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Deposit: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Dinner’s Club, Skrill, Sofort, Neteller, Solo, GiroPay and iDeal
Bonus: 30% OFF Your First Purchase
US Allowed: Texas and Oregon
Customer Support:
  1. I recently bought 2 tickets through them. I caught them double dipping. I was charged $13.00 for the 2 tickets that normally cost $5.40 Through them. When I gave them proof, their support team would not admit the overcharge to my visa, even though they have black and white proof. When you need support save yourself because evidently they are taught to sidestep your inquiry.

    • Hello David,

      We’ve checked with theLotter Texas Team and they run a thorough search through your account and these are their findings:
      – They have always charged you for the correct amount, as advertised, for all of your bets.
      – On the 22nd of May, you won $15. With these $15, you purchased 4 tickets of $2.60 each.
      – The remaining balance of $4.60 is in your Real Money wallet on the site.
      – The $30 charge you mention is not from theLotter, but from Global Payments. This is the company that handles payment processing on theLotter behalf.
      – This charge indicates that you did not have enough funds on your ACH account when you placed your bets with theLotter.
      – theLotter has no control over their charges, but these can be disputed directly with them.
      – Information on how to contact Global Payments is available on our website, but I am copying the relevant information for you here for ease of reference:

      We trust this information clarifies any doubts concerning theLotter services.
      Should anything further be required, please do not hesitate to contact their customer service.

  2. Trustworthy Online Lotto Service! only their price of ticket is so expensive
    Overall 100% legit!

  3. I was informed by that its service is no longer available in Canada due to recent change in online gambling law.

  4. I playing lottery online by by 7 years very good customer support services online chat WhatsApp Facebook messenger very quickly response by customer support team easy withdrawal payment scanned copy of tickets &all transaction can see in my account I’m very happy to buy lottery tickets on site

  5. I have been buying tickets from The Lotter for a while now however I can not understand why they charge $13.00 for a ticket that costs them $5.00 even considering they would have overheads to run their business I can not understand the huge make up they have.

    I also found their online support very unprofessional a recent online chat I had the consultant avoided my questions which raised suspicion in me. I don’t think there is complete transparency in their system. I see doing business with The Lotter risky something is not right.

    • When they offer 2 X prize money, they duplicate the entries, in order of combinational coverage for when they offer. Also, they are guaranteed half of the 1st prize, because of the double up. The remaining funds would be administrative costs and insurance premiums.

  6. Excellent Services
    So many options
    Offers both high & low price lotteries
    Syndicate options

  7. I did win $1000 but they charge almost 3 times what the ticket would cost to buy in that country. And if you use a credit card, the credit card company charges you extra deeming it a Cash Advance and you lose also in the exchange rate. Then if you win enough that you can take it out of your account, they set limits of how much you can withdraw to your credit card. And if you do a bank transfer, they charge 5% of your winnings. I had to pay $50 for a $1000 win. Bank transfers don’t cost $50 so they are making money from your winnings! So they are “honest”, it’s convenient and you can win BUT…

  8. I’ve spoken with a young man named Jason. I think he misunderstood my e-mail when asking about his signing of e-mails. My reasoning is that they never give their surnames and I can never seem to find their website to obtain an address. I see one here as being in London but they are licensed in Malta and all credit card charges are named as South Korea. I’ve used Lotter for some time now and just think they should be more open with names and addresses.

  9. The site is cool but why is the scanned ticked not showing the complete page? It’s kinda suspicious

  10. I use to play theLotter pretty frequently and was pretty satisfied, especially with the scanned tickets. However, I have now noticed that the tickets seem to be unlike the tickets that I have seen online in the states they purchased in. For example the tickets from a last year ago use to have a side bar with state email etc but now it looks a bit generic and I cannot find other information on it with regards to the state it was purchased etc. and the tickets look different in format than the current ones that I have found online. I am a bit suspicious now.

  11. When you use your credit card on this lottery site make sure you pay it off right away for what amount you spent, it is just like borrowing money off your credit card.

  12. The only reason l gave it 3 stars is the price of the tickets. I used to play with The Lotter every week a few times a week even and paid $6 for 3 lines. I loved them because l always received my ticket scanned and result with no issues. But they changed the price and minimum number of tickets to 5 for some and hiked up the price 3 times for others. So I stopped and they lost me as a customer as i’m sure others who went to companies with cheaper tickets. It’s a reliable and l believe trustworthy platform but isn’t worth the $20 price ticket for 3 lines used to be $6. I can understand slight increases but this is too much. They need to consider single lines or 2 line options for those of us who play for fun and don’t want the huge ticket price, otherwise they are losing customers.

  13. Everything regarding the lotter is perfect. The ticket they purchase on your behalf is original.

  14. The only thing that makes me upset about theLotter is if you live in the US you must deposit money via bank wire. The law regarding using credit and debit cards on gambling sites block and prohibit charges all the time. Even the e-wallets get blocked. I have since abandoned theLotter.

  15. The only thing I dislike about is that you can’t choose the country you’re in when the IP address is not accurate ????

  16. The fees are enormous. For a 10$ face value ticket, they charge 25$.

  17. I have won on theLotter a few small prizes and have received the money. And there are stories about 6 million jackpot winners. But I think that if you will wшт 400 mln jackpot, the chances that you will receive your prize are not so good.

    • I totally agree with you….. If anyone wins BIG i.e. The jackpot, e.g. over US$100 million, the chances of receiving the prize are minimum.
      The online lottery companies hardly make over US$2 million annual profits, so there is a big temptation not to pay such jackpots.
      Litigation is very difficult and expensive as they are registered outside the UK.

      • Hello,
        I can confirm that if you win $100M or every other sum, you will get paid. The infrastructure is very well created. The safe deposit where the tickets are kept ensure the user that only in his presence it can be opened, with his lawyers.

  18. I am an American Citizen living overseas. I am able to play the lotter. What you just need is that your place of registration is overseas.

  19. This was the first online lottery website I have used and found out about from the reliable Guardian newspaper in the UK. They scan tickets to you which is excellent and have had a few winners who have won millions through them. They also pay for your flight & accommodation to the country if you win a jackpot which is fantastic. They need to rival & – two other sites I use and start selling single tickets for draws. Not all of us want to buy bulk tickets. Sometimes we want to buy just a ticket or two. Also, some of the pricing is expensive – i.e Powerball, Eurojackpot, German lotto and Euromillions. That aside, very, very, very reliable with great customer service. They also very highly rated all over the internet and have been around for several years.

  20. I once won for about 55 Euros, no problem with the payment. It has been done directly to my bank account.

    Price per tickets are a bit high, yes, but there are a lot of people working to get your tickets. 🙂

  21. Your price of lottery too high and purchase of 3 ticket minimum. Please provide play 1 Ticket also.

  22. Hey, I am Dillip Behera from India, I have been with this site last one year until now, really, is an excellent lotto service provider, purely scam free, reliable, trustworthy, user friendly and reliable, the customer support is outstanding, I strongly recommended this site to play, best of luck!

  23. No problem with security, but blocked by Mastercard and Visa in BC, Canada, as considered “on-line gambling” which apparently is against their rules. Too expensive to use most of the other methods as fees are charged plus fairly heavy markup on the actual cost of a ticket by this agent. Illegal to cross the border with a US ticket so not too many alternatives if I want to play. Wish I could pay by bank transfer or by email payment.

    • John, I use BMO Pre Paid Master Card.
      There is a $5 fee for each transaction because it is considered a cash advance, even though it is my money. So, I keep a balance in my account at, that way there is only a $5 fee when I make a deposit as opposed to each time that I purchase tickets.

  24. Summit of fun and a sense of comfort and peace of mind when buying lottery tickets from the main site, thank you.

  25. The fact that they would pay your airfare to pick up your prize in the event of the jackpot is another excellent incentive. I will ascribe five stars to the organization.

  26. Its service is the best! I also like their live chat option. Each time I put the question, I get a very detailed answer and their lottery service is also very good because I play there from India and play the world biggest lottery from my home and one day I win big.

  27. I have always found them to be faultless, I have played some really obscure lotteries, if I win it’s automatically added to my account and there are always special offers.

  28. What is US Powerball in lottery world, that is The Lotter in lottery agents world. Reasonable prices, excellent support and very detailed site. Even if you are newbie you’ll find your way trough it very easy. And what I like the most, very transparent articles on lottery winners. Hope to be on that list.

  29. I am a new member I love to dream I love to play, fingers crossed 🙂
    Warm Regards

  30. Hi Ming, (May 11, 2016) my purchase WAS with my credit card. Australian rules used to prohibit using credit cards for any lottery purchase but that has changed, credit cards can now be used. Anyway, my card was not used to directly buy the ticket, my card was used to pay TheLotter. The ticket was no doubt paid for in cash by the person who bought the ticket on The Lotter’s behalf.
    Regards, Alan.

  31. I play on TheLotter site and only there. Never had a problem, always got a scanned copy of my ticket and the only thing is yet to win! 🙂
    They have great support for players!

  32. I was just informed that they no longer take USD – only Euro. This is after I did a bank transfer (did not take credit cards from US either – thus, the bank transfer) this was back Dec 18 – no money showed up in my account – getting (trying) to get a refund of this transfer. Who takes USD???

  33. I joined theLotter to play the US big powerball draw last week. Subsequent to that I had a couple of small wins playing the Canadian lottery – $10 or so through them which were promptly paid into my online account. I rang their customer service line twice and they were VERY professional and helpful. If you google theLotter and the Oregon lottery they had a winner from Iraq who won $6 million it was all over the American media and tv and the state lottery paid out on the win. It is more risky than playing the lottery with a physical ticket in your own country though and the big problem would arise if you have a big win there is an element of risk there that is not there if you play the lottery in your own country. However the guy from Iraq wouldn’t think so. LOL. You DO get a scan of your physical ticket. Personally I have decided to stick with playing the lottery in my own country but they seem to be a professional outfit. Because of the big win by the Iraqi guy that the Oregon state lottery paid out on, they seem to be the most credible of the international lottery websites.

    • I have often wondered the same .. about having a big win, say over $100 million.

      While your number’s may be winning numbers, do you have the ticket to prove it.

      If you don’t have the ticket, how reassuring is the process when it comes to actually claiming your ticket.

      Paying your airfare & accommodation is one thing, but it’s somewhat unnerving to contemplate that some total stranger, in the interim and on the other side of world, has custody of your $100 million dollar ticket until you turn up to collect it.

      There is a glaring legal loophole here given that such a lottery ticket is like a Bearer Bond, and will be paid to whoever produces the ticket.

      In such a situation it has to be asked, how many people (office workers, administration staff, executives, etc) have physical access to these tickets, where theft could be a problem

  34. I play for years @thelotter and never had any problems whatsoever.
    But i see one thing, if the ticket costs 2 dollars to buy in store; the lotter asks 5 dollars for one ticket; which could mean they buy Your ticket twice: one for you and a ticket with same numbers for them self. So if you win they win and if your ticket dont win they still have the one dollar of the five you paid with.. Not saying they do this but it could be their earningmodel.. Even so i trust them to pay me when in win and they allways did so thumbs up for the lotter!!

    • Than it looks like theyre betting on the fact that you win. Doesn’t look true to me (not even talking about 2 jackpot winners at the same store..). With VIP discount most of the prices are just doubled. Its just the fee they charge since they have to make money.

  35. I have used them in the past with ease, however trying to get into my account for the last 3 days has been impossible. I would like to purchase Powerball tickets for the big Wednesday draw but no luck. Anyone have an answer?

  36. I played the Powerball for the first time. I got two numbers, the power ball and a regular number. They text me the next day and the money was credited to my account, as they said. For me so far so good.

  37. It is probably the only legit Lottery site around hence 10 years in the business and no complaints. I have a cousin in New Jersey who used to work for them, and yes they indeed purchase your tickets and scan as promised. But don’t just take my word for it, like every website there is always caution. But my experience with them so far has been great…. Thumbs Up From Me

  38. Hi, I always buy tickets through and have some few winning, but not big, I double check my scanned tickets too. I had little research about the website and I trust them. So, since that Iraq guy won the lotto and trust them more. Wish you all luck.

  39. I tried once using TheLotter, I received a scanned copy in my account, but sometimes it is very difficult to sign into the account. And really I do not know whether the scanned copy is true or not…

  40. I read your article about TheLotter on G+ page and found it very helpful. Actually, I didn’t know that you can play so many games on this website until I read it here. I used to play just two… Now is different 🙂 Thanks.

  41. TheLotter is giving me very good service, as I’m living on the UK, and I cannot play the South African lotteries, where I was born. I won several times with small-medium prizes, and never had an issue with getting the funds, which is great (I got burned by their competitor, and since then I work only with theLotter).

  42. I started to buy tickets with thelotter, and I must be honest as I’m very happy with the service they give, I had few issues and they always so nice and friendly, I suggest my family & friends to play with them. 5 stars thelotter!

    Thelotter is not a scam service.

  43. Full marks to

    I need a very important information from the players here. Is our name and identification details being written on the ticket’s reverse side. Scanned copy only shows the front side. This is very very important for identification of the ticket to the concerned user.

  44. I just joined a couple of days ago to purchase tickets in the big Powerball in Florida USA. $235 million. Any way it’s drawn on the 24th Sept, a couple of days time. Today I received this email that in my account was a surprise bonus of the exact amount I spent buying my first lot of tickets in my first draw. I just can’t believe my luck. I’ve won something before the draw. Thanks so much you guys “ROCK” I’m so glad I joind now whoop whoop!!

  45. A good article and I agree with your Pro’s but I do have a Con. I emailed them and they never answered it properly and I believe they were purposely so. I spend a sizable chunk with them and have got over the fact they charge approx 3 x the market price. In the US there are several states that do not charge state tax on winnings. Others allow you to remain anonymous (and do not charge state tax). Why would they not buy their tickets there to maximise our winnings, if any. I just bought Mega Millions tickets from them and they purchased in New Jersey which has the highest lottery state tax in the US – over 10%. Spain now has a national lottery tax. I can buy EuroMillions tickets from the UK or France but they much more expensive than the ones the Lotter buys from Spain. Why?

    It is doubtful any of us will win the big one but on the off chance we win anything worthwhile, why not help us out with the tax by sourcing their tickets properly.

  46. hya nick, I have only been playing with the lotter for 2 or 3 wks, and they seem o.k.they sent me a email saying, congratulations colin, you”ve won a prize [$0.06] i was going to email them to ask if they were trying to take the piss. Colin.

  47. to Thomas: I myself am a customer at this site and I have always seen the scans, although I try to hand in the numbers as early as possible so I get a scanned copy, I feel as i can trust this site.
    I have won several times upwards of 100 euros and they credited my account and there is a mail forwarded to you when you win, but you should always check, I do a screenshot with time+date of the whole page with my name visable with the numbers and scanned ticket, no idea if it helps, but its better proof then nothing, good luck.

    • Thank you for your reply dontomazo. I saw the scans and have duly commented on the same. An excellent site.

  48. I played using TheLotter and everything seems smooth. However, I never got the scan of my ticket. I had queried their customer support after buying the ticket and they responded saying they try to send scan before the draw is done but if for any reason I don’t get the scan my ticket and numbers picked still stands. I had randomzed my picks and could not remember my picks. I ‘won’ €0.74 and they credited my account. Still very difficult to trust without the scanned ticket copy but they seem good in other areas. Would they have notified me if I hit the jackpot?

    • Gonna take back my comments. Saw the scanned tickets in the transactions tab under my account at The Lotter website. Kudos for excellent and trustworthy services to The Lotter. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a lottery concierge.

  49. I have played a lottery via and have NEVER received a scanned copy of my lottery ticket. Also, when communicating via email, I get replies (not answers) that one can see has been copied and pasted! Please tell me the question that I have always asked and never been answered – e.g. should I win the American Jackpot lottery, say $195 000 000, how exactly will that be paid and can you transfer it into my bank account that is not in the USA, also what security do I have that you will honour your part (depositing the money)and what tax will I pay being a foreigner? Thanks Sandy

    • Sandra, have you tried calling them? If you are not seeing your tickets you may simply have a technical problem. They have a toll free number you could call. Also if you read the FAQ and the T of C, you will see they don’t transfer you jackpots, they fly you to the country of the lottery you won and you claim the prize (which is usually given in a check you can deposit in your own account). – bloody convenient buying tickets online if you ask me. 🙂

      • I think they can get your winnings after you submit a claim form and clear all other tax related (double taxation etc) matters. You can have the money transferred to your desired account. Flying in would be more exciting though.

  50. Too bad they overcharge for the tickets, I do agree that a charge is necessary, but the Canada 649 at 3 times the regular price, I think it is tooo much, and when I win a free ticket they give me 2.71,but they charged me $6.00 for the ticket to start with… Whoa..

  51. They are the most credible lottery site on the net. They scan you ticket, don’t take percentage commission on winning tickets and they have a good reputation of paying winning prices. So far so good. I regret they don’t do lottery syndicates. Would be nice to offer some less expensive draws, as one does not always want to play 6 or 8 lines. Skrill compatble.

    • Obviously now they have syndicates

    • It is true they scan your ticket.
      The problem is that they can cash out your big winning ticket before you even fly to that country, close down the website and laughing all the way to their bank in Cayman.

      Scan ticket is not enough, unless they print down your name and contact at the back of the ticket and cc a copy to lotto company in that country.

      • Not if you keep yourself updated about the result and immediately contact the powerball company..If a dispute arises, both parties will not get the money and another draw will take place. So thelotter knows better than that.

  52. Yes they really buy the tickets, its really simple.
    When you buy a ticket you get your ticket scanned.

    • Yes, its a great service. I live in Australia and cannot get over to UK etc to get my tickets… Thanks to the Lotter, THEY CAN DO IT FOR ME…YAY…

      • Is it legitimately? I wanna play powerball from outside the states? Coz in their website they say that its not legitimately to buy powerball tickes from outside the states!!!

        • That’s odd. The Powerball site also states a 30% tax for non US residents. Anyway, YOU are not buying the ticket. An agent in the US buys it on your behalf, scans it for TheLotter and collects the winnings for you. I’m in Australia. I bought a ticket for OzLotto to see where the ticket was issued. It was from an newsagency in Brisbanes West Side. I won a 5th division AND got paid. The Lotter 100% trustworthy.

          • Hi Alan Thnz for your comment
            Did you pay with a credit card? I was told that Aussie credit cards can’t be used to play online lottery outside Australia?



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TheLotter Exposed — Will You Get Your Money?

TheLotter is an online lotto agent owned by The Lotter Enterprises Limited. TheLotter is located at 2 Lansdowne Row, London, W1J 6HL, United Kingdom. It also could be reached by the phone number +44 20 3150 0476. TheLotter lotto service was founded in 2002. It offers the tickets for the 50 biggest world lotteries and the latest results for over 80 lotteries worldwide. website is available in 14 languages. During the last 12 years, TheLotter paid out over $30 million to lottery players all over the world.

TheLotter Review is the oldest online lotto agent service that provides access for people to play international lotteries online. They offer 48 lottery games that feature some of the world’s biggest jackpots. They’ve been around for over 14 years, providing a professional and user-friendly online lottery service. Here’s our TheLotter review that will shed more light on the platform and its effectiveness.

Personal Experience on TheLotter

For many years, has been my service provider for playing lotteries online. I haven’t won ‘the big one’ yet, but I will continue to throw the dice and have had enough small wins to have fun. I checked out their security very thoroughly before joining and trust them. Its Propriety Software means it’s a convenient and safe place to play lotteries online. The best thing is the range of different lotteries – big lotteries – that they offer.

Play Lottery but Don’t Go Overboard

Of course, the hardest thing with having such a range of lotteries is setting a limit to the games you play. With over 50 official lotteries (these are mostly state or government-operated) offered at, it can be a real challenge. Check out the dates of the draws. Check out what is provided in jackpots – annuity or straight cash. Smart people set themselves up a budget to make sure they don’t get carried away.

Baby Steps at The Lotter

Newbies to benefit from training, so players can learn how to play lotteries online. The online training teaches tricks on techniques of picking numbers, how to propose random numbers and other services that are associated with playing lotteries. It’s a great chance to build your confidence in playing lotteries online.

In-depth TheLotter Review: Advantage or Addiction?

There is no question that one of the best ways to increase your odds is to buy more entries into a lottery. That’s one of the reasons syndicates are so popular though it does mean any winnings are shared. offers discounts to the people who play the lottery in volumes. These discounts mean, the more you play, the more rebates you receive. Some people put their group of friends together to play lotteries online (yup – like a syndicate, but you get to pick the people) to buy into these discounts. If you do this, make sure everyone is clear on the rules on how you’re going to do it. There have been a lot of stories over the years of a group of people playing lotteries together and then someone (usually the person who goes and buys the ticket) deciding that they deserve the entire prize.

As Simple as 1, 2, 3 at

Purchasing a lottery ticket with is easy and convenient because it only involves a few steps. This is probably one of the essential characteristics to mention in this review of TheLotter.

The first step is to register an account. This is very straightforward, and it involves providing a few personal details. The next step is to load your account with money. Okay, you are ready to play. I like to play lotteries that have more than one draw a week but concentrate on the same ones over and over.

You can play your favorite numbers, chose numbers based on any of the systems that are discussed (wheeling and spreadsheet assessment on the popularity of numbers), or do a ‘quick pick.’ Once you have purchased your tickets, you will receive a confirmation via email. The same data would be available online. will also send you a scanned copy of the ticket.

Customer Support at TheLotter offers live chat, eight phone numbers, and email (online form). It is important to note that the email doesn’t go to your email address, but your account at also has its app, available for Android and iOS devices.

Money at has several deposit and withdrawal options. They include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Dinner’s Club, Moneybookers, Sofort, NETeller, Solo, GiroPay, and iDeal.

Now, let’s get to one of the most important parts of being a member – withdrawing all of the money that you’ve earned in the form of prizes. TheLotter is responsible for collecting the prize from the lottery operator and depositing it into your account. The money can be used to play lotteries again, or it can be withdrawn. Unused bonus credits are the exception, and they can’t be withdrawn.

The amount of time that will be required for the payment processing will depend entirely on the payment method that you’ve chosen. Some of the withdrawal possibilities that TheLotter supports include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Skrill, Neteller, a prepaid debit card, and a bank transfer. The processing days for a withdrawal to a Visa, for example, vary from one to three. There are no fees for processing the payment. In the case of a bank transfer, there will be a fee that depends on the bank itself. The same will apply to the number of days required to complete the withdrawal.

Systematic Forms at TheLotter

TheLotter features one opportunity that helps players increase their odds. The opportunity is called systematic form. A player can choose anywhere between 7 and 11 numbers, enabling them to get tickets for all of the resulting numerical combinations. A systematic form is more expensive than the purchase of a single ticket (naturally!), but it immediately leads to improved odds of winning at least some kind of prize. TheLotter has a detailed explanation of what a systematic form is, how it works, and what the odds of winning money through this opportunity become.


TheLotter has one other cool feature that comes in the form of multiple promotions. There are specific lottery promotions, as well as TheLotter programs that are general.

Lottery promotions, for example, are discounts for specific games or for certain purchasing decisions that you make. Currently (March 2016 information), there’s a 20 percent discount for the purchase of Italy’s SuperEna Lotto tickets. There’s also a multi-draw package that will bring down the cost of the purchase by 25 percent.

TheLotter’s general promotions deliver a couple of other great discounts to the table.

TheLotter Tell a Friend, for example, is a program that will give you a 10-dollar referral bonus whenever a friend of yours signs up for ticket purchases. The respective friend will also benefit from a five-dollar deposit that can be used towards purchases.

These are some of the bonuses, promotions, and discounts currently available. You may want to check the official TheLotter website frequently because new promotions are announced all of the time. The chances are that a great opportunity will soon be available for the lottery that you enjoy the most.

TheLotter Complaints

Only one player complained that did not keep their details private and shared them to a third party []. This claim could not be verified. What we did find is there were quite a few people that give positive reviews [].

Are There Actual Winners?

This all sounds great, but I know what you’re thinking – has anyone won a significant amount of money with TheLotter? The good news is that the website already has its lucky jackpot winners.

Here’s one example of a TheLotter winner. Nicholas from Nigeria won 2,727 dollars from Brazil’s Quina Lottery after purchasing tickets through TheLotter for a couple of months. At the beginning of 2016, a player from Australia bought a Powerball ticket from TheLotter and ended up being 50,000 dollars richer. Finally, here’s the most impressive example – a TheLotter member from Iraq won a MegaBucks jackpot of 6.4 million dollars from the Oregon Megabucks draw.

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Finalizing Our TheLotter Review: The Bottom Line

These guys (being gender insensitive) provide an excellent online lottery service with excellent customer support.


The maximum amount of lotteries

Excellent customer service

Easy and simple to play

 Many bonuses make ticket purchases affordable

 There are systematic forms and syndicates

 Easy money deposits and withdrawals

 The high degree of website security for safe transactions

 There’s information about actual winners

 There’s mobile support if you want to use the website from a Smartphone


Having access to so many lotteries can lead to excessive spending

Doesn’t accept US players

TheLotter is one of the few lottery services online that send you a scanned copy of the lines you bought. It’s almost like going to the store yourself without having to leave your home or jump on an airplane to play some of the fantastic big jackpots around the world.

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