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Jackpocket Exposed — Play It Only in New York!

Jackpocket Exposed

Jackpocket Review

We’ve all read about the restrictions on Americans playing through many of the international online lottery providers. At Jackpocket.com, it’s the opposite. Not only do you have to be physically in the US, but for now you actually have to be in New York State. Jackpocket is an application available for iPhones and Androids for playing lotteries available in the state of New York. They do say it’s targeted for more states but stand by. The bottom line is that it is only available for residents of the United States.

What Does Jackpocket Have to Offer

This application is downloadable for iPhones and Android phones free. It opens the door to playing six lotteries available in New York State, USA. There is a bit of advertising on the US Powerball, Mega Millions and New York State Lotto, but it took digging into their Facebook page to find out there is also Cash For Life and Pick 5. We’re still not sure what the other lottery is that they offer. The only way to find out was to download the App and as none of us is in New York State, there didn’t seem to be any point.

There is an auto-play subscription feature and in their Terms and Conditions, they are very clear that your renewal will happen once the next lotto amounts are published. It seems part of the reason for this is that you – the player – pick the minimum jackpot amount that your subscription is based on. Oh, and lottery ticket numbers can be your favorite or quick pics.

Jackpocket.com’s Payout

Winnings under USD 600 go straight into your account. Over USD 600, Jackpocket.com will get send you your ticket and you’ve got to go collect your prize. You probably will also have to pay for the ticket delivery. If you are taking your cash to your bank, there is a 5 cent withdrawal fee. There doesn’t appear to be any other commission or fees, though it would be good to clarify this.

Syndicates and Playing with Friends

To participate in a syndicate, players have to have a Facebook account with at least one friend who is in the pool. Whoever sets up the syndicate in Facebook chooses the specific lottery game and date. Okay – this one got me curious enough, I almost downloaded the application but then I remembered I’m not in New York State so I couldn’t win anyways.

Other Bits and Pieces

Down in the Terms and Conditions, there is information on “Non-withdrawable Credits”, “Promo Codes” and “Referral Program”. These all earn “credits” that will be used to play more lottery tickets. Purchase tickets and the system will automatically deduct any credits against the cost.

A Wow Customer Service

I personally do like email support services that send an auto-confirmation acknowledging you’ve sent a question. Plus – their response rate is like no other online lottery provider. We threw a couple of questions at Jackpocket.com and had answered back in minutes – and it didn’t seem to matter what the time of the day was. There is also a snail mail address in New York though no phone number. It uses a “brick and mortar convenience store” owned by Mitchlapel LLC to purchase your tickets in New York State.

Jackpocket.com on the Road

The next state they are targeting is California. But keep in mind, according to Jackpocket.com’s rules and regulations; you will have to be in the state where you choose to play. They check out your GPS location to verify. They also have been seen in Texas though they were simply demonstrating the App by issuing free tickets.

Couldn’t Resist

So, when all was said and done, I couldn’t resist trying to download the Jackpocket.com – whoops. Click on the download button and they ask for your phone number. It auto puts the area code “1” in front of any number, so it is impossible to put in a phone number from another country. At least, they do make sure that no one is going to make a mistake, play and not get paid that jackpot.

Final verdict: 8 out of 10 stars.

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