Hot & Cold Numbers

All winning numbers are gathered into one visual graph. It enables you to see the
(drawn more than the average) and
(drawn less than the average) and decide which numbers to choose.
Choose the range of years for checking Hot and Cold numbers:

Your Wife Isn’t the Only Thing to Run Hot or Cold; Lottery Numbers Do Too!

If you’ve played the lottery long enough, you’ve probably noticed that some numbers come up more than others. While there is no scientific fact, here at, we have created a tool that tracks hot and cold lottery numbers.

To use the tool, you have to select the lottery you want to check out. You will see a sliding bar below the graph. This bar allows you to choose the range of numbers to monitor. You can see how frequently your lucky (or unlucky?) numbers have been drawn over the entire life of the game—or just from the last 100 games.

When it comes to lottery tools, some people don’t take into consideration the hot and cold lottery number trackers. Still, when you see the odds of one number being drawn over another, you may want to start selecting new lucky numbers!

  1. Your graph for the Powerball drawings includes ball numbers that were added on 10/7/2015 when the white ball numbers changed to 69 from the previous 55. So, due to the lower volume of activity for ball #’s 56 thru 69, you have classified these numbers as “COLD”. Of course, the activity of these new ball numbers are lower than the numbers that have been in play for years prior. Any worth while analysis should set off the drawings from 10/7/2015 and later as a separate chart so that the displayed data is all based on ball numbers that have been in play for the same number of drawings. This is typical of the shallow advice you get from the free or ‘cheap’ software.

    • I have followed this comment with a message that I didn’t realize that the slider was adjustable from both the left and right sides and I apologized for my mistake.

  2. Handy & easy to use!

  3. Good system

  4. Not so impressed, but on the other hand, you have all the hot and cold numbers for major lotteries in one place.

  5. I like the idea of Hot & Cold numbers that you have implemented. It’s really interesting to play with combinations. Hope it works.


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