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Play Lottery Online on Approved Sites in 2020

What Approved Lottery Is Best For You

Ranking we use to rate online lottery services is based on customer reviews assuring you that the sites are ranked according to the most critical criteria.

Because of our passion for lotteries, we strive to promote the best online lotteries for the benefit of our customers. Our experience and competence in understanding the online lotto industry provide you with information to play confidently.

As a result of our intensive research, we continually add new lottery websites to the list and then rate them to give players a good understanding of how to play.

Recommended Lotteries

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Recommended Lotteries

Best Offer
Tickets Scan
Commission On Winnigs
Great 4.2
Reviews (11)
19 lotteries
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Powerball 50% OFF - LTKPB50, Mega Millions 50% OFF - LTKMM50, All Lotteries 10% OFF - MYKINGS
Great 4.3
Reviews (41)
49 lotteries
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30% OFF Your First Purchase
Great 4.8
Reviews (26)
21 lotteries
Great 4.6
Reviews (8)
20 lotteries
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Powerball 50% OFF - TRIPB50, Mega Millions 50% OFF - TRIMM50, All Lotteries 10% OFF - FAN21

If you are taking your first steps in playing lotteries online and you want to learn about the fun that awaits you, here is why you can trust the lottery information we give you.

Check the TheLotter

1. Our team comprises experienced lottery players and unbiased experts.

2. We continuously check the terms of service, frequently asked questions, privacy policies, and license information of every lottery service we expose. We also sample the real experiences of people who play there.

3. We test the credibility of the online lottery providers using anonymous accounts to give you the real picture of what they are like.

4. Before writing the lottery review, we try the lottery.

5. We engage in online studies aimed at gathering every bit of available information, facts, and feedback of the lotteries we expose.

6. The Lotto Exposed crew thoroughly does thorough online researches on the Internet, gathering all the available feedback/information/facts about the exposed lottery being exposed.

7. We have a community of online lottery players where everyone has the freedom to leave his/her personal lotto experience feedback.

8. At the end of each review and article, we leave a section for comments where we invite our readers to submit their own experiences and updates or leave us a note.

How to Choose Where to Play Lottery Online?

To make it easier for you to pick an online lottery, we ensure every single review we produce contains the following:

– Factual information about the lottery, such as when it was started, who is the operator, what rules and regulations apply, and a link to the official website of the lottery.

– The legitimacy and credibility of the lottery, including a reputation assessment of the company or institution running the lottery.

– Formalities, legalities, and regulations. For international lotteries, we inform you whether they are open to players from other countries, the local taxation policies applicable, and the prize payout process.

– A summary of the ups and downs of the lottery. To make our reviews easier to skim through, we highlight the advantages and shortcomings in a summary form to help you decide whether they are worth your hard-earned money or not – or your time to read further.

All the hard work we put in checking out lotteries and then providing reviews is to help you get to feel confident about your decision-making process on what to play.

What Makes These Online Lottery Sites Approved?

The online lottery sites we approve have been checked out and, as a minimum, are user-friendly, have a large variety of games, exceptional customer support, and high-security standards. All the recommended lotteries use encryption protocols such as SSL to secure credit card information and are officially licensed.

LottoExposed goes beyond the ordinary to find you the best lotteries and assign them honest ratings.

Stay Safe and Enjoy the Game

In the lottery industry, security and reliability are attributes that go a long way in giving you peace of mind when playing online. This is why we ensure the lotteries we recommend are 100% secure by checking and reviewing all lottery frauds, user complaints, and scams. We regularly update our list of approved lotteries and make an effort to create the much-needed bridge between lottery players and the best lotteries.