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Price: $97 (without VAT and shipping)
Trial: No
Guarantee: ClickBank 60-day money-back guarantee
Description: Advertised as the world’s most accurate lottery prediction software, this product is heavily overpriced and not worth the price that’s been assigned to it. We also found a disturbing connection to another very poor lottery prediction software tool.

4WinLottery Exposed — Bad Lottery Schemes Taken to the Next Level

4WinLottery Exposed

4WinLottery Review

This particular lottery product is called 4WinLottery, and according to its advertising page, the incredible method comes with 80 percent efficiency guaranteed. Once you dig a bit deeper, however, you’ll find out that things aren’t as rosy as they seem in the very beginning.

The 4WinLottery website consists of a single page that tells you just how good this predictive software is. Once you click to find out more, you’re taken to the LottoProfits.com website. If you’ve been following Lotto Exposed for some time already, you know that we’ve done a Lotto Profits review and we most certainly do not recommend it.

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The one thing that has happened since we last reviewed the product is that the initially ridiculous price has been reduced to a slightly less ridiculous price. We will talk a bit more about the pricing policy in the next sections of the guide.

For now, however, it seems that 4WinLottery isn’t an independent product on its own. Rather, an existent tool that doesn’t have a particularly good reputation is working hard to reposition and rebrand itself.

What Is 4WinLottery and What Does It Do?

Just like dozens of other “tools” out there, 4WinLottery attempts to capitalize on people’s desire to get big money from lottery games.

For decades, humankind has been trying to crack the lottery code. People have attempted everything in their power to boost their odds of winning. Because of this relentless desire, many have decided to capitalize on the creation of lottery algorithms and tools.

The 4WinLottery website does not provide any reasonable explanation about what the methodology is and what it does. There’s an 80 percent guarantee thrown out there without evidence or facts about the number and how it was derived.

4WinLottery does precisely what so many other tools out there intend to accomplish. It is supposed to pick favorable numbers that are more likely to get drawn. This way, 4WinLottery is anticipated to boost one’s chances of success.

This product is supposedly built on statistical analysis, but so are all of the other lottery predictors out there. At the same time, many such products come for free or against a very modest monthly tax. 4WinLottery is one of the most expensive products we’ve reviewed, and once we get to the entity behind the development of this software, you will get a much better idea of why.

How Much Does It Cost?

As already mentioned, when you decide to learn more about 4WinLottery, you’re taken to the Lotto Profits website.

In our original Lotto Profits review, we mentioned a price of 147 dollars per month!  That’s an outrageous amount even for a good product.  Lotto Profits, however, don’t belong to that category. At best, it is useless. At worst, it’s a complete scam scheme (more about that in a second).

Since we last reviewed that product, the price has been reduced.

At the time being, Lotto Profits comes with a price tag of 97 dollars (yay!). When you add VAT to the purchase, the sum tops 115 dollars. This is still a pretty high amount in comparison to other lottery software products that more or less do the same thing.

But wait, there’s more!

If you think that the vendor isn’t going to attempt selling you more useless stuff, you’re entirely wrong.

When checking out, you can decide to buy some additional things. These include the official Lotto Profit user guide for 37 dollars. That’s correct when you buy the software; you don’t get access to the instructions unless you pay more.

There’s also a “lottery secrets” ebook that costs 47 dollars if you want the complete package.

This product is sold via ClickBank, which at least is something good. ClickBank, as a digital sale platform, offers a money-back guarantee on all products. It’s a 60-day period, and you can request a refund for any reason within the specified timeframe,

How Does 4WinLottery Work?

It doesn’t because 4WinLottery doesn’t exist. Rather, it’s a promotional page set up to give a crappy product a brand-new image.

As far as Lotto Profits goes, the information is once again missing.

Don’t attempt to research the system to get access to useful and accurate information about it.

Because it is available via ClickBank, Lotto Profits has an affiliate program. Thus, 99 percent of the reviews written about it are fake and put together by people who have never given the methodology a try. These people have an interest in promoting the software to make some money.

We believe that the system relies on hot and cold numbers or some other sort of statistical analysis. As already mentioned, the 80 percent success guarantee isn’t backed up by math, statistics, or science. This is just a random number chosen for marketing purposes.

Hot and cold numbers (those that are drawn most and least often) for different lotteries are readily available online for free. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on something that isn’t going to give you the return you’re hoping for.

4WinLottery Terms and Conditions

The standard ClickBank terms and conditions apply to Lotto Profits. Remember, 4WinLottery doesn’t exist as an independent product; hence, it doesn’t have any legal documents attached to the website.

ClickBank ensures the security of all transactions. There are SSL certificates and encryption options that can help you rest assured your payment method, and your sensitive information is both protected.

ClickBank also has a privacy policy that pertains to how your private information is being used. We recommend going through the privacy policy in advance to determine if you’re comfortable with it before interacting with Lotto Profits in any other way.

One final and essential thing to understand is that ClickBank doesn’t vouch for the maker of Lotto Profits. The quality of the product isn’t guaranteed, regardless of the fact it’s being sold via the platform. The Lotto Profits maker is a third party that is not affiliated with ClickBank in any way.

Who Is Behind 4WinLottery?

This is the most interesting thing about the website that we’ve discovered.

It looks like 4WinLottery has been created by one of the Lotto Profits affiliates. Instead of writing positive reviews and redirecting traffic, that individual decided to make a simple WordPress website and impersonate a brand-new product.

When you click on the get started/learn more button, you are taken to the Lotto Profits website. At the bottom, you will see the referring code of the affiliate. This means that someone is directing you to the page because they will earn a commission percentage if you make a purchase.

The chances are that the person who created 4WinLottery is not connected to Lotto Profits. They’re simply trying to earn some quick bucks by advertising an utterly useless product and making it look like a brand-new lottery development.

Please don’t fall for such cheap and transparent monetization attempts. The 4WinLottery website is so poorly made that it instantly raises a red flag. Once you’re redirected to a site of a completely different product, however, you can rest assured that something’s quite fishy.

Why You Should Register with 4WinLottery


No advantage to using this tool.

Why You Should Register with 4WinLottery


Poorly made website


Fake reviews

No evidence of how well the tool works

Would you mind rating 4WinLottery?

Is 4WinLottery Legit?

We’re getting tired of all those people who are looking to make easy money off the backs of lottery enthusiasts.

4WinLottery is probably the most laughable attempt we have come across so far. It’s not a product; it’s a rebranding effort launched by some “crafty” affiliate. The purpose here is to make even less information available than before. The entire setup is confusing; there’s no explanation of the product or what it does.

The one thing you find out eventually is that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on something that doesn’t work. This kind of information (especially when it comes to hot and cold numbers) is readily available online for free.

Do yourself a favor and save your money instead of buying 4WinLottery/Lotto Profits. The number of such products that come with exorbitant prices and whatsoever no effectiveness is growing all the time. It’s up to us as consumers to put an end to the epidemic by spreading the news and keeping our money in our wallets.

Laughable and utterly fake, 4WinLottery deserves a one out of 10 stars rating.

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