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Postcode Lottery Exposed — Is It Worth Your Postcode and Pound?

Postcode Lottery Review

Postcode Lottery Review

You’re probably wondering why a lottery has a “postcode” in its name.

Well, it’s exactly what it says! Postcode Lottery runs lotteries that are based on your postcode.

It’s sold as a monthly subscription though you can purchase more than one.

It’s run by “People’s Postcode Lottery” which manages society lotteries on behalf of charitable bodies. They support good causes (their words, not mine) all over Britain.

Anyway, let’s all take a step back and see what exactly Postcode Lottery is about.

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How Does Postcode Lottery Work?

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Players participate in the People’s Postcode Lottery through a subscription model.

By registering with their postcode and paying a monthly fee of £12, members are automatically entered into numerous draws. This subscription ensures that you are included in every draw, with no need to purchase individual tickets for each game.

Prizes are awarded daily, with each day of the week bringing new opportunities to win. From Monday to Friday, players have a chance to win £1,000 each day. The excitement peaks over the weekend: Saturdays offer the chance to win a share of £1 million, and on Sundays, each winning player in a postcode can take home £30,000.

Additionally, every month features a massive draw where players in a postcode sector share a prize pot of £3.2 million or more, with the amount being divided equally among tickets in the winning postcode and postcode sector.

Participation is straightforward—your ticket is your postcode, and only those postcodes that are actively playing are entered into the draws. If your postcode is drawn, every participating household in that postcode wins, fostering a sense of community among neighbors.

Importantly, there is no contract involved, allowing players to opt in or out as they wish.

Who Can Play?

Anyone who has a British postcode is eligible to play.

It’s easy for UK residents to sign up on the lottery’s official website. Direct Debit, Debit Card and PayPal are accepted for purchasing subscriptions.

How to Sign Up for Postcode Lottery

You can sign up by using their website or by calling their customer service on their toll-free number.

When you sign up, you should receive a confirmation email containing important information about your subscription(s).

If you do not receive any email from them, check your spam folder, and if it is still not in there, call their customer service.

What Happens when You Win a Prize?

When you win a prize with the People’s Postcode Lottery, you will be notified through various channels depending on the type and size of your prize.

Notifications come via email, SMS message, letter, or phone call.

Significant prizes, such as the Street Prize, the weekly £1 Million prize, or the monthly Postcode Millions, will prompt a more personal contact, typically through a phone call or a letter.

For discussions about prize wins over the phone, winners must answer two security questions to confirm their identity.

Importantly, at no point will sensitive bank information, such as bank account PINs, be requested over the phone. This policy helps protect both the integrity of the transaction and the privacy of the winners.

How to Claim Get Postcode Lottery Winnings

When you win with the People’s Postcode Lottery, the process for claiming your prize money is straightforward and efficient.

For players who pay by Direct Debit or those who signed up using other payment methods but have already registered their bank account details, the prize money is transferred directly to their bank accounts within 28 days of winning.

If a winner has not registered their bank details, they can easily do so by calling the provided freephone number, 0808 109 8765. The customer service team is available to help arrange the payment of winnings, guaranteeing that all winners have access to their funds promptly and securely.

Postcode Lottery’s Website

The website is pretty simple and straightforward to navigate around.

The major sections that an intending player (or just a random person) may need information about are at the top of the website and on every web page. Overall, it has a simple layout anyone can understand.

Customer Service at

Postcode Lottery has its telephone number all over its site.  You can ring them or complete a form asking them to call you back at a specific time. People can also sign up for regular emails for Postcode Lottery news, updates, and results.

Changing Address on Postcode Lottery

Considering the fact that this lottery is based on postcodes, you may want to know what happens if you change your location and still want to participate in the lottery. All you have to do is call their customer service or send them an email, and provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth (as a security check)
  • Your previous address
  • Your full new postal address – please note, that we need you to tell us your complete new address
  • Your new playing postcode
  • Your up-to-date phone numbers and email address

They’ll reach out to you with information on how soon you can start playing.

So, Where Does the Profit Go?

The People’s Postcode Lottery has made a significant impact through its dedication to supporting charitable causes.

Players of the lottery have collectively raised over £1.3 billion for various good causes to date, showcasing the powerful role that community-focused gambling can play in philanthropy.

The lottery operates under the management of 20 Postcode Trusts, each contributing to a range of charities. The beneficiaries of these trusts are diverse, covering sectors such as education, environmental conservation, health, and community development.

Why You Should Register With Postcode Lottery


Simple Sign-up Process: Joining the lottery is straightforward, with an easy registration process available on the website or via a toll-free customer service call

Community Impact: A substantial portion of the proceeds goes to charitable causes, with over £1.3 billion raised for various good causes, making each ticket a contribution to community development and support

Frequent Prizes: The lottery offers daily, weekly, and monthly prizes, increasing the chances of winning. Significant prizes include daily wins of £1,000, weekly shares of £1 million, and a monthly prize pot of £3.2 million or more

No Numbers to Pick: The lottery uses postcodes as entries, removing the need to pick numbers and making the game simpler and unique

Multiple Payment Options: Players can pay via Direct Debit, Debit Card, and PayPal, providing flexibility in payment methods

Effective Customer Support: The customer service is responsive and helpful, with multiple contact options available for assistance and queries

Why You Should Not Register With Postcode Lottery


Geographic Limitation: Only those with a UK residence can register and play, limiting participation to those within the United Kingdom

Lack of a Mobile App: There is no dedicated mobile application, which might inconvenience players who prefer accessing services via their smartphones

Not Designed for Huge Jackpots: While the lottery provides frequent payouts, it’s not structured to offer large jackpots like some other national lotteries, which might be a drawback for those looking to win big

Is Postcode Lottery Legit?

In case you’re wondering, “is Postcode lottery a con?” It isn’t.

However, this is not a lottery that is going to make you a millionaire but it will provide some fun and it’s kind of cool that one doesn’t have to try to figure out what their lucky numbers could be.

It’s a little lottery that the average person can play and be happy about, especially knowing that they are supporting charities.

But, the bottom line is you must have a UK address to play!

Also, you may want to check out the complaints about the lottery before giving it a try. The experiences of others are quite informative and it’s up to you to interpret the information.

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We Want to Hear From You: Share Your Experience!

Are you a player of the People’s Postcode Lottery? We would love to hear about your experience!

Sharing your reviews and stories can help others understand the impact of their participation, not just in terms of winning potential but also in contributing to the wide array of good causes supported by the lottery.

Whether it’s about the excitement of the draws, the ease of participating, or the joy of contributing to charity, your feedback is invaluable.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us and help build a community of informed and engaged players.

Your insights could inspire someone else to start playing and contributing to these worthy causes.

  1. My fiancé has cancelled after playing for 4yrs. It was never about winning big, as she says, always the same areas winning. What annoyed us both, is not about the subscription increasing to £12 a month, but also about £72m spent a year on advertisements. £60m on operational costs, yet, this lottery only has around two thousand employees. The directors bonuses £40m taken out. Perks for the staff. I thought you were about charities. I don’t think you lot understand, it’s the players money that is bringing in the revenue. BUT, you are wasting it. It’s about the money, nothing else. Those who say we play to give to charities are lying. Give directly to charities then and win nothing. We have noticed on here that if you say for example, the M&S gift card doesn’t work, within 24hrs another post comes on saying, easy to claim the voucher. Who idea was it to send tatty prizes out, what the player has no choice in choosing? yet, some have said that and again within 24hrs, 5star reviews saying they are amazing. Coincidence or fake? Some have said we’ve won this amount, yet it’s not been published. One five star review claimed to have won £45k on the Sunday draw, not possible as it’s £30k per subscription. Fake? The unforgettable year, didn’t last long, only for two month. The monthly prize pot been reduced. Oh and those millionaire celebs promoting Aprils draw. I wonder how much those got. £50m given to a company to do its data for the next 5yrs also. You can keep up with the fake reviews, flag every review that you don’t like to see, BUT in the end, when the national one halves its ticket price from next year, you’ll suffer. You have over £100m in cash reserves, why not absorb the subscription increase. It’s a cash prize lottery, not a tombola at a village hall bingo. Companies house confirm what it spends

  2. Been playing about 8 years or it could be longer, I used to win at least twice a year £20. Then covid came and it all changed, not won anything since 2020. I asked if draws were still been done. The reply I got was, just cancel it if your not happy.
    Its all to secretive, how can one postcode be entered into so many draws a month and some people have never won a penny right from the start

  3. Hi played since it started way back I never win anything not even a tenner I think are post code is not in so called draw

  4. You never seem to win if you win £10 you’re still down by £2 so my opinion is it’s a rip-off in my opinion and when it started from the beginning rg2 has never won anything more than £10

  5. I did PL for years but cancelled as nothing coming close to us but my main gripe is they obviously sell your details to other companies as I keep getting scam/dodgy emails when I click on the little dropdown at the side, it says infoatpostcodelottery beside it. They must be struggling to pay all the B listers they have in their adverts….


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