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Description: The aim of My Rajshree is to enable players to check their Indian ticket status by scanning tickets.

My Rajshree Exposed — Your One-Stop-Shop to Playing Lotteries in India

My Rajshree Exposed

My Rajshree Review

Playing lotteries in India isn’t such a simple task because of the different regulations in each of the country’s states. As a result, many players opt for online opportunities. My Rajshree is an app that simplifies the process of playing lotteries, checking results, and winning prizes. Rajshree Lottery is among the leading ones in India. Rajshree online terminals are spread across Maharashtra. Here’s how the app works and what players need to do in order to make the most of it.

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What Is My Rajshree and What Does It Do?

My Rajshree is an app that can be downloaded effortlessly from the Google Play store. It has already gotten over 2,550 reviews – a number that stands as evidence of the app’s popularity.

The app can also be downloaded from the official My Rajshree website. A QR code needs to be scanned and the individual interested in the app will also need to provide their mobile phone number. After a player completes the process, they will receive an SMS for the download and the activation of the app.

This mobile phone application, as already mentioned, is associated with the My Rajshree lottery – an entity that has been around for 40 years. It provides information about the numbers drawn in the various games that belong to the portfolio of My Rajshree. Some of these games include Saturday Lotto, Dream 5, MagicLotto, Thursday Lotto, Mega 5 Lotto, Power Ball, Keno, and various others.

Through the app, players can also buy their tickets, get mobile alerts and result notifications, get information about hot and cold numbers and also get a Rajshree Cash Card that allows the easy purchase of tickets and management of the eventual prizes that the player is going to get their hands on.

How Much Does It Cost?

The best aspect of My Rajshree is that it’s available free of charge. While ticket purchases can occur via the app, players don’t need to spend anything when doing the initial download. You can easily add the app to your Android device, check it out, explore the functionalities and decide if you’d like to keep it on your phone in the future.

How Does My Rajshree Work?

Just like other apps, My Rajshree has numerous sections that can be used to access the different functionalities.

If you, for example, would like to check the latest drawing results, you will have to tap the Result button. Once there, you can pick whether you’d like to see the results for a specific date, a specific drawing or a game that you’re interested in.

You can check out whether you have won anything and if you have, the amount will be credited automatically to your card account. This means you don’t really have to do anything in order to acquire the amount you’re entitled to.

Keep in mind that the automatic prize payout applies to amounts in the range of up to 10,000 rupees. If you win a larger amount, you can’t use the app to get your cash – you will have to make the claim in person.

All transactions will be recorded in your My Rajshree account. Just access the app to see the tickets you have bought and the sums that you’ve won. The credit may come in beneficial if you’d like to keep track of the expenditure and the prizes that it has produced.

Apart from these features, the app also provides useful statistical information. For example, you can check out the most repeated (hot numbers). If you are a lottery strategist and you believe in the importance of such information, the available data will come in handy for the acquisition of tickets in the future.

My Rajshree Terms and Conditions

The app and the cash card terms and conditions can be explored in detail on the My Rajshree official website.

Players have to provide certain personal information during the registration process for the purpose of verifying their identity, buying tickets online, and cashing out prizes. People who provide fraudulent information will have their accounts terminated without further notice.

Game rules and ticket purchasing regulations apply to My Rajshree purchases both from retail venues and through the app.

My Rajshree’s app is an official medium for the provision of information about the latest drawings, numbers, and statistical information about the lotteries in the portfolio. Information is provided as soon as a drawing is concluded.

The use of My Rajshree app is governed by the relevant Indian laws. All parties submit to the relevant jurisdiction of Mumbai courts in the case of a dispute.

My Rajshree is a lottery app that’s intended for use by individuals aged 18 and older, as per local lottery regulations.

Who Is Behind My Rajshree?

My Rajshree is the official app of the lottery entity in India.

According to the official app and lottery website, My Rajshree is a creation of Serenity Trades Pvt. Ltd. This organization specializes in the field of operating government-licensed lotteries in India.

Currently, Serenity Trade Pvt. has more than 25,000 retail terminals in India. Every single day, these terminals conduct more than 18 million transactions – due to the popularity of My Rajshree and the diversity of lottery games. according to its presentation, Serenity Trade Pvt. holds approximately 65 percent of the lottery market share in India.

Why You Should Register with My Rajshree


Set up by an official lottery entity

Simple and convenient to use

Has loads of positive reviews

It’s free

Why You Shouldn’t Register with My Rajshree


Payments are sometimes paid out slowly

Would you mind rating My Rajshree?

Is My Rajshree App Legit?

My Rajshree is a comprehensive solution for people who love lotteries. Indian players can get tickets, cash out their prizes and check out the latest relevant information for the game that they’re interested in. If you rely heavily on your smartphone and you’re looking for a bit of convenience, My Rajshree app is the right choice for you.

The app is simple and functional. It has a big number of positive reviews. People who have tried out My Rajshree already report that the online payment option for lottery tickets is incredibly convenient and simple to use. There are some complaints about payments being processed a bit too slowly. The good news is that the app development team happens to be quite responsive and it offers good support in the case of an issue or a technical problem.

Since My Rajshree is available free of charge, you don’t lose anything by downloading the app and testing it out. In a sense, it gives you the chance to play the lottery in the comfort of your own home and get prizes without having to visit a retail venue. Because of the simplicity and these excellent characteristics, My Rajshree gets an 8 out of 10 stars.

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