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KindLotto Exposed — Lots and Lots of Issues and Problems with This One

KindLotto Review

KindLotto Review

You know that feeling – when your gut tells you something’s not right but you simply can’t place that worry or where it’s coming from? Well, that’s the feeling that KindLotto’s website provokes. There isn’t anything terribly wrong with it per se but a couple of things raise red flags. When viewed together, they paint a picture of a service provider that isn’t being completely transparent with its potential customers (more about that later).

To give you a better idea about this online ticket buying service, we’ve worked on a comprehensive KindLotto review. We signed up for an account, we tried to buy a ticket (easier said than done!), and checked all other essentials that may concern you as far as the platform’s concerned. Here’s what you need to know.

Is TheLotter legit? 🤔

Games at

First things first, is KindLotto a scam? We can’t tell. There are several reasons why.

For a start, the website’s Terms and Conditions section is so generic you can’t understand anything about the service. There’s whatsoever no information about a local agent who buys tickets on your behalf. At the same time, you don’t get details about betting against the actual lottery results and having KindLotto pay prizes on its own.

Also, the website features a weird concoction of actual lotteries and made-up games.

You’ll come across favorites like EuroMillions, El Gordo, Cash4Life, UK National Lottery, Canada Lotto, La Primitiva, SuperEnalotto, and others. At the same time, there are “lotteries” like the Color Prediction game (which is obviously something that KindLotto came up with).

Do keep in mind that trying to open some of the lottery pages in order to buy a ticket will take you to a 404 error page. And that’s a running theme with this website. Lots of its pages, including the FAQ section, are going to give you errors instead of any actual valuable information. So, if we were in your place, we’d be very careful about spending money on a service that’s underdeveloped at best.

But let’s talk about prices if you theoretically do decide to spend some money on KindLotto.

A SuperEnalotto ticket, if you buy it on your own, costs one euro. Through KindLotto, you’ll have to spend 1.5 euros. Once again, however, it’s not exactly clear what you’re spending your money on.

There’s one more important caveat here. Funding your KindLotto account to buy tickets isn’t an easy task. Only two payment methods are accepted – Astropay (a payment platform for those who have no idea what it is) and cryptocurrency payments. Apparently, credit cards and popular payment methods like PayPal aren’t options here.

Because of that fact, we couldn’t really fund a trial account we created and buy a ticket to get a better idea of what KindLotto is actually offering.

Kind Lotto and Claiming Your Prizes

The Terms and Conditions at least have a section about what it would take to make a prize claim in the event of winning something.

And here’s where things get a bit confusing. The document suggests that a wide range of withdrawal methods is available, including wire transfers to a bank account. At the same time, the user can withdraw by relying on the same method utilized to deposit funds. As already mentioned, funding an account is possible via two methods (as per the test that we ran with a trial account).

When we did go to the Withdrawal section of the account, there was only a cryptocurrency withdrawal option available. Now, this could be a geo-located choice, based on our location. Still, we doubt that someone in another country will have many other withdrawal methods provided.

Other than that, there supposedly is no minimum amount for withdrawal. Players can control their money claims via their accounts. There could be some processing fees and charges that will be calculated on the basis of the withdrawal method chosen.

Who Can Play at

There aren’t too many limitations when it comes to using the KindLotto service.

According to the website’s terms and conditions, you have to be 18 or older when signing up for an account.

At the same time, identity verification doesn’t occur when you create a profile. We were only asked for a valid email address. Which makes it very easy to circumvent the requirement and use KindLotto if that’s something you’re keen on doing.

KindLotto: Who’s Behind It?

We are always very passionate when it comes to finding out who’s behind a service or an online lottery platform. The availability or absence of such information often reveals a ton about the particular website and its trustworthiness. What we’ve found out by doing a ton of research about such solutions is that the ones with questionable reputations tend to be set up by anonymous entities.

And surprise, surprise, that’s exactly what we have here!

KindLotto doesn’t have a working FAQ section where additional information would be available about the company. The same applies to the contact page. There’s only a generic email there – no address or a phone.

The website’s About US section also doesn’t work. It simply directs you to the terms and conditions.

This is all very surprising and even more so disappointing.

In other instances, we’ve at least gotten a company name and some information about where it’s registered. With KindLotto, you don’t even have such minimal essentials. There’s absolutely nothing you can use to research the service provider, where they are located, and if they could be counted on to fulfill their obligations.

Other Bits and Pieces

One more thing we found out is that apart from offering a ton of 404 errors and a failure to load pages, the KindLotto website is also very glitchy.

If you tried to switch from one language to another, you’d find it nearly impossible to switch back to the original language.

You may think that we’re nitpicking here but the poor functioning of the website shows just how committed the team is to providing optimal customer service. That works alongside the missing pages and the incredibly limited range of payment methods.

On the positive side, there’s supposed to be a sign-up bonus. Any amount you fund to your account is to be doubled (with some limitations, of course, but that’s to be expected). Due to the limited deposit options, however, we couldn’t really check this option and whether it actually works.

Finally, as usual, we tried to find KindLotto reviews to determine if someone used the platform and if they were happy with it.

There’s absolutely no online information about KindLotto – not in forums, not on social media, or through websites like TrustPilot. In other words, we’d recommend staying away from someone who’s asking for your money without providing an opportunity for you to verify anything about the offering.

Let’s sum up the positives and negatives that we’ve uncovered while researching the platform.

Why You Should Register with KindLotto


A big range of lotteries available for you to choose from (including some digital choices)

The prices are quite reasonable when compared to other similar services

A sign-up deposit bonus is available

No minimum amount for money withdrawals

Cryptocurrency payments and withdrawals are available

Why You Shouldn’t Register with KindLotto


It’s not clear if there’s an actual agent to buy lotto tickets on your behalf

Incredibly limited range of money deposit and withdrawal options

Lots of pages on the website don’t work, including some lottery pages

Terms and conditions don’t outline all aspects of using the service

There’s no information about the company behind KindLotto or contact options other than email

The website is glitchy and some functionalities don’t work well

Would you mind rating

Is KindLotto Legit?

We live in a world where people have access to dozens of services competing for their attention. In this world, a poorly constructed and poorly functioning online platform is simply not worth trying. And that’s precisely what KindLotto is. Because of these facts, we don’t recommend KindLotto. Obviously, our stance would change if more information were provided about how it works and what it offers (a working FAQ would be nice). At the time being, however, no such information is available anywhere on the website.

  1. It’s good but the only problem with them is customer service and withdrawal problems

  2. I won about 9747€ I’m yet to be paid. 15 days gone. I will wait till I receive my payment before I share more reviews

  3. It’s a scam. When I try to deposit the slab of 300. They deducted 520. It is showing Ghana bank. There is no proper customer care. Nothing.
    It’s fake beware.

  4. I am playing for the past 1 year, very good customer service and the payouts are very quick. Very good site with good bonuses and lucky wheel spin every day with a bunch of discounts, bonus and free tickets.

  5. Kindlotto very easy method entry. Deposit 100% bonus. I am winning 3 times 9000 amount in South Africa daily lotto. All lotto tickets price better.


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