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Price: Free
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: Jackpocket is an application for iPhones and Androids to play lotteries available in the State of New York – as long as you are physically in the State of New York!
  1. Waiting for NJ to come on line, hopefully very soon.

  2. It’s fairly new in Colorado, where I am, but so far – so good. The love that you don’t have a physical ticket to worry about losing AND that it notifies you after a drawing if you won anything. How many people have won something but either lost their ticket, checked their numbers incorrectly or not at all? If you win less than $600, you get those funds/credits without doing a thing. For those writing negative reviews about it no longer being or not being in your state… that’s not Jackpocket’s fault. They would be everywhere if they could, I’m sure… but laws prevail. There is about a 7% fee to add funds to your Jackpocket account but that’s not a negative to me because the convenience of this from home is worth it. They do NOT take a portion of any winnings.

  3. Says free to upgrade app, then they slip in a 10 percent svc fee. Is that every time you find it? Crap App

  4. Very convenient
    I’ve won small amounts several times now
    My Sister has also won
    Still waiting on the BIG WIN!
    I know it’s coming!

  5. So convenient for people like me with a horrible working schedule, usually when I leave work I’m tired and just want to go home.. this app allows me to buy lottery daily and even sends reminders.. I love it, haven’t won yet but I have faith I will hit big soon ❤️

  6. Great Service. Very convenient and trustworthy. I win fairly often. I’m going to keep playing until I win big! The app is put together very nicely, and the customer support is really great and fast. The small fee they charge to add funds to your account is perfect for the service in exchange. I highly recommend Jackpocket to anyone considering.

  7. They started out in New York, and for over 3 years now, its no longer available in New York to play. This year in March 2019, they promised to be available in New York again by summer, and here we go into fall, still no play in New York. It was awesome starting out, now with hearing about all the fees and this hold up for being not able to use it in New York, I’m losing interest fast. Too many empty promises and zero feedback on whats taking so long

    • Sounds like your state laws are the hold up, after all Jackpocket is headquartered there so they have an interest. I found this info: The company intends to apply for a state license as soon as the Gaming Commission makes such licenses available. New regulations, which were approved by the Gaming Commission in March 2019, require the courier services to notify winners within one hour of the commission publishing winning numbers.

  8. This app doesn’t even allow you full options of the game – should have won a daily 4 pick – but because the app doesn’t have options to pay for a fire ball number I lost – might as well go in store

  9. Great app. I’ve purchased 2 Powerball tickets with it to test it out. It will be interesting to see how the pools work. There are 2453 members in my pool and the jackpot is $550M we have a lot better chance than one guy buying a ticket.

  10. I only installed the app on android and linked my bank account – that’s when you see the service fee of 8.8%. That’s too high to offset being at a grocery store, getting cash back from debit or discover card (no fee) and using the service desk or automated machine on the way out.

  11. I’ve been playing this in New Hampshire and have won small payouts which were put back into my account, I haven’t tried to collect any cash yet. So far no complaints with this app.
    It would be a nice feature to see a win/loss amount on my account.

  12. Just know that they charge over a 7% fee to use this service. A $2 ticket ends up costing $2.43

  13. I’ve won about 50 dollars so far and I’ve spent just as much! They’re legit, don’t worry Minnesotans. Play on jackpocket. Customer Service is stellar, by the way, intelligent and quick responders. Thanks again jackpocket and no this isn’t a fake review, I wouldn’t dare!

  14. Just came out in Minnesota. So far, so good. Many additional features within the app make it effortless to get into games you love to play, whether you remember to buy your ticket, or if you scheduled the app to do it for you. I’ve been playing lottery games I never knew about, cared to try. Damn nifty idea, wish I would have thought of it.

  15. If you win more than $600 you have to go to the lottery office because now you owe taxes. How do you do that when you win via mobile?

    • They send you the ticket. A man in MN won $1 million through the app

  16. Love the app. So much! I’m a 59 y/o widow who’s also physically disabled and can’t get out everyday none the less twice a day! Don’t like the heat makes me ill and I can’t walk on snow & ice I use a rollator walker! Get this back up and functioning asap! There are way more seniors and disabled people than me. Hurry, we need this now!!! BLESSINGS

  17. Although they are fighting with the NYS gaming commission right and not running, I loved Jackpocket while it was up. The only drawback, and it’s a serious one, is that I spend more money on the lottery when using it, but that’s my fault. With Jackpocket, I use my credit card, so I tend to overspend. Physically exchanging cash keeps me in line.

  18. Great application it’s working for me not more lines to get on!!

  19. It’s actually good idea but performance is not so good. Only in state of NY? And you have to be physically there. It’s like two steps backward to US regulations. They should consider expanding this beyond US borders and maybe they’ll have better rates.

    • It’s no longer available for play in NYS or NYC, yet. I loved it when it was available in NYS and NYC. Absolutely no problems and no fees. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to rush out to get to the lotto counter in time to play my numbers. But what jacks me up is they are HQ’d here, and the mobile started here, but it’s no longer available for play here in NY, due to fighting with some over gamblers advocacy group. They certainly messed up a good thing!


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Jackpocket Exposed — Play It Only in New York!

Jackpocket Exposed

Jackpocket Review

Want to play New York state lotteries quickly, conveniently, and without leaving your home? If so, Jackpocket is the answer.

The Jackpocket app is relatively simple and straightforward, which is a good thing in the realm of lotto platforms and apps. It has one purpose, and that’s to give you remote access to tickets for your favorite New York lotteries.

Should you be giving it a try? Does Jackpocket offer anything other than convenience? Check out the following Jackpocket review to have your most prominent questions answered.

Games at Jackpocket

This application is downloadable for free. Depending on your phone’s OS and manufacturer, you will simply need to go to the respective app store to get it.

When you download Jackpocket, you will need to enter some information, after which you’ll get access to the available lotteries.

These include the nationally-available Powerball and Mega Millions, as well as state lotteries available within New York – like the New York Lotto.

As per the information on the page, the ticket you want is purchased and fulfilled through a licensed state retailer. Thus, you can perceive Jackpocket as a lottery courier service.

While it operates on the territory of New York, the Jackpocket app offers courier services to various other states like Arkansas, Colorado, District of Columbia, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, and Texas.

It’s interesting to point out that each launch in a new state has been backed by the respective lottery authorities there, making Jackpocket a pretty legitimate option if you’re interested in New York and massive national games.

While Jackpocket is legit, you’re probably wondering how it makes money. So, how does Jackpocket make money? You are charged fees whenever you add funds to your account. You will not be charged any commissions on your prizes or additional amounts. All of this information is made available before you buy your ticket for the sake of complete transparency.

Jackpocket.com Payouts

Winnings under USD 600 go straight into your account. Over USD 600, Jackpocket.com will send you the winning ticket, and you will be responsible for prize collection on your own.

Jackpocket does send out notifications to winners by email. Jackpocket winners will also get additional instructions about the prize claim and how sums in their account can be withdrawn.

If you have the money in your Jackpocket account, you will get to withdraw via a bank transfer. Again, keep in mind there will be specific fees and processing charges that will potentially be taken out of the sum you acquired through the lottery.

According to the Jackpocket official presentation, such payout requests usually take three to five days to complete.

Who Is behind Jackpocket?

Jackpocket Inc is the creation of Peter Sullivan, who’s also currently the company’s CEO. Initially, the company was so small that it operated from a coworking space, but in time, it has grown and has its headquarters today.

Currently, the company has over 50 employees responsible for customer service and enhancements in the app (as well as its expansion to more states across the US).

Set up in 2013, the company has signed several strategic deals through the years that allowed it to expand. There have also been a couple of strategic team changes, including the addition of legal professionals to the Jackpocket crew.

All in all, it seems there’s a legit business behind the app.

Jackpocket’s website does have an extensive help center that you can use to learn a bit more about the entity behind the app. You can also contact the team via a form on the website that allows you to send emails or on one of the social media profiles.

Other Bits and Pieces

You now know what the Jackpocket states are and how to use the website.

Let’s check out if there’s anything on top worth paying attention to.

Apart from ticket buying options, Jackpocket does offer a couple of additional functionalities.

There are both public and private pools you can use as a form of syndication. Syndicates are groups of lottery players who put their resources together to optimize their chances of success. In the event of winning, prizes are shared out among the syndicate members.

You can also create your private pool and invite friends to it.

If you’re interested in a Jackpocket promo code or another Jackpocket promo perk, you will need to know they have a refer a friend program. Whenever a person signs up for Jackpocket via your referral link, you will get a 10-dollar bonus.

The problem with such programs is that very often; websites will exploit them. They will post unrealistically positive reviews to get people to sign up and win their bonuses. Thus, be careful and analytical when reading Jackpocket reviews. Not all information should be accepted at face value.

Would you mind rating Jackpocket?

Final Verdict at Jackpocket

If you like niche lottery playing on your phone, you will be happy with Jackpocket. Let’s summarize the platform’s pros and cons before ending the review.


A simple and straightforward mobile opportunity to play New York lotteries

Available in several states and working as a ticket courier service

There are no markups or hefty commissions to pay

A simple prize claim process has been developed

There are pool and syndication options you can use to boost your odds of winning

There seems to be a legitimate company behind Jackpocket

Several customer services and contact options available


Only available for New York lotteries

When you win more than 600 dollars, you will have to handle prize collection on your own

There is an identity verification process, and you cannot use the app outside of the states where it operates

There have been online complaints about the app being somewhat glitchy

That’s all we could find on Jackpocket, and the information paints a pretty comprehensive picture. It’s up to you to use it and decide if Jackpocket is right for you. Since there isn’t anything sketchy or troublesome, you can go ahead and give it a try.

Our verdict: 9 out of 10 stars.