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Price: Free Version - $38.99 for Magayo Lotto Pro
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: Magayo offers two free software programs for increasing your odds of winning with Lotto and for Pick 3/Pick 4 lottery games. Magayo Lotto can be up gunned with a Magayo Lotto Pro at a cost.

Magayo Exposed — Will It Increase Your Odds of Winning?

Magayo Exposed

Magayo Review

Everyone wants to win playing lotteries and we’re always looking for something to increase our odds. There are so many options available, that it’s hard sometimes to figure out where to start. Looking at Magayo Lotto, Pick and Pro, maybe someone has finally got it right. This site is not clogged with advertising and other bells and whistles. It just says it like it is. – What Does It Do?

Magayo Lotto and Lotto Pick 3/Pick 4 help players increase the probability odds of winning. It’s that simple. They use a variety of systems to narrow down the numbers you use to buy lottery tickets including wheeling, historic data, and filters. Magayo explains that they use two different free lottery software programs because the way to play Lotto games and Pick games are different. Lotto games use the balls once and Pick 3/Pick 4 can have the same number drawn in a different position.

What Is the Cost? Lotto and Pick software programs are free. They say there is no time limitation for it. Simply download the program – and it is available as an app for your smartphone. Magayo Lotto Pro Edition has a one-time charge of US $38.99. It updates information on lotteries using all the latest information. The big difference between the free version and Pro is the number of lottery games you can analyze. The free version is limited to 4 lotteries – Lotto, Powerball, Toto, and Thunderball.

How Does It Work?

This software looks very user-friendly. You simply pick the lottery you want to play, download the previous results, and then use the tools to leverage picking your ticket numbers. Keep in mind this is to increase the probability of winning and is not guaranteed. Having said that, Magayo puts its money where its mouth is. Winning players who use their software and win, and send a copy of their winning ticket, get a free Amazon US $20 gift card. These are posted on their website.

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Terms and Conditions

Click on “documents” and a comprehensive description of how this works and what to do opens. It’s not PDF downloadable but then again, Magayo does underline that this is for going green to try and limit people printing the whole document. The documents area does seem to focus more on the Pro version and all its options versus the simpler free version. There is also a heap of tutorials to walk players through how this software works.

Who Is

There is no information on who is and where they are located. There is only an online form for asking questions. It appears they are owned by Magayo Software & Solutions and may be located in Singapore. There is no ownership information linked to their website. does offer partnerships in affiliations, though they underline that they are not interested in being used as an advertising site. There is a heap of links online to different ways to purchase the software though I’m sticking to accessing it through this site.

Why You Should Register with Magayo


It’s free

Analyzes a wide variety of lotteries

Winning players get an Amazon gift card

Has a mobile app

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Magayo


You aren’t guaranteed a win

Would you mind rating Magayo?

Is Legit?

If you are into software to increase the probability odds of winning this is a good clean site. Though, you’re probably going to jump right into the Pro version as it does offer that much more than the free version. The different lotteries that can be analyzed on the Pro version are amazing. Keep in mind, that this is no guarantee to winning (and they don’t say that on their site) and is simply a tool to increase your odds of winning.

Final verdict: 8 out of 10 stars.

  1. First I was excited but now I’m disappointed because the software only has 40 matching main balls
    Which is not enough and from this when I tried to generate the ticket it only gave me 2 good matching numbers that actually played 🙁

  2. this software works for me. won on lotto easy5 and pick 3 in Louisiana. thank you.

  3. Scammers, I bought the pro version for 36 euros and when they upgraded it they asked me for 6euros and my version became obsolete. I paid the 6 euros and never got upgraded, when I sent them a complaint they removed my account from their database; so now I cannot use the pro version anymore. STAY AWAY FROM THOSE PEOPLE.

  4. Have used Magayo lotto pro for several years. Definitely recommend upgrading to the pro edition. Eliminating 1/2 of the allowable numbers in the Maine pick 5 lottery through the engine’s recommendations + individual decisions based on high/low, odd/even/ past performance short, medium, and long term decisions, and other filters, I usually get at least 2 of the number on average per play. Play only 5 number sets twice a week ($10). Have gotten 3 numbers in a row on occasion, and once got 4 of the 5 numbers on a single ticket for $250.00. The odds are 1: 3,387 for this to happen.


  5. I am very satisfied with this software, accuracy is 95% that 5% happens some exclude numbers are picked as winning numbers. (1 to 2 numbers)

    In my opinion, it is the best software I ever used.

    • I bought but I didn’t get pro version and wasted my money 🥲


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