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Lottery Tool Reviews 2018 — Other Websites Would NEVER Do This!

The lottery results are not guaranteed, but using carefully chosen lottery tools and software can greatly improve your game and increase your chances of winning. To protect you from the scam lottery software peddled online, we have reviewed a number of software and created a list of the credible ones. Go through each before making a decision on the one you want to try out.

Lottery Tools

Description Download Price Trial Guarantee User Rating
Jackpot Graph Jackpot Graph
Jackpot Graph enables you to research, compare and predict the next lottery jackpot. All the lottery jackpots are united into one visual graph.
Free No No
Hot & Cold Numbers Hot & Cold Numbers
Hot & Cold Numbers Widget enables you to see the Hot (drawn more than the average) and Cold (drawn less than the average) lottery numbers and decide which ones to choose. All winning numbers are united into one visual graph.
Free No No
Random Number Generator by Lotto Exposed Lucky Number Generator
Lucky Number Generator is a software that you can relate to when you’re confused about which number to pick.
Free No No
LotteryRemindMe LotteryRemindMe is an app that makes sure you’ll never miss a big lottery jackpot. It’s a free iPhone and Android app that lets you know the real time dollars on specific international jackpots.
Free No No
5Excellent 5.0 of 5
Lotto Pro Lotto Pro
Lotto Pro claims it maximizes your winnings. It offers lottery wheeling, smart number picks, etc.
$29.95 15 Days 30 Days
3.3Average 3.3 of 5
Program Five Program Five
Program Five is a lottery software that helps you to win the Powerball, Lotto 6/49, Loto Primitiva, Keno, Fantasy, Toto, Daily, Quiniela, Totocalcio, SuperEnaLotto, etc.
€60-€470 Basic Version No
1.5Bad 1.5 of 5
Smart Luck Lottery Software Smart Luck
Smart Luck promises lottery players to boost their chances of winning by using advanced number selection systems and wheeling programs.
$49.50 - $79.95 Free Demo No
2.8Poor 2.8 of 5
Lottery Crusher Lottery Crusher
Lottery Crusher claims to be a system that will provide consistent wins and entertainment all at the same time.
$39.99 5 Days 60 Days
1.7Bad 1.7 of 5
Lottery Winning Formula Lottery Winning Formula
Lottery Winning Formula claims it automatically find the winning numbers for every lottery game.
47 + $14.95/Month $4.95 for 5 Days 60 Days
2Poor 2.0 of 5
Lottery Winning Package Lottery Winning Package
Lottery Winning Package claims that by simply using a mathematical formula you can  beat the pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, pick 6, and scratch off lottery games consistently.
$77 No 60 Days
2Poor 2.0 of 5
Lotto Whiz Lotto Whiz
Lotto Whiz claims it is the most powerful lottery software using wheeling systems, a variety of statistical data and analysis to help you choose the winning lotteries for Keno, Lotto, Powerball.
$29.95 30 Days No
2.5Poor 2.5 of 5
Silver Lotto System Silver Lotto System
Silver Lotto System claims it will help you win 9 out of ten times. It uses some form of algorithms that shows patterns to help pick winning numbers.
$39.95 No 60 Days
1Bad 1.0 of 5
LotWin LotWin
LotWin is a lottery software that simply uses past results to predict future numbers for lotteries. They use advancing wheeling systems, statistics and filters.
£99.95 - £339.95 Demo Version No
2Poor 2.0 of 5
Beat the Lotto Beat the Lotto
Beat the Lotto doesn’t even claim to use past lottery results, but can choose the sufficient numbers for specific lotteries to ensure a win.
$39.95 2 Months 60 Days
Lottery Checkmate Lottery Checkmate
The Lottery Checkmate claims it "based on the game of chess" and works with all type of Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 lottery games.
$26.99 No No
4Great 4.0 of 5
Lottery Slayer Lottery Slayer
LotterySlayer calls itself "the most advanced lottery statistical program available" on the market. It can be used for playing Pick3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6, Mega Millions and Powerball.
$49.00 - $97.00 No 30 Days
2Poor 2.0 of 5
Lotto Hat Lotto Hat
Lotto Hat says that their system will use their wheels, or players can use their own unique wheels to filter numbers.
$59.95 15 Days No
1Bad 1.0 of 5
Lotto Master Formula Lotto Master Formula
Lotto Master Formula doesn’t say anything about how exactly it is supposed to work. It only brings forward some ‘interesting and creative’ numbers such as a 66.2% accuracy for predicting jackpots.
$97.00 No 60 Days
1Bad 1.0 of 5
Lotto Rocket 649 PRO Lotto Rocket
Lotto Rocket 649 Pro is supposed to be an intelligent lotto wheel generator program that uses historic statistical date of lottery results. It offers a combination of different number combinations for different lotteries.
- Free Version No
2Poor 2.0 of 5
Lottery Variant System Lotto Variant
There is no details how Lotto Variant System works and the winning cheques shown on their landing page have been copied from other websites.
$67.00 No 60 Days
1Bad 1.0 of 5
LOTTOmania LOTTOmania
LOTTOmania uses past results from lotteries to identify frequencies, draw patterns, statistical reports and unpopular sequences. They say their software will work for any lottery, including some of the mega draws like US Powerball and EuroMillions.
$35.00 - $47.50 No No
1Bad 1.0 of 5
LottoRace LottoRace
LottoRace is a game application available through Facebook which is sort of like bingo. Players compete against each other in a race to get the correct numbers winning virtual chips and tournaments.
Free No No
1Bad 1.0 of 5
1 Luckydays software only goes so far as to identify days that are particularly lucky for a player. Good astrology software goes a lot further.
$79.00 Demo Version 60 Days
4Great 4.0 of 5
Lottery Destroyer Lottery Destroyer
Lottery Destroyer claims that it can win any lottery in the world. It was developed by Mike Benet, who says he can increase the chances of winning the lottery by using his methods.
$39.99 Monthly $4.95 for 5-Day Trial 60 Days
1.4Bad 1.4 of 5
LotoRainbow LotoRainbow
LotoRainbow operates behind the belief that when you are comparing an expected behavior with an actual result, you will be able to use logic when choosing your winning numbers.
- No No
3.1Average 3.1 of 5
WinSlips WinSlips
WinSlips is a web-based application. According to its developer Stefan Vandevelde, there is no software required to use WinSlips, nothing is installed on your computer. Purchasing your membership gives you access to the site.
$39.95 for 360 Days Guest Membership 24 Hours
1.7Bad 1.7 of 5
Mr Lottery Mr Lottery
Mr Lottery claims he specializes in picking the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery numbers for any state.
- - -
1Bad 1.0 of 5
Formula 1 Lotto Formula 1 Lotto
Formula 1 Lotto claims it "uses a unique formula derived from studying and analyzing mathematical progressions and the probability of reoccurring number to eliminate the millions of number combinations that won't win and removes the bad numbers out of all the equations".
$39.98 12 Months 12 Months
2.3Poor 2.3 of 5
Smart Lottery Wheel Smart Lottery Wheel
Smart Lottery Wheel claims it works for every lottery game in the world, no matter where the it is located. Smart Lottery Wheel was developed using the newest algorithms based on the latest lottery results.
$49.99 EVERY MONTH $5.50 60 Days
1Bad 1.0 of 5
Be a Lottery Winner Be A Lottery Winner
Be a Lottery Winner is a program to help you win Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games. It gives you the drawn numbers before they are drawn if no number is drawn twice.
$2.99 - $36.99 Free Play No
2.5Poor 2.5 of 5
Beat Lottery Beat Lottery
Beat Lottery Claims they "generate the most often winning lottery combinationswhich will increase your chances to win the jackpot significantly".
$95/Year - $245/Year Basic Plan No
3.5Average 3.5 of 5
Lotto Guy Lottery System Lotto Guy
Lotto Guy Lottery System claims it beats playing “Quick Picks” or random numbers and increase your chances of winning by 30% without buying lots of tickets.
$19.95 No No
2.4Poor 2.4 of 5
Lottery Code Breaker Lottery Code Breaker
Lottery Code Breaker claims it could reveal 2 of the Pick 3 numbers and 3 of the Pick 4 numbers for you. Also, it explains how to play these numbers and when to play to become the lottery winner.
$5 - $14.95 per Month No No
The Lottery Picker The Lottery Picker
The Lottery Picker gives you an overview of the most drawn balls for the last 19 draws, the average number from past drawings, as well as the numbers that have not been drawn so frequently. Apart from that you can generate random numbers, complete raw matches from past draws, and a list of past draws.
$39.99 - $139.99 No 14 Days
3Average 3.0 of 5
Lucktastic App Lucktastic
Lucktastic app is an add-supported, free-to-play virtual scratch card web app that is readily available for iPhone and Android phones.
Free No No
2.4Poor 2.4 of 5
The Zen of Lotto The Zen of Lotto
The Zen of Lotto eBook gives you access to 13 demo apps. 12 of these demo apps are calculators or simulators related to long-hand evaluation of lotto prediction algorithms. You get a full set of project files for each demo app along with extensive documentation.
$9.99 No No
2.5Poor 2.5 of 5
Lotto Surfer app Lotto Surfer
Lotto Surfer is a web-based application allowing you to play PowerBall, Mega Millions and the Florida Lotto online.
Free No No
5Excellent 5.0 of 5
Lottery Looper Lottery Looper
Lottery Looper is software that helps predict lottery numbers for upcoming draws based on their previous performance.
$49.99/$29.99/$34.99 No No
3.2Average 3.2 of 5
LotteryHUB application LotteryHUB
LotteryHUB is an app for mobile phones that where you can check the latest jackpot info, and winning numbers on Powerball & Mega Millions, track your lottery tickets and collect rewards.
Free No No
2Poor 2.0 of 5
2 AutoLotto
AutoLotto looks like it will be an application to purchase US Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets – whenever it finally does launch.
Free No No
2.1Poor 2.1 of 5
Smart Lotto SmartLotto
SmartLotto is an application for charities and organizations to set up, run and market their local lottery further than just family and friends. It also links into to SMS and Facebook for promoting sales and news.
€199/€45/€69 No No
3Average 3.0 of 5
Jackpocket Jackpocket
Jackpocket is an application for iPhones and Androids to play lotteries available in the State of New York – as long as you are physically in the State of New York!
Free No No
3.9Average 3.9 of 5
3.9 LottoMatic
This is a very straightforward site that offers lottery tools to select your lottery numbers for a variety of international games.
$2.99/$4.99/$6.99 Free Version No
3.4Average 3.4 of 5
Mrgamez Lottery Calculator Mrgamez Lottery Calculator
Mrgamez Lottery Calculator is an online program where players can put their lucky numbers in and see historically what they would have won in lotteries – well at least one.
Free Free No
2.5Poor 2.5 of 5
2.5 Lottery Analyst
Lottery Analyst is a program that says it will help you optimize your chance of winning consistent smaller lottery prizes.
$ 20.00 or Your Donation Free No
2Poor 2.0 of 5
Lottery Dominator Lottery Dominator
Lottery Dominator is an e-book that claims it will provide the information to help make you a lottery winner.
$147 No 60 Days
1.1Bad 1.1 of 5
Lottery Places Lottery Places
Lottery Places is an application that locates the closest retail lottery stores against your given GPS location.
Free No No LottoTrix is a bunch of books that claim they provide a system for winning at lotteries.
$37.00 / $39.95 No No
the Lott App the Lott App
This application, available for iPhones and Androids, brings together official Australia lottery playing and betting sites for Australian lotteries.
Free No No
1.5Bad 1.5 of 5
1.5 Magayo
Magayo offers two free software programs for increasing your odds of winning with Lotto and for Pick 3/Pick 4 lottery games. Magayo Lotto can be up gunned with a Magayo Lotto Pro at a cost.
Free Version - $38.99 for Magayo Lotto Pro No No
3.7Average 3.7 of 5
3.7 aka AutoLotto is an app you can use on your smart phone for purchasing lottery tickets and checking your tickets.
Free No No
Clever Lotto Clever Lotto
Clever Lotto allows individuals to play the German state lotteries via their Smartphone and to manage kiosk coupons.
Free No No Rush Results
If you need the latest results, past results or number predictions for the most popular Singapore lotteries, Rush Results is the tool to try.
Free No No
Jo’s Picks Jo’s Picks
Jo's Picks is an app that picks Washington State Lottery numbers on the basis of its algorithm for the purpose of increasing winning odds.
Free (there are in-app purchases) No No
Lotto Decoded Lotto Decoded
Lotto Decoded is a system developed by Richard Lustig – a guy who claims that he has broken the “lottery code.”
$49 No A 60-day guarantee WinWin
WinWin is a money saving app, allowing you to win cash prizes up to $1,000.
$2 per month A one-month free trial No
Auto Lotto Processor by Richard Lustig Auto Lotto Processor
Auto Lotto Processor is a software aimed at helping you “crack” the lottery code and increase your chances of success through the selection of the right numbers.
$127 No A 60-day money-back guarantee
Expert Lotto 5 Expert Lotto 5
Expert Lotto 5 is a management app aimed at simplifying lottery related tasks like statistics, past number checking, lottery result checking, playslip printing, etc.
Free No No
5Excellent 5.0 of 5
Lottery Statistic Analyser Lottery Statistic Analyser
This is a PC-based lottery analysis app that covers a wide array of the most popular lotteries from across the world.
$25 15-day free trial (certain features are disabled in the free trial) No
Lottery Method Lottery Method
Lottery Method is an ebook that promises to increase your odds of winning Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 and scratch-off prizes.
$47 No No
Best Pick Lottery Software Best Pick Lottery Software
This is software tailored to increase your odds of winning multiple lottery games – Pick 3, 4, 5, 6, Powerball and Mega Millions.
Subscription-based per month (prices vary depending on the package you choose) No A five-drawing money-back guarantee
Lotto Profits Lotto Profits
Lotto Profits is yet another piece of software that promises to give you the mathematical formula aimed at increasing your odds of winning the lottery.
$147 per month No No LottoXP
LotoXP is a piece of software that chooses your lottery numbers for various lotteries from all parts of the world.
Free No No
Winners Only Lottery Winners Only Lottery
Yet another “system” aimed at helping you beat the lottery algorithm and “guaranteeing” you either bigger or more frequent lottery payouts than ever before.
Starting from $5 for a digital copy of the book No A 30-day money-back guarantee
5Excellent 5.0 of 5
My Rajshree My Rajshree
The aim of My Rajshree is to enable players to check their Indian ticket status by scanning tickets.
Free No No LottOdds
LottOdds is a lottery software program aimed at helping you pick the numbers that will supposedly increase your odds of winning.
$9.95 per month No No
EuroMillions Play EuroMillions Play
EuroMillions Play is downloadable software that enables you to improve your odds of winning a EuroMillions prize through the selection of the right numbers.
€2 per month, €50 for unlimited access Yes No

What Can Lottery Tools Do for You?

As a lottery player, there are lots of advantages you can enjoy from the various lottery tools and software available. Every tool and software is unique. There are some tools that help you to choose the winning numbers through a formula while others simply notify you of your lucky numbers and your strongest days to win. Our software reviews bring together various types of lottery tools giving you a pool of resources you can choose from. Some come as free downloads while others have trial periods.

How Do I Get Started?

Before picking a particular software, ensure you read through our list of reviews. You will find both subscription-based and free-to-use software. Make sure you understand what you are going to use and why. Software and tools for playing lotteries online, can increase your chances of winning, but make sure you understand what you are buying into. Most software is based on increasing the probability odds of winning and no software gives you a 100% guarantee of winning the jackpot.