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Lotto Hat Exposed — It’s All about Wheels!

Lotto Hat

Lotto Hat Review

Lottery software developers are always trying to stand out in the crowd. Some make exaggerated claims about how good the application is, others flood the Internet with bogus reviews written by alleged customers, and others choose a name that is so similar to other sites, it’s almost impossible to find comments. Checking out Lotto Hat software, I couldn’t figure out why they chose their name. It didn’t fit into any of these categories. Lotto Hat is a lottery software that uses past winning numbers to predict lottery results. Sadly, it appears to be another wheeling system. Let’s take a look.

How Lotto Hat Works

It is all about wheels. Lotto Hat says that their system will use their wheels or players can use their unique wheels to filter numbers. They say their “lotto software allows you filter number combinations using Even-Odd, Low-High, Sum of Numbers, Width of Line, Consecutive, Last Draw, Past Draws, Hot-Cold, Bankers, First and Last Digit.” They add quite a bit of marketing spin saying the same thing over and over again.

Though Lotto Hat claims that players can wheel to their specific budget,  the reality is wheeling strategies are expensive. Okay, I will give them that wheeling is a mathematical approach to lotteries. But it still comes down to picking the winning numbers. No system that I am aware of will do that.

Lotto Hat Complaints

What I found very interesting about Lotto Hat is that the latest update came in 2009, which might be an indicator that they just gave up. I don’t think anyone’s software is so good that it is still current plus what about all the results from lotteries since then. If they are going to be serious about wheeling, then Lotto Hat should have factored the results from the last four years.

Among the few postings that I did find, there was one that could only be a legitimate complaint. A customer purchased the application four years ago and ran into a string of problems. This poor fellow tried to reinstall the software he bought on a different computer, but the registration key did not work. I doubt that Lotto Hat is so popular online that the developers fear that lottery players might pass it from one to another to avoid buying it. Anyway, if you want to see what the disgruntled customer had to say, you can find the full story at Lotto Hat complaints.

Is Lotto Hat Worth your Money?

If you are into wheeling and math, then you might like to try out their free demo. Keep in mind Lotto Hat say they have not updated this software since 2009. For the sum of $59.95, I think your money would be better spent on actual lottery tickets. Wheeling is not necessarily a wrong concept, and some lottery syndicates might find some value in it, but those who are already in this line of work are using wheels of their own.

Our Unbiased Conclusion

Lotto Hat looks like an old-school player in an active evolving lottery software industry. With the last software update coming four years ago, I don’t think that it is worth resuscitating this dinosaur. If you are into math and wheeling, there are systems out there that are up to date with current lottery results. If you into playing lotteries online, don’t spend your money here.

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