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Lottery Places

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Description: Lottery Places is an application that locates the closest retail lottery stores against your given GPS location.

Lottery Places Exposed — Is This Way to Find Where to Play Lotteries?

Lottery Places Exposed

Lottery Places Review

Have you ever gone out your front door to buy a lottery ticket and not known where to go. I get if you are visiting somewhere new but then usually we all can see the signs at gas stations and other places that offer for hard copy lottery tickets. is an application for your phone or computer where you can locate the closest lottery retailer to where you are. Is it just me, or does this seem weird to you also. It’s free. It doesn’t take any credit card details. So why are they doing it?

Lottery Places App – What Does It Do?

I’m sitting here scratching my head on why anyone would go to all the trouble of setting up an application that identifies where lottery retailers are against your given location. There are no games here. It simply locates all the lottery retailers from where you are. I guess if you’re traveling and decide to buy into a local lottery this could be good, especially if you’re in Aruba or Barbados. But me, I’d be at the beach and not thinking about lotteries.

How Does It Work?

All you do is click on the download and pick whether you want to get it from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store. The reviews on the Google Play site are mixed with quite a few comments on it crashing or people unable to download it.

Where Can It Locate Lottery Retailers?

Currently, their app locates lotteries in the United States, excluding Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah. These are the states that do not allow retail lottery sales. There is also British Columbia in Canada – but no other provinces. Plus there is four Caribbean Islands – Aruba, Barbados, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Is It For Real?

Why are they doing this? This is a free application that simply tracks where you are and gives you mapping information. They say it’s great for planning your trips and say there are advanced features that include traffic reports. I get that might use this to get your email address and then lead you to their other sites. That’s the only thing we could figure out why they do it.

Who Is

I love the spelling mistake on their contact page “chooose one”. For an app that provides accuracy in finding a local lottery retailer, I’d be a bit more careful with this kind of thing. There are no other contact details – just an online form. There is a link to the developer of the site “Lottery Post”. This is a forum/blog/tools site for lottery players. It is owned by Speednet who offers web sites on lotteries and books – for example 2012 Lottery Results Almanac. There is only an online form for them also.

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Should You Click Download at

I get a bit nervous downloading any application where I have no information what it might do, what it actually is going to add and what information the app is going to take from my device. This goes for not only my computer but my phone. When I download something, I want to be sure what it is going to do and I want to know who is providing the app. If something goes wrong – who do I yell at?

Final verdict: 3 out of 10 stars.

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