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Inez Fernandez reviewed California Lottery
“You know now that somebody won the billion lottery mega millions. Now all the...”
Tony Bagshaw reviewed Super 66
“I buy 40 super sixty six numbers every week but failed to win anything..”
Federico Baena reviewed Lotto Max
“LOTTO MAX NOT BEING FARE TO MEI drive around smaller town in Ontario as...”
Maureen Gill reviewed Postcode Lottery
“I have been playing for a few years I emailed them a few months ago stating...”

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Since its beginnings in 2012, has become the largest and most trusted lottery review website in the world. Our primary goal is to provide a safe environment for lottery players to enjoy their game without the fear of scams.

Identifying safe lotteries is no easy task. In this competitive market, lotteries have to offer amazing deals to stay in business. This is where Lotto Exposed reviews come in. As experts in the lottery field, our mission is to help to understand which lotteries you can trust and which are scams.

Playing the lottery can be risky. Too often, punters lose time and money on fraudulent schemes and “lucrative” lotteries, which are literally too good to be true. On the other hand, just because someone lost money or didn’t carefully read the terms of service doesn’t mean a particular online lottery is a fraud. Lotto Exposed reviews do in-depth research to help you determine the safest site to play your favorite lottery games.

We value fair play, honesty, and objectivity in our evaluations.

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LottoWorld247 Exposed — Good, Bad, Severely Exaggerated or…?
LottoWorld247 Review

LottoWorld247 Review A service that’s been around since 2002 is supposedly doing something good to be in business still. That’s when LottoWorld247 was created, according to the lottery agency’s official presentation. But has it done something right? That’s what we’re going to look at today. A clean website that looks well-organized and functional greets you when you first decide to…

Dotto Lotto Exposed — Lottery Betting, Not a Ticket Sale Agency
Dotto Lotto Review

Dotto Lotto Review Let’s cut to the chase – Dotto Lotto isn’t an online lottery agency. They don’t have local agents who will buy tickets on your behalf. Rather, the website operates a betting service that lets you play against the results of an official lottery. If you choose the winning numbers, you’ll get a payout as determined by the…

First World Lottos Exposed — Good on Paper, Shady in Real Life
First World Lottos Review

First World Lottos Review Lotto operators will more or less follow the same principle when making an offering to clients. You choose digits for your favorite lotto, you make a payment and they buy a ticket on your behalf. It’s rare for such a platform to offer something different but First World Lottos claims that it does. First World Lottos…

Kenya Charity Sweepstake Exposed — A Nice Local Agency That’s Easy and Fun
Kenya Charity Sweepstake Review

Kenya Charity Sweepstake Review Kenya Charity Sweepstake lotto is an online platform that lets you play a couple of different games without leaving the comfort of your living room. There’s also a dedicated mobile app if you’re always on your phone and prefer gaming from it. If you’ve never heard of Kenya Charity Sweepstake before, you’ve come to the right… Exposed — Nice for Betting, Not Really for Ticket Buying
LottoMart UK Review

LottoMart Review LottoMart – what exactly does it have to offer (we already reviewed Lottomart App)? That’s what we’re about to investigate today! Buckle up because we’re going on a long ride that will answer all of the important questions about the service. Over the years, online lottery agencies have proliferated. There are so many portals that offer online ticket…

How Can Lotto Exposed Help You?

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There are countless aggressive tactics, and nasty tricks lotto sites use to scam potential customers. We hear complaints about hidden charges, pushy salespeople, unsolicited calls, unresponsive support, and fake winning alerts daily. We truly have seen and heard it all!

Many countries have anti-scam policies in place, but these don’t stop the problem in its tracks. Most fraudulent schemes are difficult to regulate because their country of origin is unknown. It can also prove exceedingly challenging to track international criminals down or identify those responsible for stealing funds, committing identity theft, or any other forms of a lottery fraud.

Lotto Exposed is committed to creating detailed lottery reviews. Our reviews cover all aspects of the lottery, including software and games. We review customer complaints, then assess the pros and cons of each lottery as well as the submitted information to ensure credibility. We even go as far as buying tickets to check a lottery has the legitimacy the player deserves. As part of their core responsibilities, the Lotto Exposed team investigate lotteries, write a full expert review, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Together we can make the lottery a safe place to win and dream big!

Are All Online Lottery Sites a Scam?

Lotto Exposed

That’s the million-dollar question! Although most lottery sites are indeed legitimate, there certainly are some scam operators out there. To stay safe when playing the lottery online, it’s best to stick with Approved Lottery Websites. If you do have reason to suspect fraud or criminal activity, you can report your concerns to Econsumer, the US Government, or Action Fraud.

Lotto scams are pretty easy to identify if you have a bit of experience: unrealistic promises, overly simplistic gameplay, and an absence of terms and conditions are considered the most prominent warning signs. Receiving unsolicited communication is another key reason for suspicion. Legitimate lotteries never contact players, especially those who haven’t bought a ticket or participated in the draw for a game.

Scams needn’t prevent you from enjoying all the wonders the world of online lotteries has to offer. You merely need to be careful. Lotto Exposed reviews make it easier to navigate the world of online lotteries by providing you with the necessary information to avoid scams at all costs.

Our reviews are aimed at helping you avoid lottery scams!