About Us

LottoExposed.com came as a result of concerns on the growth of online lottery ticket vendors and the growth of lotteries worldwide. A team of experienced players and investigators was put together to take an in-depth look at specific sites and then provide that information to you. Our Team recognized that there was a big challenge for players to get to the bottom of who the suppliers were and how their sites worked.

But our Team doesn’t stop there. LottoExposed.com’s Team also looks at specific lotteries. In the last few years, many charities and companies have established lotteries for various reasons – some of them nefarious! What makes this particularly challenging is when players view the jackpots offered, they naturally get excited and sometimes forget to delve into the small print. That’s our job!

Our detailed reviews are not limited to the largest websites but aim to provide useful, accurate information on all lottery vendors that a player could interact with. LottoExposed.com can help lottery players stay safe from scam artists, and together we hope to improve the lottery industry. We invite you to read our reviews and make any comments that you can add, send us your questions, or simply ‘have your say.’ We need this feedback to make sure that we are meeting your needs.

Whether you are one of the millions who buy lottery tickets offline or over the Internet, LottoExposed.com is going to help you choose the very best partners.

We Love Lotteries

The basic fact is our Team loves to play lotteries. That’s what brought them together. But they recognized that it’s a jungle out there and someone has to help lead the way out. Our visitors are kept up to date with relevant information on both online lottery sites and lotteries themselves. From EuroMillions to an obscure lottery out of India, LottoExposed.com is there to investigate and tell you like it is!

Check back here regularly as we are adding reviews daily. The growing industry of online lotteries makes it harder and harder to weed through and find the sites you can trust. If there is an online lottery site or a lottery that we don’t have a review on, tell us! If you have had a bad experience, tell us! We need your feedback to help make sure we are meeting your needs. That also goes for good experiences – tell us!

We are particularly proud of the quality and fairness of our reviews. Our editors quality the information in our reviews as well, regularly re-review sites to ensure that the information we provide is up to date.

Take your time and read the articles posted on LottoExposed.com and check out the collection of lottery tools that includes charts and lottery history.

Whenever you have questions, remember that our Team is always here to listen and take action. Our job is to provide you with friendly and informative advice that will help you navigate the stormy online lottery waters.

Our bottom line is, our Team loves lotteries, and that’s why our reviews are not only detailed but also written with passion by people who know the lottery world inside out. We want players to have a positive experience in playing lotteries online, so we are here to help ensure that happens!

Our Lottery Vision

One of the things that we focus on is scam prevention. The threat is all too real, and statistics show that the victims lose an average of $15,000 a hit. Prevention is always better than getting sick and waiting to be cured! We leave no rock unturned and no trail uninvestigated to provide a ‘real’ picture of who, what, and where online lottery providers are!

But we need your feedback also! We love to interact with our readers, whether it is telling us we’re right, we’re wrong, or we haven’t reviewed a site you are interested in. We’ve got the expertise to make sure we find out the bottom line! If you are looking for information on an online lottery ticket vendor and we don’t have it – tell us!

You – our visitors – are the people that we are working for. There is no point in taking chances now that LottoExposed.com is finally here at your service, so let us help you confidently enjoy the ultimate lottery experience.

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