The Lottery Picker

The Lottery Picker

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  1. I couldn’t ask for a more complete software too. This software is a must have to someone like me who plays a couple hundred numbers at a time when the Powerball goes over 300 million. Prints all my number and download and checks them in a half second! Your review is missing your experience with the software.

  2. This is a scam! I paid $139.99 and within 24 hours I could not understand the software nor could I use! And I am currently still fighting Mark McCracken for his BULLISHIT MONEY BACK guarantee! THE SOFTWARE IS NOT EASY AT ALL! IT’S VERY CONFUSING DO NOT BUY IT!!


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The Lottery Picker 2015 Exposed — Now Its Turn to Be Examined, Explained And Understood!

The Lottery Picker 2015

The Lottery Picker 2015 Review

Before we get to the top floor, let’s take a look at ground level to see what we can find. As soon as I checked into their site, there was a big image of what I think is their Lottery Picker 2015 software. If you take a look at the software, you’ll see that it gives you an overview of the most drawn balls for the last 19 draws, which you can pick to put in the ‘Keeper’ box. From the software, we can get to see the average number from past drawings, as well as the numbers that have not been drawn so frequently. Apart from that, you can generate random numbers, complete raw matches from past draws, and a list of past draws.

This is what’s written on their website,

“Don’t let the simple look fool you… This powerful lottery software program from McCracken Software™ was designed with simplicity in mind. The Lottery Picker© 2015 v10 is a clean & simple, easy to use, point & click user interface, as everything is mostly automatic and is much more powerful than any Android, iOS, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, or phone App.”

Apart from that, they claim that the Lottery Picker 2015 was voted as the best Powerball and Mega Millions lottery program number generator in 2014 reviews.

Does The Lottery Picker 2015 Work?

According to what is mentioned on their site, they claim that this software does work in providing the winning numbers. I would have agreed if they would have mentioned that this software helps you beat some odds, but since it claims to give you the winning numbers, I’m a bit skeptical. Here’s what they mentioned,

“You’ll be amazed as you learn how to win the lottery by picking lottery numbers that win on your own, not by some convenience store quick pick.”

Really? Like seriously? That’s like your golden goose, why would you give it away? It claims to download lottery drawings directly from the lottery websites all over the world and then helps you pick the winning numbers.

What Is the Cost of The Lottery Picker 2015?

Ha! If you pay $139.99, you get an unlimited upgrade tier, and if you pay $39.99, you get a 90-day upgrade tier. For a CD you need to pay $139.99 plus shipping costs of $8.95, and if you purchase by Mail Order, you still need to pay $139.99. Of course, they recommend that you buy the unlimited upgrade for $139.99… but the question is, is it worth it? There are testimonials, but none of them seem to be popular enough to validate online!

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Is The Lottery Picker 2015 Worth It?

It would be if there were real testimonials with proof. From what I understand, there’s nothing extraordinary about this, and if there is, then I expect someone to come replying when they read this with hard proof, with news articles mentioning such wins. Without having such proof, how can anyone claim to be the best? How can you expect people to listen and work with you if vital information is withheld? So before you kindly respond to me, try and come up with a strategy to prove me wrong and you can do that by showing me valid proof where a customer has won using your system and that they’re genuinely willing to share their story! Remember, it’s not enough; I’ll still do a check to see if this is true! Can’t let anyone scam my fellow lottery players!