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Bclc Exposed — Lotteries VS Casino & Sports Betting

Bclc Review

Bclc.com chose a vision of “Gambling is widely embraced as exceptional entertainment through innovation in design, technology, social responsibility, and customer understanding.” When they talk gambling, it is casino games, sports betting, and Canadian national lotteries. I have issues with this kind of combination, and when I want that kind of action, I’ll head to a casino. Talking simply lotteries, they only offer two. But let’s take a closer look.

Canadian Lotteries Only

You will not find there such lottery giants as US Powerball, Oz Powerball or Mega Millions; Bclc.com aka playnow.com offers access to only two lotteries – the Canadian national games of Lotto Max and 649. Lotto Max is played once a week on Fridays, and the jackpot is a rollover that does build. 649 is a bi-weekly draw on Wednesday and Saturday and doesn’t seem to have the big numbers of Lotto Max at the same time the jackpot is nothing to sneer at. But that is it! If you want to play any other lotteries, don’t go here.

Canadians Only at Bclc.com

It’s interesting in their ‘how to collect your winnings’ that they detail the need to have one of three pieces of ID – that’s Canadian ID. That in itself made me do a full stop. This is a lottery/gambling site for Canadians!

What Does It Cost at Bclc

If you only want to play Canadian national lotteries, the price is right as the cost is the same as walking into a corner store retailer. These guys are official – as in government. The only thing is, when getting into their registration information, it becomes clear that you have to be Canadian.

Roll Your Dice, Pull the One Armed Bandit or Pick Your Numbers

One of the challenging things about getting to the bottom of what happens when you win is the fact this site is casino games and sports betting, and access to the two Canadian lotteries seems like a little sideline. The legal and/or terms and conditions (though they are not detailed as such) concentrate on how the games are played and not on who actually can play them. They don’t even get into spelling out any age limitations for playing until a player gets to the registration process.

Responsible Gambling

This one at Bclc.com gave me a chuckle. You can self-exclude yourself from using the site. There are several options including excluding yourself for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. This includes three options on what you exclude yourself from. I’m not going to go into that as I can’t imagine many people signing themselves up not to be able to use the site much less not play lotteries. They put a whole lot of paperwork into detailing this option.

Complaints at Bclc.com

Ya right! This is an official run site operated by the province of British Columbia. There is no question that it is legitimate and that they pay out when someone wins. People are expected to process their winning tickets themselves.

Customer Service at Bclc.com

Bclc.com aka playnow.com gets full marks on customer service, though you do have to remember that this is a Crown Corporation which means it is government owned and ran. Besides several snail mail addresses and phone numbers, bclc.com does specify the times that they are available, an email form to complete and various email addresses. Hey does anyone know where Kamloops actual is? There is a heap of different times identified for customer service, collecting your winnings and office hours but they are all Pacific Time – in Canada.

The Bottom Line at Bclc

For online lottery players, this site doesn’t do it. They only offer two games, and though the jackpot does grow in both, I have reservations about claiming smaller prizes as these guys aren’t going to do it for you. Players are on their own! This is simply access for people to play two Canadian national lotteries (unless a player is also into casino games and sports betting) full stop.



No Service Charges

Professionally Run


Only Two Lotteries

No Help to Claim Winnings

Lotteries versus Casino and Sports Betting

Though it is very attractive to buy lottery tickets without any additional fees, these guys get a thumbs down from our team for serious lottery players. Other concierge sites offer access to the two National Canadian lotteries and others without the strings attached.

Overall rating for Bclc.com: Bad 1.1 from 0-5
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