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Scratch Smarter

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Price: $9.99/3 months
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: Scratch Smarter is an analysis system that’s supposed to increase a player’s odds of winning from instant luck (scratch-off) games through an examination of tickets printed and prizes already won. 

Scratch Smarter Exposed — Scratch-Off Ticket Analyzer

Scratch Smarter Exposed

Scratch Smarter Review

How cool would it be to rely on more than just luck when playing scratch-off lottery games? How cool would it be to know the secret – how, where and how many tickets to buy to guarantee you are winning a prize? If only…

While these may seem like the dreams of a lottery enthusiast, Scratch Smarter is a product that promises to bring these dreams to reality. The website presenting the product isn’t the most impressive one on the face of the planet. However, we still need to dig a bit deeper to determine whether the system itself is worth a try.

Does Scratch Smarter Work? Is there any evidence of the claims made via the promotional website? These are the two most important questions we will try to answer in today’s Scratch Smarter review.

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What Is Scratch Smarter and What Does It Do?

Scratch Smarter is a scratch-off ticket analyzer, to put it in simple terms. The web features many such services, and some of the ScratchSmarter competitors include Scratch-Off Odds and Lotto Crawler.

The premise here is that the odds of winning from a scratch-off game change when some of the prizes get distributed. Thus, it’s essential to keep track of the number of tickets printed, the number of prizes won, and the prizes that are still available. A simplified way to look at things here is that all of the major prizes in a scratch-off game have been won, there’s no point in giving it a try.

Currently, Scratch Smarter analysis tools are available through numerous instant games throughout the US. You can check out the range of states and instant games in the Shop section of the official Scratch Smarter website.

The website features many sections that supposedly explain the system and the way it works. The truth of the matter is, however, that the large chunks of text do not provide an awful lot of information. In essence, you have to buy a Scratch Smarter subscription to check it out and to get a better idea about what it does.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here come the big bummer and the part of Scratch Smarter that we don’t like.

Most of the scratch-off game analysis tools are available for free online. These change their odds regularly to give you a better idea about the instant lotteries you should be focusing your attention on at the time.

Scratch Smarter comes with an individual subscription for every single game out there. A three-month subscription costs 9.99 dollars, and if you go for the annual subscription, you will have to spend 19.97 dollars.

While the amount isn’t astronomical, there’s not much of a point to spending that money when you have similar services available free of charge. Additionally, Scratch Smarter does not offer a free trial period or a money-back guarantee. You will have to subscribe for at least three months to test it out, and if you dislike the service, you can then discontinue your subscription.

If you’d like to test out Scratch Smarter without spending so much, it may be a good idea to look around for discounts. At the time of writing this review, there’s an active Scratch Smarter coupon code that provides a 50 percent discount.

How Does ScratchSmarter Work?

You don’t need a Scratch Smarter login to check out an example of the analysis you’ll be provided with if you become a subscriber. This is the information you can use to determine for yourself does Scratch Smarter work.

In the analysis, you will get information about the top prize, the number of top prizes remaining, the number of prizes already claimed, and the overall percentage of prizes available.

While this may look neat and cool in a spreadsheet, it doesn’t improve your odds of winning a prize.

True, you learn which local games still have favorable odds because of the more significant number of top prizes remaining. This, however, doesn’t answer the question of where to buy tickets and how many tickets to buy to guarantee your odds of claiming a prize.

Keep in mind that many official state lottery websites provide this information for free. An announcement is made as soon as someone wins one of the big scratch-off ticket games. You will have to update the information on your own, but that’s just one example of the fact that ScratchSmarter doesn’t give you anything unique or valuable.

Scratch Smarter reviews out there confirm the fact that there’s nothing that impressive about the system. There are many forum threads where the software is being discussed. Most people confirm that free alternatives offer the same capabilities and data analysis functionalities.

A final and crucial thing we’ve dug out is that ScratchSmarter has an affiliate program. Those who refer you to the program and make you sign up will earn a commission. Hence, you should take overly positive, excited, and enthusiastic reviews with a grain of salt. The chances are that these Scratch Smarter reviews have resulted from the financial incentives available.

Terms and Conditions

There are detailed terms and conditions sections on the Scratch Smarter website. If you’re interested in buying the software, we recommend going through these texts carefully.

As per the terms and conditions, all subscriptions are non-refundable. This means you cannot get your money back in the event of not liking the service you’re getting. It’s also important to understand the fact your subscription will be renewed automatically after the initial period expires. You will have to send a cancellation email to stop getting billed.

Scratch Smarter states that the system does not guarantee the winning of any prizes. The terms and conditions also say there could be omissions or delays in the service provision.

There are additional privacy, liability, and indemnity terms and conditions you should check out. Generally speaking, however, the terms and conditions section is standard, and it outlines rules typical for most lottery software service providers.

Who Is Behind Scratch Smarter?

The copyright notice at the bottom of the website states that it belongs to ScratchSmarter LLC.

Scratch Smarter LLC is a registered entity in the US and the state of Nevada. Other than that, however, it’s pretty challenging to discover additional information about the entity. A little bit of digging around suggests, however, that the Nevada license has been revoked as of 2015.

The Nevada corporate entities register does feature the names of members of the Scratch Smarter managing team. These names, however, do not provide any additional information about the company.

Scratch Smarter’s official website features a contact email, as well as a physical address in Pennsylvania. There’s no phone number. You can send the company an email or use the contact form on the website if you’d like to find out more.

Why You Should Register with Lottery24


There aren’t many advantages

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery24


It is expensive

No free trial

No money-back guarantee

Not enough information about the company

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Is Scratch Smarter Legit?

Scratch Smarter isn’t a scam, but it’s not a revolutionary lottery product either.

We all want to beat the odds and be smarter than the system. It’s a part of human nature to look for little opportunities to access information and use that data in one’s favor. In the lottery world, there are many options to accomplish the goal. Calculating odds based on up-to-date information can be the right choice.

Scratch Smarter gives you an overview of the current state of scratch-off lotteries in different parts of the US. While this is a neat thing you may use in your favor, it’s not worth 20 dollars per year. Alternative websites offer the same service for free, and state lotteries will also provide information about the newest winners, the amounts, and the games they’ve won.

It’s really up to you to decide if you want to spend on Scratch Smarter. Some may find the service convenient and worth the money.

Based on all of the examined factors, the quality of the information, the price range, and the absence of a free trial, we give Scratch Smarter a 2 out of 10 stars rating.

  1. This site saves me a ton of time gathering all of the data I tried to do on my own. Revolutionary analysis? I think your assessment is wrong. They do card counting on a massive scale & I just have to subscribe for the results! Super easy & their data is really accurate!

  2. Seems like it’s pretty legit so far, but I already had most of the games figured out on my own. I guess it definitely hasn’t hurt to reaffirm my first initial thoughts.

    • So how’d u figure out the percentage of tickets sold against the remaining grand prizes?

  3. It’s true most of the data is available online for my state. I was collecting and analyzing the data from the lottery website on my own. That lasted for about a month. My time is more valuable than $19.99 for a years worth of reports.

    I don’t always win. No one should expect that any of these tools will guarantee a win. But I am winning more often and that’s all I want. It paid for itself in about 3 weeks.

  4. Worthless.. don’t waste your time and money on this.

  5. ha ha ha, all of that info is free online, also a few other systems give you it free there is no need to pay for it. All these guys did is put together what is free and sell it to people that do not know otherwise. All very weak, do not fall for this.

    • Actually, you’re incorrect. Yes, they use free data from the lottery websites, but they also file freedom of information requests for data the average person doesn’t see. They process all of the combined data and make it useful to the average player.

      They have lots of free videos that explain how they are different and the value that they provide. You should just go check it out for yourself.


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