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Price: $9.95/month or $95/year
Trial: Basic Plan
Guarantee: No
Description: Beat Lottery Claims they "generate the most often winning lottery combinationswhich will increase your chances to win the jackpot significantly".
  1. Does anyone see those predicted numbers before the results the ones that I have been managed to view needless to say they are non-winners I’ve come to the conclusion that we are paying for someone’s winning lottery tickets and they’re just getting their own numbers and we are funding him for a big win if he buys over 100 tickets a week considering you have 1.4 chance in Winning he is most probably buying 500 tickets a week with our deposit which gives him a better chance of winning if you want to win the lottery and you really want to manifest your numbers and have Faith I will give you a little trick count the numbers as from 1to 59 say them slowly to yourself when you feel a different beat in your heart right that number down
    When u get 6 numbers every night before you go sleep manifest them y every night if you win please think of me my magic tricks don’t work on myself

  2. About a month ago I was going to write a negative review after not being able to win for the first 5 weeks but then magic happened and I hit 4 balls and a red ball on Powerball! Luck? I don’t know, but I’m definitely behind them and $50k in my pocket can prove it.

  3. I gave this system a good run……no wins! No, I cannot recommend it to anyone, plus the statistics they give you are the same as the free lottery systems. Seriously what is going on with these so called great software systems? They simply are the same thing over and over. As an example, tried a system Lottery Crusher then Win Lotto Systems, both are very similar and both gave me little to no results. I have now learned that the better systems to use will not be in software format.

  4. From my experience with using Beat Lottery, it’s a complete waste of money, it’s just statistics that are by the way free to get yourself. Giving people free data and calling it a winning system is ridiculous, it’s a con, move on people I don’t buy any of the good reviews as most likely written by the sellers.

  5. This system is nothing more than a number generator, even the free ones I used to get better results. All stuff this system gives you is all free online, you are paying for nothing and winning nothing. Also trying to cancel your membership is difficult and they still take your money even after cancelled, a scam to put your money in their pockets, Beware!

  6. Since joining Beat Lottery I had quite a few decent wins – biggest one $10k on Megamillions, but plenty of smaller ones almost every week. There are some draws that I don’t win anything but overall I am still profitable.

  7. Useless! I used it for 2 months. They can’t even have a number! Again, they take your money and there is no option to cancel membership when you want to! I wouldn’t recommend this. Never

    • Found it here: (scroll to the bottom). I’ve been with them for about 10 years now and won thousands in prizes. In my opinion 2 months is not enough. Also, my budget is quite high – I play between 20 – 50 combinations. I tried with 5 first but couldn’t hit much. But with more combos I am hitting constantly. Hope it will work out for you too.

  8. Well, I only paid for their membership just to get access to their draw’s statistics.
    But when you have a question no one to answer. With our money, he play too to the lottery!

  9. This review is pretty outdated and not correct at all, speaking from my experience as a Beat Lottery system user. Has the author actually used this or any other systems? From reading I very much doubt it.

  10. I matched 5 main balls on PowerBall lottery using their predictions but I didn’t play the numbers! Would have won $1 MILLION! What a shame!!!

  11. I’ve been using this system for few years now and the prizes I win with them are much better than playing random numbers. Good news, the subscription prices dropped – the Ultimate membership is now only $9.95 / month or $95/year.

  12. So far the best site I found for lottery statistics.

  13. Sorry Mr. Fitzpatrick. I beg to differ. Reading through this site, I’m going to take my $245 and put it straight on ticket lines instead of investing in this system. If it worked so good, why would someone share it. Instead, wouldn’t they simply be raking in the winnings!

    • Jack, you won’t be guaranteed to win the jackpot – it’s about frequency of winnings. I’ve been with them for 5 years and won a lot of lower tier prizes, the biggest one was $5000 by matching 4 numbers + Mega ball + hundreds of smaller prizes. Overall I’m winning way more frequently than before when I played my own numbers. Just my 5 cents.

  14. Hi. Very nice review but I think you missed the point how they generate the winning combos. I speak from my experience since I’ve been using that site for several years. When you go for example to Mega Millions winning numbers, here’s what it says:

    How we generate winning Mega Millions combinations:
    – we generated all 258,890,850 Mega Millions combinations
    – we analyzed each of them from the beginning of the Mega Millions draw
    – we checked their performance and recorded how many and which prizes they won
    – we applied additional formulas to separate winning combinations from the losing ones

    How you can benefit from playing these numbers:
    – They are winning approximately 10 times more often than playing random numbers! See CASE STUDIES
    – The most profitable combinations ever won 79 prizes to date!
    – Updated weekly after each draw
    – In the last draw we generated 30,504 winning sets of numbers!

    From my experience playing their combos indeed increased the number of wins for me. I haven’t won the jackpot yet but I’m surely making more money than before.

    The predictions you described are just user generated predictions – not a scientific way to generate winning combos as stated.

    Hope this helps.

    • I was going to upgrade for $97.00 for one full year but, after reading the reviews I don’t think so thanks


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Beat Lottery Exposed — Beat The Odds, Win The Lottery Software. Is It What Is Claimed To Be?

Beat Lottery Exposed

Beat Lottery Review

One of our community members asked to review the Beat Lottery. Okay, no problem! When you visit their site, it’s like a site made for children with all the cartoons and stuff, and on that, they have mentioned,

“We Generate winning lottery combinations To Improve Your Odds To Win The Jackpot!” and on the other site they’ve mentioned, “Play lottery the smart way and win more frequently than the odds would normally allow! We Generate the most often winning lottery combinations which will increase your chances to win the jackpot significantly.”

Alright, so from the looks of it, I can assume that these guys are astrologers, they know how to tweak destiny and that they’re first-class horoscope readers and they know the futures of anyone who plays with them. Kudos. But here’s the real question.

Can Anyone Improve Odds For You?

When someone says that they can improve odds for you, what does it mean to you? They’re horoscope readers, probably and they know how to do things. But do you know how long it takes to learn astrology? According to an astrologer, it has taken him 36 years to learn, and he is still learning! Now this, my friend, is astrology without the use of technology. Now we might assume that technology can speed things up, but it still cannot work like a human brain. It’s impossible. There’s a certain thing between learning from a computer and learning from a human. When a human tells you that there are chances, you tend to believe more than when you hear a computer telling you that (remember, you have won scams?) the same thing. At least you can beat up a person trying to scam you, what are you going to do to a computer?! So let me tell you this one thing: no one and nothing can ever, never, improve your odds no matter what they say, what they claim. If it is not backed, it is NOT true.

What Beat Lottery Is All About

Okay, Beat Lottery claims to do a lot of things. Here’s straight from their websites, they provide the

“best performing winning combinations ever, best possible predictions of lottery numbers, complete draws history for all lottery games, high-probability winning combinations generator, lottery games and syndicates management, most extensive statistics, jackpots alerts, winning notifications and much more!”

Let’s dissect now.

Best Performing Winning Combinations Ever

Okay, this isn’t a big deal because even if they provide the combinations, it’s not like picking them will help you win. There are 49 numbers, and you have to pick the right 6, this software gives you a list of winning combinations, but do the numbers care? All the numbers have the same odds of being picked. So this doesn’t make sense.

Best Possible Predictions of Lottery Numbers

Did you note the word “possible”? When it comes to the possibilities there are only two sides, like two sides of a coin, you can’t have the best possible and the worst possible vs. the best impossible and the worst impossible. It’s either possible, or it’s impossible. And when someone says, I’ll do my best; he says that because he isn’t sure whether to give a commitment or not. Let’s take an example of something you love doing, like eating a chocolate cake. When someone asks you, will you eat it, what would you say? I’ll do my best? Nope, you’d either say yes; I will or, no I won’t! So best possible predictions don’t exist.

How It Works

According to their site,

• Every registered user posts their predictions for the next lottery draw.
• One day before the draw we close the entries and create the ultimate wisdom of crowds prediction using all posted predictions.
• We will reveal the final prediction 24h before the draw.
• And finally, we’ll wait for the draw to find out the results.
• We will publish all successful individual predictions after each draw, so get in the charts now!
• And the very best at the end! Every winning prediction will be rewarded with our proven professionally generated winning lottery numbers based on their own choice and be able to join many successful winners playing our combinations!

How Much Does It Cost Though?

Not much really, the Basic plan is free in which you don’t get to:

• Check your profits and costs of playing your lottery numbers during a specified period or whole draw history.
• Access to amazing high probability winning combinations generator.
• Discover what numbers are predicted most commonly and what are the results. See the best predictions before the draw takes place.
• Top winning combination sets
This isn’t much, but the Premium plan is $9.95/month or $95/year in which you don’t get to:
• Top winning combination sets

And the Ultimate plan (which they call the Best Value Plan) costs $24.95/month or $245/year in which you get everything above. LOL

Would you mind rating Beat Lottery?

My Conclusion

Does the site provide any proof? Yes, testimonials, but are they real? I don’t think so, and you know why? Because the names aren’t full and they have no contact information. If I tell you that Peter from the United Kingdom has given me a 5-star review, what would you think? Peter who? There are thousands and thousands of Peters in the United Kingdom, so who is it?

Moreover, my question to these guys, why don’t you show us a live example of someone winning through your system before you come making claims like this? That’s one thing I don’t understand. If you claim that you can win, and you know that your program can help make millions, why in the world would you even sell it? This only means that the program is a prescription. You take it, whether it helps or not, is your business and in the end, they’ll come up and say, “Hey we’re not Gods!”

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