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Price: €199/€45/€69
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Description: SmartLotto is an application for charities and organizations to set up, run and market their local lottery further than just family and friends. It also links into to SMS and Facebook for promoting sales and news.
  1. The support it delivers to clubs in raising funds is second to none. To them, Customer service is not a department, it is what we deliver.

  2. Nice initiative for fundraising, especially for sports clubs and others that struggle for regular general donation funds. Not really something that we all will use, but does help explain why these types of sites are setting up. Not something for the average gamer.


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SmartLotto Exposed — Moving Your Manual Lottery to Smart Lotto

SmartLotto Exposed

SmartLotto Review

Local organizations and charities are always looking for new ways to fund raise to support their initiatives, whether they are the local sports club or for that new machine for the hospital. is a platform that comes up with a solution. It’s an application where charities and clubs can go electronic with their fund raising so people can purchase lottery and/or raffle tickets online through their Smart Phone. It’s a cool way to expand the ability for people to fund raise instead of the ole ticket sales door to door. To further expand sales, this app and ticket sales can be promoted by SMS and Facebook.

Games at Smart Lotto Service

This is not a place to go and play any of the mega lotteries like US Powerball or EuroMillions. actually doesn’t have any games. It’s a platform for setting up a lottery or raffle. Their site suggests that it’s best used for fund raising for your local organization or charity, but I don’t see why anyone couldn’t set up a lottery on this platform.’s Services

Download their application and then set up your own game. The Smart Lotto Service’s system allows for anything from 20 to 40 ball lottery games. There are “customized” ticket pricing and discounting structures; lucky dip can be set up, multiple ticket purchases and subscriptions, plus automatic notifications.

Buying in at Smart Lotto

Looking at their main service of “Essential Software”, you register your organization which gives you the lottery game, free prize draw, free 50/50, notifications for SMS, news & email, and the management software. There are additional ongoing costs of 5.5% of each transaction. If you do opt to use the SMS blasts there is also a charge of 4.5 cents per message.

Getting Started

Getting online with their system seems fairly straightforward. Go to their site and register your organization or charity. “Their lovely staff” will call you back and walk you through the set up and then you’re live. Organizations have the choice to go totally electronic with their lottery or can still maintain some of their sales manually. This also goes for how the draw takes place. The winning numbers can be generated through Smartlotto’s system or you can still do it and enter the numbers in manually.

Add Marketing & Promotion adds two other services. “Premium Marketing” adds support services on marketing strategies and management assistance for SMS, Facebook and your game plan. “Premium Promotion” provides one month of support on any campaign you’d like to run to boost sales.


Padraig Cosgove (yes, an Irishman) was trying to figure out better ways to fund raise for his son’s sports club. He started talking to another guy, Noel Rowland, and they came up with the idea of an application which makes it easier to get the word out past family and friends. Smartlotto. ie is what they came up with.

Getting Connected

The Smart Lotto Service is owned by Crannchur Cliste Teoranta out of County Mayo in Ireland. There are two shareholders – guess that’s Padraig & Noel. There is a phone number and email address for getting in touch.

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Smartlotto Looking Good

It’s hard not to like the fact that they not only do provide the platform to operate your lottery or raffle, but you can also get support for marketing and campaigns. Using social media tools like SMS and Facebook can be a little intimidating and has to be done effectively to make a difference. It’s not only for playing your local lottery to support your club or cause, but also as a news sharing platform (though you do have to pay for those SMS messages). The ongoing transaction fees are a little steep, but then again, you get what you pay for!

Final verdict: 8 out of 10 stars.

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