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Description: Fairy Lotto targets Australian lotteries, providing information, and allowing players to acquire their tickets online.

Fairy Lotto Exposed — Giddyup Horsie, Make Me a Winner!

Fairy Lotto Exposed

Fairy Lotto Review

Fairies – magical creatures that can eventually grant you wishes! Today, we’re going to talk about a digital lottery fairy that lives in Australia. The fairy is called Fairy Lotto, and as you’ve probably guessed already, it’s a digital lottery app. Fairy Lotto focuses on Australian lotteries, it’s available for all kinds of mobile devices, and it can offer players quite a lot of convenience.

Fairy Lotto is a fairly simple mobile app that allows players to buy their tickets for prominent Australian lotteries via their smartphone.

The app is available for download both through the App Store and Google Play. It’s fairly simple, and it provides a couple of unique Australian ticket-buying opportunities – Oz Lotto and Powerball.

Also, Fairy Lotto provides opportunities for horseback racing with some predictive analytics. This way, participants can pick a horse that best meets their goals without having to do a lot of research.

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What is Fairy Lotto and What Does It Do?

Fairy Lotto does exactly what it promises to – it enables players to acquire lottery tickets for Australian games via their smartphone or tablet.

Once you download the app and sign into a new/existing account, you can choose the Play Now feature to buy your lottery tickets. You will see a selection of available opportunities and upcoming drawings.

Fairylotto directs you to the Oz Lotteries website to complete the purchase. This means that the app itself doesn’t act as a lottery agent or an operator that buys tickets on your behalf. Instead, you’ll be utilizing the official online ticket-buying opportunity that’s available in Australia.

Keep in mind that due to regulatory restrictions, Queensland residents cannot use Fairy Lotto to buy their tickets.

To make use of the opportunity, you need to have a TAB or Oz Lotteries account created. Thus, when it comes to ticket buying, Fairy Lotto doesn’t offer an awful lot. Rather it redirects you to the official platform where the transaction occurs.

The one additional feature you may find interesting is the horserace betting opportunity.

When you sign up for an account, you’ll need to enter certain criteria that will be used to choose a horse whenever you enter a horserace. Unfortunately, the app creators don’t provide a lot of additional information about how the selection takes place.

According to the official presentation, Fairy Lotto examines a number of elements when giving you suggestions – the name of the horse, the name of the jockey and trainer, the horse’s number, their odds, and the colors worn by the jockey. It’s up to you to determine whether these selection criteria are the most important ones.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can download Fairylotto free of charge for both Android and iOS devices.

If you want to buy lottery tickets online, you’ll be redirected to Oz Lotteries, and you’ll have to make a deposit there.

For horseback racing, betting happens directly through the app. You are free to choose the amount that you’d like to bet, which is a good thing.

You will receive a push notification on the phone in the event of your horse winning a race. Your account balance will also be changed automatically to reflect the amount you’ve won.

How Does Fairy Lotto Work?

The Fairy Lotto lottery ticket-buying functionality is pretty straightforward. You’re redirected to the website of the official lottery operator, and you get to buy a ticket through the platform that was developed for that very purpose.

Horse racing betting is a bit more complicated.

You have a “magic wand” that you can wave via the app to select your winning horse. As already mentioned, Fairy Lotto uses some information you’ve entered into your account to make the pick of the horse that’s best matched to your requirements.

To participate, you need to select one of the available races and wave your phone to get a horse suggestion. If you believe this sounds silly, you’re not alone. Maybe the functionality is supposed to be cute and fun, but it takes away from the seriousness of the racing horse prediction claims.

If you don’t like the selection that Fairy Lotto makes for you, choose an alternative to overriding the automatic one. In this case, the predictive feature will truly become meaningless and you’ll be given an app that allows you to buy lottery tickets through the official operator and to place bets on horseback racing opportunities via your mobile phone.

There aren’t any customer reviews highlighting the effectiveness of the predictor. The negative testimonials speak of technical issues and an inability to get past the app’s first screen. It seems that the technical team is working on those, and the chances are that the functionality issues have already been fixed.

Fairy Lotto Terms and Conditions

Fairy Lotto comes with standard terms and conditions.

There isn’t anything particularly troublesome or dubious when it comes to the app usage rules.

To use the Fairy app and place bets (whether on races or the lottery), you have to be aged 18 or older.

Fairylotto also provides a fairly standard warning that lotteries and betting games come with a certain level of risk. It’s possible to lose the money invested in a bet or the acquisition of a ticket. Hence, players are asked to be responsible and refrain from overspending massive amounts.

Fairy Lotto cannot be held accountable for monetary losses resulting from the purchase of tickets or bets through the app.

These are standard conditions for usage. There are no hidden fees, additional charges, or unfavorable conditions that players have to acknowledge and agree with.

Who Is Behind Fairy Lotto?

According to the Google Play app information, Fairy Lotto is a development by Year of the Monkey Pty Ltd. The company is a registered app developer that’s been active in Australia since September 2016.

The company has registered a couple of additional business names on top of Fairy Lotto. This means that additional app developments could be anticipated soon. At the time being, the only app that Year of the Monkey has launched is Fairy Lotto.

If you want to find some additional information about the entity, you face a tough challenge. There isn’t an awful lot about Year of the Monkey apart from the company’s official Australian registration.

When you go to the support page on the Fairy Lotto website, you’ll be taken to the FAQ section, or you’ll have a chance to contact the support team via email. A phone number or a company’s actual physical address is not provided.

While this may raise some red flags, it’s not a reason to worry. Numerous people use the app already, and none of them have had problems with the purchase of horse racing bets or the withdrawal of the funds earned through such activities.

Why you Should Register with Fairy Lotto


It offers horse racing betting with predictive analytics to help users choose a horse that meets their goals

The app is free to download

Horse racing betting occurs directly through the app, with users able to choose the amount they want to bet

Fairy Lotto uses information entered into the user’s account to make suggestions for horse selection in the racing betting feature

Why you Shouldn’t Register with Fairy Lotto


Only available for Australian lotteries and horse racing

Does not act as a lottery agent or operator and simply redirects players to the official platform to complete purchases.

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Is Fairy Lotto Legit?

Fairy Lotto is a pretty simple and straightforward app. If you live in Australia and you don’t like standard lottery ticket buying, you can give the app a try. Understand the fact, however, that Fairy Lotto does not feature an online lottery ticket-buying functionality. It simply redirects you to the official national online lottery platform.

Thus, if you’re only interested in buying lottery tickets, you’re not going to get an awful lot from this app.

You can benefit from Fairy Lotto if you like horse racing and you prefer a digital option for the placement of bets. This is what Fairylotto features. Bets can be placed quickly and in a straightforward manner, taking the hassle out of the equation.

The predictive tool that Fairy Lotto features is the one that we’re skeptical about. Yes, it’s supposed to be a fun feature that’s not taken way too seriously. Still, choosing a horse based on its number and gender is not the best way to go if you want to monetize on horse racing opportunities.

To sum it up, Fairy Lotto offers simplicity and convenience via your phone. The app is free of charge, and it features a clean, user-friendly interface. This is an excellent choice for people who like to accomplish just about anything through their mobile phone. Fairy Lotto offers a nice balance of features, and while it does have a couple of shortcomings, the app still deserves a 7 out of 10 stars rating.

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