don’t put your name on it. They did the first time, but in the drawings after, they didn’t put my name on it.

  16. I play wintrillions from time to time, One thing I’ll say is when I first tried it I did rad about the auto renewals of syndicates, I just contracted them about it and said whilst I might play a syndicate again after given period I wasn’t interested in auto renewals
    they simply came back and said they had flagged my account to not auto renew. So when I play syndicate it never auto renews. So if you have concern with that issue just e-mail suppost and ask them to turn that option off

  17. Sorry to spam comments – happy for you to remove this if you wish.
    However, I forgot to say that details on how to cancel are not included in the section where you can review your subscriptions i.e you can review what you have subscribed to but there’s no way on that page of canceling them or details of how to cancel them. Again really poor practice.

  18. There’s a key point that you and, unforgivably, Wintrillions don’t mention.
    If you enter a syndicate, it automatically renews!!
    This detail does not appear to me to be mentioned in the FAQs nor “How it works” sections of the site (it is however buried in the terms and conditions) so realistically the first you’ll know about it is when you get the email telling you it has been renewed.
    Two things that make this worse – 1. It auto-renews even if you have not stored any payment details in your account (it seems to just charge it to the payment method you used to first enter the syndicate) and 2. I can’t find any details anywhere on the website that explains how to unsubscribe meaning you have to contact their support service, which means cancelling is not in your control.
    This is really really bad practice in an industry with a dubious reputation. This drives a coach and horses through Wintrillions trying to position themselves as trustworthy and IMO is a hairs breath away from scamming.
    It would be great if you could check the above out, but I’m pretty sure what I say above is true (obviously I have just checked the site, hence my comment)

  19. Hi here is a tip about syndicates. I have played them many time over the years, and won. 15 50 and 75 cents. Let say the win is big $500 and split 100 ways= $5.00. Well you can thanks but will you get a cigar?

  20. Nick I am glad your here man. I live in a state that don’t have a lottos. So what do I do. I join I have had no problems. And I have had many small wins. People must realize even if your state have a lotto they don’t have’em all.
    The only way I am going to get my hands on 150 million is with the lotto not ObammaCare.

  21. Hi,

    I have been using Wintrillions for a few months and they are getting worse and worse.

    Now I am lucky to get my scanned ticket before the draw, on the last draw it was sent 3 hours AFTER the draw, with no ‘property of….’ typed over the top, like they usually do.

    this could have been any random ticket that didn’t match a single number because it was emailed/posted hours AFTER the draw.

    For all I know, they kept my winning ticket for themselves, cashed in and emailed/posted a losing ticket to me.

    • U were lucky to receive a scanned ticket….never received mine. Msg is to wait 24 hrs if u dont see it to contact them. Problem is…u receive the numbers only a couple of hours before the draw.

      • Dear Customer,

        We would like to help you with your request, please write us to our email address support @ or chat with us through our website.

        We would be extremely happy to help you to clarify all your concerns.

        Kind Regards,
        Daniela Ricci.

  22. You mention : “I’ve bought lottery tickets in many countries and I have never seen any ticket that provides an option to put a name on it.” …

    Actually I think this is quite incorrect, as most (if not all) lottery tickets I’ve purchased (mostly in the UK) actually expect you to sign and print your name on the back of the ticket. (And I’d imagine all tickets would/should provide this function). It’s actually what proves that the ticket is in fact your own. (Otherwise anyone can basically just pick it up, sign it, and just say it’s theirs.) – So yeah, you’re supposed to name & sign your lotto tickets.

    • In Australia, no lotto type ticket has or requires your name on it, there are options to have a players card which is then linked to your ticket, it is not compulsory

    • Julian – you are correct when it comes time to cash your tickets but the actual ticket isn’t printed with your name on it at site. I like that does it. Thanks for the feedback! Nick


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WinTrillions Exposed — Excellent Reputation through the Years!

WinTrillions Review

Launched back in 2005, WinTrillions has quickly gained popularity as a reliable online lottery agency. According to the site’s official presentation, its services are accessible in 118 countries, and there are over 480,000 clients. Is this so, however? That’s what we’re about to find out.

WinTrillions reviews tend to paint a pretty positive picture. If you do a bit of digging up through forums, you’ll come across people who have bought tickets this way, and some even share information about their winnings.

Before making sure that WinTrillions is the right platform for you, however, you’ll need to explore the range of available opportunities, the cost, and the ease of using WinTrillions. Let’s get started with the WinTrillions review.

The WinTrillions app is a pretty typical representative of the field. This is an online lottery agency that allows members to partake in various international games. There’s a local representative in each country that has a lottery featured on WinTrillions. That representative is responsible for acquiring tickets on behalf of the website’s clients.

Apart from the ticket buying options, WinTrillions offers a couple of additional perks that will also be discussed in the following sections of the guide.

Games at

The lotteries available for ticket buying on WinTrillions are from various parts of the world.

The complete list features 22 very popular and some smaller games. These are The Max Lotto, Mega Millions, SuperEnalotto, La Primitiva, Euro Jackpot, Powerball, California Super Lotto, Powerball Australia, Oz Lotto, El Gordo, EuroMillions, the EuroMillions UK, Canada Lotto, UK Lotto, French Lotto, Cash4Life, Mega-Sena, German Lotto, New York Lotto, Florida Lotto, UK Thunderball, and Saturday Lotto.

That’s a pretty good mix of prominent European, American and Australian games.

LottoExposed alert

A special offer for Lotto Exposed visitors!

Buy your first Mega Millions ticket for just $1!

Who Can Play at WinTrillions? operates like most lottery services. You have to register an account, top it up with cash, choose the lottery you want to play, and pick your numbers.

How does work for international players? The good thing is that the website offers localization in terms of language and the available information that’s probably based on the visitor’s IP address.

Players have to be of legal age to play lottery games and cash out prizes. You can discover all of the details on the WinTrillions terms and conditions page.

Claiming Your WinTrillions Prizes uses a 256-bit cipher SSL encryption for all financial transactions so you can deposit and withdraw funds to/from your account with confidence. This ensures your account is safe and out of the reach of hackers.

The site supports major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Debit cards and E-Wallet options such as Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay, etc., can be used.

Who Is Behind Win Trillions?

The site was established in 2005 and is wholly owned by Legacy Eight Curacao NV. There’s also registration and an address in Cyprus belonging to the same entity. If you haven’t gone through their About US and FAQ, WinTrillions also goes under the name Trillonario.

When it comes to getting in touch with WinTrillions, you can choose one of several opportunities. There’s live chat support that pops up as soon as WinTrillions loads. You can also reach out by email or phone.

According to the official presentation, the WinTrillions team does its best to respond to inquiries within six hours of receiving a support request. When going through WinTrillions reviews, we haven’t come across complaints about customer service quality.

Other Bits and Pieces

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room – WinTrillions scam? Is it? Is it not?

Based on all of the research, WinTrillions is entirely legitimate, even though the available services seem to be somewhat overpriced.

Next on, let’s move to the additional services and opportunities that the platform has to offer.

We’ve already mentioned the WinTrillions syndicates. There are lottery syndicates for all of the international games represented through the platform. Some of the lotteries feature multiple syndicates due to the fact they’re pretty popular and in-demand.

As far as the syndicates go, you can participate in a single time or sign up for a monthly subscription.

WinTrillions also has the so-called millionaire raffles and multiple time-restricted promotions. Both of these are explained in full detail via the platform.

Currently, members can enjoy a couple of promo options. First-timers will benefit from a Mega Millions first play at the price tag of one dollar. This bonus has come to replace a previous first-timer offer that consisted of a 50 percent discount on the very first purchase.

Finally, the website has recently undergone a redesign, and alongside these changes, a new boosted jackpot feature was launched. The feature applies to Powerball and Mega Millions gaming. As per the official announcement in the WinTrillions blog, the player can opt to “boost” the jackpot their playing for. This way, the top prize will exceed the one being advertised by the official lottery organizer.

According to the promo, the feature can be activated from the Powerball and Mega Millions pages on the website. It doesn’t cost additional money, but since there’s no detailed FAQ on the topic, we lack additional details on exactly how the booster works.

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The Bottom Line at WinTrillions

WinTrillions does not raise any major red flags. It’s simple to use; the website is functional and localized for added convenience.

There’s also a good selection of lotteries to choose from. Hence, if a favorite international game is available there, you should probably consider giving this platform a try.

To help you make up your mind, let’s sum up the biggest pros and cons.


Has been around for a long time, maintained an excellent reputation through the years

A good selection of games to choose among

Pretty transparent policies, no hidden fees or charges

Several distinct ways to get in touch with customer support

Syndicates and promotions are also available

Supports multiple payment methods

Some localization is being offered to increase the convenience for international players


Not the most extensive selection of games

That’s pretty much it! WinTrillions is a good choice! So there’s no reason to feel uncertain about the opportunity – it could be the right choice for accessing your favorite games from across the world.

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