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  1. Greetings, I was of the opinion that you should scan the customer purchased tickets and send them via email but that’s my opinion

  2. Kudos to 24 lottos it’s a real better site to play online very reliable but a little costly compared to some sites also. Highly recommended.

  3. 24Lottos customer service is not responding.

    • Hi Yasser,

      We are sorry that you had this experience with 24Lottos.

      We have searched our database and discovered that the reply to the emails you sent was not delivered to your Inbox.

      Could you please check if you activated any spam filters on your email? As sometimes, our emails end up not delivered to the Inbox of players due to spam filters or blockers.

      We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

      We hope to hear from you soon.

      Michael (at) 24lottos.com

      P.S. Daily Million is back with new features added.

      • Hello Michael.

        Thanks a lot for your message. Good to know that the website is still functional. It has happened to me that a website is on “autopilot” but in reality is not fully functional. 24Lottos has one of the best customer service and your message has now proved it.

        There are no spam filters and blockers activated so I am a bit perplexed as to why I am not getting the message. I will try to use another e-mail to see if that would work.

        Thanks again.


  4. I didn’t win any jackpot

  5. Lovely and I pray that God help me to win big

  6. It’s very easy playing online & the customer care is fantastic with feedback via email or WhatsApp prompt & very clear. Ticket feedback & results are very well coordinated & easy to access.
    If only a method of payment would be made possible for large winnings to the winners bank account via a transfer without having to travel to the said Country in light of the current global situation.

  7. 24lottos is great I’m surprised that can play US Powerball and Win from Nigeria, and they credited my account ?, thank you 24lottos and I appreciate God ?

  8. 24 Lottos is real.

  9. I was amazed at how simple it is to play Ghana lotto online — highly recommended. Great live chat support. I would be happy if they offer phone support.

  10. I am now convinced that 24lottos is real, I played the Ghana lotto and had some winnings, it was transferred to my mobile money wallet.

  11. 24lottos has great customer service! I had an issue with my lotto account and it was resolved promptly.

  12. 24lottos site is easy to use, I can deposit with Mpesa and they have great customer service!!

  13. I have believed already that it is authentic. I shall continue to do just that because the operations are reliable.

  14. I can confirm 24 lotto is the best lotto site

  15. I am now convinced it’s not a scam I have done my new findings am about to play good luck to me and all players kings from Nigeria

  16. My name is Agyeman francis, 24lottos is the best ever in the world today, any place, anytime.

    Great thanks to 24lottos I feel something great about the game.

  17. I have played several times but the best of it is that I use my mpesa to deposit. But one more they should do I’d to make sure they have emailed our tickets for us to be sure that they were bought

    • True. There is Mpesa paybill to pay direct HQ to purchase a ticket.

  18. I think it is ok and clear. I just buy some ticket here. I am from Vietnam

  19. I have played severally won small prizes but my next win will change lives God willing. Charles in Kenya.

  20. OMG!! Very simple and easy guide…..I actually doubted initially but when I played and won, I said to myself this is the best so far and I also like that it pays!

    • Kudos to you guys, nice work……..my next winning will shake the world via 24lottos, God bless 24lottos. SK money from Nigeria

  21. I came here to read the reviews ever before i played on 24lottos and i’m glad I did. My favourite game is baba ijebu but it is slowly becoming mega millions because of the format and the secondary prizes. I’ll try the other lotteries and give my final judgement.

  22. Can’t complain. The writer is right, everything is simple and straightforward. Whether you’re a seasoned lottery player or a newbie, there’s nothing complicated what you see it what you get. This is my favourite thing. Even though I’ve only had small winnings for now, my fingers are crossed to win a big prize sometime soon.

  23. WOW! After playing with so many lottery websites I can really say that they provide the best service I have ever received! The support was amazing when I had issues. A+++ for service.

  24. I had a minor network problem with depositing at first I was freaking out thinking I had lost my money but the customer rep was there to assure me and assist all through and it was resolved quickly. As a first time user I must say I was very impressed with the way they handled things.

  25. I got to know this site through Facebook and it’s something different to the lotto games we have here in Nigeria. I played Mega Millions for the first time and I love the fact that all Mega Millions tickets are equal and all have an equal chance of winning the jackpot. When playing baba ijebu games, for example, what you win depends on how much you bet. This is a breath of fresh air and I hope to be back for more tickets. Keep up the good work 24Lottos!

  26. I loved the fact that I could buy 1 line of ticket as not many other lotteries offer this option. I tested it out with 1 line of ticket to check out the website then after the result came out and I was sure of their services I went back and i have been playing ever since. Smooth service

  27. It is a transparent system transaction without any iota of doubt. Even a novice in lottery game can successfully play. If you win, you win and if you lose, you lose.

  28. One of the best websites to buy tickets from. They scan the tickets as a PDF your email address about an hour before the game draw. They sell single tickets, single tickets could be cheaper, but I can’t find a website that offers single tickets at a cheaper price. As a UK citizen, I can play this game which is nice.

  29. I have been playing 24Lottos. I won small amounts and they credited instantly.

  30. The best lotto playing site currently on international arena, but they should add live support system for greater accessibility and also should add more payment options, after all, this is a very user-friendly site.

  31. It’s the first time I give a review. 24Lottos is really simple to use from Nigeria, I use my mobile wallet. Support is also very good.

  32. Hi LotteryPuppet,

    Thank you very much! You are absolutely right, we fixed the issue with Mega-Sena ticket price.
    Some people were lucky enough to buy the tickets for the cheap price. 🙂

    24Lottos Support


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24Lottos Exposed — Something a Little Different!

24Lottos Review

The national lotteries in your country don’t cut it anymore? It’s time to look into international opportunities, and websites like 24Lottos have what you need.

Some may view 24Lottos as an online ticket buying platform. While you can certainly get your tickets for multiple international lotteries, 24Lottos is a lot more than that.

Is 24Lottos legit? How does it compare to other online lottery agencies? Can you always count on this platform to offer gameplay for your favorite international lotteries? These are some of the key questions that our 24Lottos.com review will try to answer.

Games at 24Lottos.com

Just like other international lottery platforms, 24Lottos offers players a chance to access some of the best and the richest lotteries from all parts of the world.

Right now, 24 Lottos offers quite an extensive selection of games worth testing out.

There is a total of 19 games that feature all-time favorites like the US Powerball and Mega Millions, as well as EuroMillions, Euro Jackpot, La Primitiva, SuperEnalotto, El Gordo, the UK Lotto and Set for Life. At the same time, there are some more unusual picks other operators do not carry. These include the Florida Lotto, Austria Lotto, and even Ghana Lotto 5/90.

As you can see, the mix is pretty nice, giving you a chance to participate in some of the big options out there as well as a few more exotic lotteries. All you have to do is pick your numbers, choose whether you’d like to participate in just one drawing (if you go for weekly or monthly subscriptions, you’ll get a discount) and create your account.

The price of the ticket and the discounts can be viewed even if you’re not a subscribed user yet, which makes it very easy to figure out whether 24Lottos is the right option for your needs.

Various payment methods are accepted to fund your account. You can make the transfer via Visa or MasterCard, M-Pesa, Bitcoin, or Cashenvoy. To make a deposit, you will receive a verification code via a text message to ensure the security of the account. 24Lottos doesn’t feature any currency restrictions, and you can use the credit/debit card issued in your country of residence to make a purchase.

So What Is Different?

Now that we’ve answered the question of how does 24Lottos work, it’s time to address some other questions. The most important one is what makes this platform different, and why should you give it a try?

For a start, you can opt for standard lottery ticket buying, but that’s pretty much the norm.

On top of that, you have chances to participate in group play and system gaming.

Group play is more or less a syndicate option. When you click on this feature, you’ll get information about the number of lines you’ll need to purchase and the share you’ll get with your contribution to the group pool.

Keep in mind that group and system entries are currently available for Mega Millions, but the chances are that the opportunity will be expanded in the future. We’ll keep you posted about any other essential changes 24 Lottos introduces in the future.

With this information, you now know how to play 24Lottos and how to make the most of the platform.

There is one final thing we need to mention, and that’s the pricing system 24 Lottos uses.

Most online lottery operators will charge you a commission for every single ticket you buy. Here, the situation is somewhat different. 24Lottos charges players a one-time fee. Once you pay the fee, you’ll get access to tickets at incredibly competitive prices, especially in comparison to what other online agencies have to offer.

24Lottos and Winning

Winnings will be credited directly to your account with no commission taken. Whenever a massive sum is won, the 24Lottos team members will get in touch with the respective subscriber to make the necessary arrangements.

If you’re curious about whether there’s a sufficient number of 24Lottos winners, you can simply go to the “Winners” page of the website. There, you’ll see a list of some of the latest prizes being claimed.

The best aspect of playing via 24Lottos is that the platform is committed to protecting the personal information of the players. Winners aren’t pushed to disclose their identity, which is excellent for keeping relatives and friends in need of money away.

24Lottos Is a Lot More than Lottery Tickets Online

The fact you can buy tickets from 24Lottos is just one of the cool features that players are given access to.

In a sense, this is your one-stop-shop to all of the lottery information that you need.

24Lottos has several useful sections aimed at helping players gain a better understanding of the lottery world. The latest lottery results section is a pretty obvious one. If you have a ticket and would like to find out whether you’ve won anything, this is the category to check. The section features information about numerous lotteries on top of the ones being offered via the platform.

Lottery reviews are also there to give you a good idea about each game, its rules, and the amount of cash you can potentially win through it. To top it all off, every review features some curious facts and trivia about the lottery in question.

The latest lottery news section gives you access to a feed with a lot of current information.

Getting in Touch with 24 Lottos

You can get in touch with the 24Lottos team via email (24/7) and by calling the customer service line (Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). WhatsApp and Messenger communication are also possible if you don’t feel like spending the money on a phone call.

All of these possibilities are required because 24Lottos is specially created to cater to the needs of players from all parts of the world. There are no limitations as to who can use this chance. Whether you’re in France or Nigeria, you can buy your tickets or get in touch with the team to have your questions answered.

Would you mind rating 24Lottos.com?

The Bottom Line at 24Lottos.com

24Lottos has a user-friendly design and a ton of great information. Some nice discounts are also being offered to players, which adds to the fun of purchasing tickets via this website. Let’s sup up some of the biggest advantages:


You can buy a ticket from any location, and various payment methods are accepted

Access to international lotteries (both big and small) from different parts of the world

Excellent security and protection of personal data

Discounts are available on ticket purchases

24Lottos doesn’t take a commission on the sum that you win

A Leaderboard provides real information about people who have won money via 24Lottos

The anonymity of winners is protected

Excellent customer support via mail, chat, and phone


There is lottery diversity, but some additional games could still be added to the ticket-buying mix (and they probably will be in time)

So, to sum up all information, is 24Lottos scam? Absolutely not! It’s completely legit, and you can learn a lot about the experience of regular players by checking out some of the comments under this 24Lottos.com review. The site gets a thumbs up, the legitimacy of this opportunity is verified; players benefit from transparency and flexibility. If you see one of your favorite lotteries in the 24Lottos mix, do not hesitate to sign up and test your luck.

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