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Description: LottoLytics is a software product that provides information about winning numbers, hot, cold numbers, and drawn number trends for various lotteries like Mega Millions, Powerball, and Texas state lotteries.

LottoLytics Exposed — Hot and Cold Numbers Demystified Yet Another Time

LottoLytics Exposed

LottoLytics Review

How about another software product that promises to give you a competitive edge when playing the lottery? Buckle up, kids, we have another review for you!

LottoLytics is yet another digital product that analyzes past drawing results to suggest a set of digits bound to give you better odds. Whether it’s possible to beat lottery odds is out of the question here (otherwise, we’ll have to write an entire whitepaper). Our focus in this review will be on LottoLytics and how it differs from other lottery software products out there.

The short answer is that LottoLytics doesn’t differ all that much. To get the long answer, keep on reading our review.

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What is LottoLytics, and What Does it Do?

Excellent questions!

LottoLytics is a tool that helps you study potential data patterns in the lottery. To put that explanation in simple terms, it goes through numbers that have been drawn in the past to attempt predicting the numbers that will be drawn in the future.

This is done by analyzing hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are the ones that appear among the drawn digits most often. Cold numbers are the exact opposite – they aren’t selected too often in official drawings.

The LottoLytics data analysis is available for games played in Texas – Powerball, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, Texas Cash Five, and Texas Two Step.

According to the official presentation, LottoLytics analyzes years of lottery data to generate a combination supposed to improve a player’s odds of winning a prize. The presentation states that having data is the key to optimizing your lottery luck. Thus, LottoLytics goes through the data so that you don’t have to handle the process on your own.

How Much Does LottoLytics Cost?

LottoLytics offers three subscription options.

The most inexpensive offering is the Silver package, which is available at three dollars for seven-day access. Those who choose the Silver package will get data on all of the featured games, hot and cold number information, visual charts, and unlimited combos for seven days.

The Gold package costs five dollars for 14 days. It offers the same as the Silver package, but you will have access to the data for a more extended period.

Finally, there is a Platinum package that costs seven dollars and gives access to the Texas lottery data for 30 days.

LottoLytics accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and Ethereum payments.

The one thing you have to be mindful of is that a free trial isn’t available. There’s also no money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the quality of the data you receive. The reasoning here is that once you sign up for a plan, you already have access to all of the data. Hence, the LottoLytics team isn’t willing to refund you in the event of unhappiness with what you’ve been given as a part of the package.

How Does LottoLytics Work?

LottoLytics works in the same way as every other lottery analysis software product under the sun (it doesn’t!).

The entire premise is based on the assumption that hot and cold numbers improve your odds of winning the lottery. The thing to understand here, however, is that hot numbers aren’t necessarily the ones that will be drawn when you decide to play.

Even if specific numbers do tend to pop up more often among the winning ones, you are still playing a game of luck. Nobody can predict how a lottery drawing is going to go. If there were such a method available, all lotteries would be broke already, and the number of millionaires would have skyrocketed.

With this being said, LottoLytics does have several features that players are given access to. It’s up to you to determine whether these features are worth the price of the subscription.

As already mentioned, you’re given hot and cold number analysis. You will also receive information about how many times a particular number was drawn when exactly has it been drawn, what the middle numbers for the respective lottery are and what a number’s selection ranking is.

There’s a combo elimination tool, daily updates based on the latest drawings, and visual reports with charts aimed at making the information easier to comprehend.

Players have access to all combinations generated for them in the past. This data is stored in the account and could potentially come in handy whenever someone is trying to do an analysis and base future lottery decisions on it.

LottoLytics Terms and Conditions

LottoLytics does have detailed terms and conditions, which is a good thing. Many other lottery software products are made available without giving clients a clear idea about what they’re getting themselves into.

As already mentioned, once a player makes a payment, they are not entitled to a refund. Thus, you should think carefully about spending three to seven dollars on such a product (maybe buying a lottery ticket or two is going to be a much better investment).

The usage of service terms and conditions does list several limitations. People who sign up for LottoLytics need to be aged 18 or older. The website also bans the use of questionable funds for the purchase of the LottoLytics service.

As far as payments go, the methods are listed. There’s also a discrete disclaimer stating that LottoLytics has the right to apply fees and charges to a specific amount. You have to be mindful of this condition because it may turn out that a more substantial sum of money than the quoted package fee is taken out of your account.

LottoLytics operates under US laws, and these will apply in the event of a dispute.

The website also has a standard privacy policy that outlines how the sensitive information clients share with the site is being used and protected.

While nobody likes reading such documents, do go through both of them carefully before signing up. They’ll help you determine if LottoLytics is worth your trust.

Who is Behind LottoLytics?

In terms of contact information, there’s only a standard email address you can utilize to send your inquiries.

If you are looking for an About Us section on the website, you’re not going to find it.

This is a significant problem we run into when reviewing lottery software. We also believe this is a serious red flag. If an entity isn’t confident enough to stand with its name behind a product, how can a client trust the reputation and the quality of the said product being offered?

We once again went the standard route, checking the WhoIs information of the website and trying to find any nugget of information about the company behind LottoLytics.

WhoIs (the information about the entity that set up the website) reveals the registrar as the domain company. There is an address in Dallas, Texas. The information of the person or the company that registered the domain has been redacted for privacy purposes.

The LottoLytics Facebook and Twitter pages don’t reveal a lot of information. Solely the email available for contact on the website is listed, and that’s as far as it goes.

Finally, we tried to find other LottoLytics reviews to see if anyone had managed to dig up more information than we did. Unfortunately, that was another big failure. There’s whatsoever no information about LottoLytics and the company behind it other than the presentation on the official website.

Why You Should Register with Lotto Lytics


It’s cheap

Why You Should Register with Lotto Lytics


No identity behind the website

Nothing unique about it

Would you mind rating LottoLytics?

Is Lotto Lytics Legit?

We firmly believe that a company attempting to hide isn’t worth attention or trust.

LottoLytics offers nothing unique. It analyzes hot and cold numbers. Most lotteries make this information for free on their official websites. Hence, you’re not benefiting from some divine insight into the way that lotteries operate. You’re simply spending money on a tool that’s not going to boost your odds, and that’s not going to make you richer.

If you have three to seven dollars to spare, you can decide to try the service. That’s entirely up to you. We don’t believe that LottoLytics is worth even that small amount, but you have your critical thinking and free will to choose for yourself.

For the time being, we give LottoLytics 2 out of 10 stars. The score is based on the fact that there isn’t anything distinctive or uniquely valuable about the LottoLytics offering. Still, if you have another opinion on the matter, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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