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Lottery Looper

Average 3.4 | Reviews (49)
Price: $49.99/$29.99/$34.99
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: Lottery Looper is software that helps predict lottery numbers for upcoming draws based on their previous performance.
  1. I have had the Lottery Looper now for about 4 years and it has never let me down. I use it for 2 lotteries, and they have paid me extremely well over these 4 years I still have no issues in winning almost every draw. I love how it homes in and my numbers run well without out much effort.

    It is a beautiful thing! Love it!

  2. Not impressed! I’d give these scammers 0 stars if I could. Shady practices here folks, their lottery system is exactly the same as a few others, all do very little to hit your numbers. The thing that really makes me ticked off is the win rate they claim is so farfetched it’s a fraud.

  3. Very easy to use, has great functionality and overall performance as in real results is excellent!

    Their concepts are solid, as in make sense in the real world and not some magical fairy smart numbers spin job snake oil bs. It’s a fast and reliable, an excellent product!!!

  4. Keeps your winning’s running smoothly, also a clear perspective. Other tools that give you automated updates simply do not, you have no idea and they are random number generators, completely useless. Lotto Logic Lottery Looper Lotto Effect are all great programs to use and what’s more, they work so well. All the functions are available in the free version, try it for yourself.

  5. The system gives you very low win rates don’t be fooled by their hyped up marketing stating how great it works, very rarely does this system predict lottery numbers for upcoming draws, lost lots using this method.

  6. This product is a complete scam. I bought many lotto tickets using this system, never won a dime! I do not recommend this system at all.

  7. Lately, I have been test driving the lotto effect, I’m so glad they came out with this system, I’ve been using both looper and effect in tandem mixing the range and forward trends and ok omg I’m getting some serious overall increased wins, like a lot.

  8. What sold me was that they don’t hide behind a paywall, if there was ever a massively glowing red flag out there are these systems that one) give you updated lotto results which is a sure sign they just want a quick sale from you and two) hide behind a paywall with full money back guarantee which I found out the hard way is a joke.

  9. Best lottery software there is, works, easy, what’s not to love about some extra money?

  10. Not only was lottery looper a waste of my time and money, so are the other two systems that are sold alongside this one, lotto logic and lotto effect, all hype and no go. I strongly recommend you avoid any of these systems. If I could give less than a 1-star rating I would.

  11. I cannot play without it! and you shouldn’t either. Lottery Looper has been on my computer for years! Great for anytime you need better lotto results, so I use it every draw! I’m not stupid, lottery looper = more money!!!

  12. I love this software, not only because it’s the easiest to use lotto program I’ve ever had the pleasure to use, and yes I’ve tried them all, it’s that I constantly win MOOLAH!!! it is the gift that keeps on giving, my heavens the ROI is staggeringly high.

    I bought the complete collection as it’s no brainer, you get lottery looper for FREE, or in my case, I got lotto logic free and 30% off lottery looper, as I wasn’t too interested in lotto logic, it’s, however, you want to look at it, regardless, end of the day HUGE saving for the complete collection, and lotto effect is omg I’m really warning it up as it is just now starting to show very impressive results similar to how lottery looper does.

    That’s the common misconception you have to invest some time into these systems, the scam ones out there where you download and all the data is there are useless, you can’t just click a button and win the lotto lmao.

  13. Lottery Looper states 87.25 Percent Increased odds, sorry no that is not the truth. This system gives you about a 2% better odds increase just the same as many other systems in the same category. All hype!!!

  14. The Lottery Looper system is the most popular lottery strategy out there. If you use this strategy, you will notice with your winnings that Lottery Looper is the perfect tool for you. It’s another lotto program created by the creators of Lotto Logic and Lotto Effect. These are the best lottery software solutions currently available.

  15. Excellent Lottery Software!

    Lottery Looper does exactly what it says it does. I absolutely recommend this program to everyone.

  16. Lottery Looper lottery software is the most professional-quality game changer you can have when it comes to winning the lottery. Best lotto software there is along with Lotto Logic and Lotto Effect, a literal powerhouse for funneling money out of your lotto.

  17. Lottery Looper is packed with so many features which are easy enough to use for any lotto player. I’ve won a lot with it!

  18. It’s cost-efficient, it’s timesaving, and its high performance can change everything when picking winning numbers. Having Lottery Looper is essential if you want to win. I have been using Lottery Looper for years. I know it is one of the best products in this space.

  19. Scam for sure. Invested about 1 years ago and never received any better wins than when picking my own random number. High cost useless lottery software.

  20. Overall, Lottery Looper is good with giving you solid information, offering some of the best lottery results I’ve ever had (making it onto the must have list of the best lottery software).

    The thing is, it is so easy to use and most of all fun!!!

  21. This lottery software is very well designed and not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also the only software I found I can understand as it’s so easy to use. All their lottery software is also very easy to use.

    It’s simple, you want to win money playing the lottery, look no further.

  22. I use Lottery Looper for every single draw. It’s fast, it’s reliable. It produces results. It helps me access epicness 🙂 and lots of free cash!

  23. Lotto Logic which is from Timersoft they also sell, Lottery Looper which is the newer software. If it was so great, why isn’t the designer laughing all the way to the bank with their amazing wins? Where is their proof of wins? There is none! Software systems are obsolete, they are only for entertainment purposes. Out of 3 lottery software systems Lottery Looper, Win Lotto Systems, Lottery Crusher, Looper was the worst and all three are pretty bad, “yes they are scams”. Did better picking my own numbers which is very easy to do as most lottery games supply all you need for free to pick your numbers, don’t get suckered folks!

  24. Yes, I agree the negative reviews are so similar, all from the same person, they are not even reviewing, just hate comments.

    They do not even talk about the product only rambling on about votes or something in one day, ummm you are bringing it to everyone’s attention with all the negative reviews, so they probably have a lot of people who know it is not a scam and are defending it, I bought the complete collection because of the free adverting you are giving them.

    They do not even try to hide the fact it is the same person, check the naming convention they all use Julen F, jaivon f, D Cooper, Nathasha L, derrion J, Sherron S, Mark P talk about similar.

    Also, I found out their support is very very good and fast, I noticed this product as well in the recent reviews, and although it was negative it made me aware of Lottery Looper, even negative advertising is good advertising.

    In the end, I know the support is good and those negative reviews are a scam as I bought the complete collection thanks to the negative review but I could not install lotto logic initially, it was an easy fix and they sent that to me within minutes, I know when I read their support sucks is an outright lie.

    Because of the one star whoever this same person is I’m giving it, I’m going with a five star I would have given it four as I love Lotto Effect so much more, that’s a 5 STAR gem to me.

  25. I agree with the others who state this Lottery Looper software is nothing but a scam…..the person who sells this system is definitely posting all the good reviews on it, they all look and sound the same. This system is a Huge Red Flag now, plus on other lottery forums there are many bad reviews on it and that speaks volumes. There are better systems to use by far, even free systems work better as others have reported. Yes, you are loopy in the head if you trust this system, it’s been busted as a scam!

  26. I noticed this product in the Recent Reviews on the right. Luckily all the activity this product has instantly brought to my attention, all the THUMBS UP, and thumbs down.

    Only the best products generate this much activity.

    So, without any hesitation, I bought the Complete Collection, who wouldn’t, such an amazing deal.

    Thanks everyone for all the activity which brought this product to my attention… cause I won $101,029, I KNOW RIGHT? Like huge OMG.

    I am still in shock, it’s no wonder Lottery Looper has so much attention with all the people winning like this. All the other products here are like decades old and no activity.

    I would have totally passed right over it too if it weren’t for this much attention and i would be out 100 GRAND!!!! and yeah just the thought of that hurts lol 😊

    Only the best products generate this much love hate, and yeah that wisdom totally came true and PAID off!!!!!!!!! HUGE!!!!!!
    OMG i’m still in disbelief, this is a lot of MONEY!!! 🙂


  27. Yes indeed ….. all the votes in favor for the system in a day or so jumped sky high which just screams Scam!!! Looking at most of the reviews in favor of the system, they all seem to be written by the same person, so again looks very bad for the system. The seller is most likely posting false reviews, I will not trust any of those good reviews, the negative reviews clearly seem to be the honest ones.

  28. OMG! in one day……I will say that again, in one day many of the negative reviews got hit with obvious fake votes, in some cases as high 61 votes against the negative review. This has never happened ever which now very clearly shows the SCAM this system is all about. All the negative reviews on this system are obviously the TRUTH and the positive reviews in favor of the system are ALL FAKE!

  29. My rating for this system is very poor! If you were lucky enough that it did ok for you then that’s great! I find no luck with using this method, plus the support is very poor to say the least. Just looking at all the bad reviews makes me feel like I was scammed, as did not know obviously how bad the system really was. Oh well, you live and learn!

  30. Wow!!! Some competitor is awfully upset with how well all their lottery software that works is. I”M NOT!!!

    I mean i came here to say that OMG!!!, i cannot believe it, finally!!! Lottery Software Products which work, i’m stunned tbh. I bought them all a few days ago and am already up $5,772, a small win but who is complaining right?

    Oh, right a competitor, obv, you can tell with the fake posts every 2 days that they have clearly have not used the software, if they think it is all standard stuff you get for free lmao.

    Which makes sense since these programs crush all the scam software i’ve used over the years into oblivion. Maybe they should stop being sore losers and use the products and make money that way like everyone else that uses them does?

    The reason i’m writing this is i came here a few days ago and yeah people love to complain, and some great reviews out there about this software, and most of all!!!! They do not hide behind a paywall!!! They are free to use with no time limit so ok I’ll check them out, and bada bing bada boom, 5 grand plus,
    Hell Yeah!!!

    I was just surprised at the regular every 2 days same time whining when I came back here to spread my great news, my amazing discovery.
    I won using their products so, i know they are the awesome sauce, and letting everyone else know they, ignore these fake posts.

    My truth should create some interesting replies 🙂

    Michigan Lottery here i come!!!

  31. Experimenting with this method was very disappointing…..find a better system to use, this one is just as people say….no better than just using quick picks or random numbers. Price too high $49.99/$29.99/$34.99 even free junk software worked slightly better.

  32. It’s not worth using it’s just for entertainment….basically like playing the quick picks randomly, and yes I won more with the quick picks than using this system, so wasted my money and time on nonsense system.

  33. What a waste of money. The only people winning with this system are those that are collecting the purchase price. So Sad! Plus no support at all.

  34. Nothing special about this program, all same stuff found totally free online. I will not recommend paying for same can find free, why they charge for this is shady.

  35. As an avid lottery player, it’s hard to beat Lottery Looper for results. The bottom line here is: When you want to win, you don’t have to worry about using the wrong product as long as you’re using Lottery Looper or their other products Lotto Logic and Lotto Effect it’s all about quality information and they make it so simple to understand.

  36. I am using the lotto logic pro, Can someone help me on how to automatically update the draw list, cause I don’t play lottery every day and I can’t keep track every time these a draw. Is that option available, if yes where? Plus where can I get video tutorials cause so far I can’t find it on YouTube. A video on how to use the software would be very helpful and attract audiences. If I really did know how to use it I would have probably gave a 5 star rating.

    • It’s one of the greatest things about this company, they want you to win. To win takes some effort, programs out there that claim ludicrous comments such as, I wasn’t even fished downloading and I won the lottery, or I won on my very first time, you’ll find offer fully updated databases, they just want your money, and are nothing more than random number generators usually. It would be the same as going to a kiosk, and give them 29.95 to generate you a random ticket. Crazy, especially watch out for the ones hiding behind a paywall, no download, no trial, just give them 29.95 and then I can try? Good luck with your 30 day money back guarantee lol

      I use all their programs every week and it only takes a second to keep it them up to date, but the bigger picture is everything is fresh in your mind, you’re familiar with the data, draws and numbers, I mean it’s why they have such a high success rate among their customers. There is no such thing as push button and win the lotto, like anything, the more you put in the more you get out.

  37. I don’t write reviews, but this lottery software definitely deserves it. I’ll try and be brief and to the point so we can all get back to playing ASAP!

    1. Main point: This is number one for a reason EASY TO USE it is so user-friendly, like they had the user in mind while developing it. I mean either anyone who reviews this bad is either a completely angry scam seller angry something that isn’t and work is available, or it’s so easy they are confused with the fact that is isn’t complex they are looking for the mumbo jumbo they are used to, and they can’t understand how easy it is to actually use. It does all the heavy lifting for sure, accept that and you’ll be well on your way to the winnings.

    2. Design: extremely well designed with loads of sensible functionality well beyond anything other programs offer. It isn’t pretentious and really fits well with the lottery games. Surprising well thought out when compared to other confusing messes out there.
    3. Actually works: its fluid and well executed, tactical reasoning for picking numbers challenge every lotto without maddening the user like the frustrating overly complex systems which simply don’t work, as in ever. is all I’m saying…)

    4. Basis: Believable motivations that make sense in game, native theories, and no made up smart numbers or some outlandish time bucket BS. it’s staggering the things scammers make up to sell you their snake oil programs.

    5. The real deal: not a scam in anyway, I understand this is down to individual and probability but I along with many, many others, we win with this program, and sry to be the massager but all other programs which I won’t mention, but you know ones with smart numbers and time buckets, they are scams with scam reviews. Something must be decent and Lottery Looper is it. Seriously without lotto logic, and lottery looper I agree, it’s a wasteland of scam ware options only.

    1. none.

  38. Great customer service, solid results, many wins already, used another program lotto pro for years and years like 5 years or more I guess and it never got even one number right draw after draw so out out of pure frustration I went looking, found this right away I was shocked at how well it turns out amazing numbers, over and over again, Great purchase! Thank you for this software.

    • Sara, I have Lottery Looper, the program appears okay, but understanding how to work the program is confusing, although I have explored youtube videos. It needs some commentary

      • I agree with you John 100%

        • I agree with John also!!!!

  39. Best lottery software there is next to Lotto Logic, my two cents. I can save everyone a lot of time and money, our lottery group has tried every system, program, theory and Lottery Looper is king of the castle. Constant wins, easy money.

  40. Dear buyers to be protected,
    After the disk cleaner removed the TEMP files in a directory, the wrong software advertisement installer blocked me from getting a bundle of lotto logic and lottery looper.
    The fact that I did not receive two separate versions. The timersoft support refused to refund me $39. Ripoff! Be aware, please STAY AWAY from the Timersoft’s lotto logic and lottery looper. Also, I asked MyCommerce customer service to close their scam business account.

    Disappointed buyer

  41. I normally never comment or review, but i will stop and take the time to right wrongs where i can and the flat out lies i’m reading here i must take a couple minutes as myself needed their support and they went above and beyond helping me out. As a thank you for all the extra help and hard work, and I’m certainly righting this wrong.

    The first fairly tail i read was zero support, that’s where i’m like why such anger? And why lie? This is the only non-scam lottery software provider there is, no discussion, they are here for us whom love playing the lottery and is a hobby for us. Without them we would have no software to play with.

    I can only assume the anger come from other scammers po’d they sell a onetime fee lottery software solution that actually works and works well. There is no other reason for such hostility, clear concise instructions provided if you can read and comprehend, they even provide video instructions, and the software literally works.

    I never could ever understand the laughing all the way to the bank fibs as well, makes no sense at all. So, Bill Gates should give all his software away free? I mean, really? Seriously? is that something you honestly don’t understand that it costs money to run? Or just more angry scammers?

  42. Absolute crap with zero support and poorly written instructions. The only winner here is the lazy ass person selling it.

  43. Out of 10 games I used this software on it only gave me 2 correct numbers – once. It’s basically like playing the quick picks, I won more with the quick picks

    • 2 is not a bad start considering everything out there gives you zero, i know i’ve tried it all, this the only one which actually works.

      Keep it up you’re on the right track, also take the time to learn how to use it properly. You used it once and got 2 numbers without even learning how to use it, that there shows you the power behind Lottery Looper, fyi there is no such thing as click a button you win? Once you get past that a realize a little homework is required, you can join me in the winner’s circle.

  44. Haha Angry Frank… Angry much? lol 🙂

    Of all the available options this is the only one i feel which isn’t trying to just make a fast buck, there are some very reliable reviews available right from their front page which take you to them, and i agree with them, this is the only lottery software which turns out decent results.

    It’s all common based logic, not magical hocus pocus bs, or the every classic scam “smart numbers” which is like it goes out of it’s way to give you the absolute worst results it can possible give. Smart numbers based on what? Like they feel we are so stupid to believe we click a button and win the lottery. lol

    I’ll stick with Lottery Looper, yes i still use Lotto Logic from time to time, but i’ll stick with developers who treat us like people and not stupid idiots as they try and earn a fast buck thank you very much. They don’t even supply databases, why, umm because they want us to win, there’s more to it than just clicking a button, right out of the gate they stand firm on this. Thanks You!

    I dunno I’m just grateful there is a developer out that that respects us and our craft, hobby.

  45. They will take your money and run. I luckily purchased it with PayPal and I’m glad I did.
    After using this pile of clumsy colored balloons and found it will not even print my choices. I filed a complaint with PayPal and they didn’t even respond. So I got my money back. I should have realized something was wrong when I read their latest reviews and phony raves. The last comment anyone made was in 2014.

  46. Seriously i was digging this site, thought it was a place i could trust, that was all thrown into question when i saw a 3 out of 10?
    Lottery Looper is the defacto standard for straight forward no BS lottery analysis software tool.
    This is where your review completely fell apart for me; “Why would you want to “explore your data on the fly”?”
    All that left me wondering was did you even use the software? Or just throw up some page review, do you even know what lottery software is and what it is used for? How could someone reviewing lottery tools not even know the significance of such a feature? Very sad review.

  47. I do not agree with Jane. This is an excellent software for analyzing past results. In Everest lotto draw there are hot and cold numbers, overdue numbers, adjacent numbers etc. With proper analysis tool you can satellite eliminate a few of the numbers to improve your chances.

  48. I laughed when I read this review and then went in and took a look myself. What a waste of money. The only people winning here are those that are depositing the purchase price. I don’t believe in hot and cold numbers much less predictive software. I’ll play my regular numbers thank you.


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Lottery Looper Exposed — Are You Loopy If You Buy This Software?

Lottery Looper Exposed

Lottery Looper Review

Looking at Lottery Looper software, for once the site isn’t covered with all kinds of guarantees that you are going to win big using it. This is a software program that predicts what the best numbers would be for the next lottery based on past performance. That’s frequencies of different combinations for different lotteries. They say it will work for any of the lotteries played internationally. Is that really it?

Lottery Looper & What They Offer

This is predictive software based on prior results of lotteries. You can change the range of what you are analyzing. They do say they offer a few other key things. Why would you want to “explore your data on the fly”? There is color coded numbers that identify “what’s hot and what’s not”, an auto calendar that you can check your tickets through, a single display and something about a built in browser which makes it easy to enter data.

Numbers, Numbers and More Numbers

Someone put a lot of work in inputting all the different combos for lotteries at Lottery Looper but how does it update? They say this is a one-time download. So what happens a month from now? I guess maybe that browser info means you are the one who is going to be updating the data information. Okay, they say that this software is already “extremely feature rich” but that they are “not done yet”. But there is no information on whether any changes will be a free upgrade or simply cost more.

What Does Lottery Looper Cost?

Ah, the million dollar question! Lottery Looper is currently offering a launch special of 40% off the “final price” of $49.99. So theoretically that’s $29.99. But – yes the big but – there is an additional “Regnow service fee” which is not explained. Click on “order now” and the price is actually $34.95. We asked the question on what is the actual “Regnow service fee” and they said that it depends on where you are ordering from plus there are taxes applicable. Purchases can be made online “instantly” or you can place your order by telephone. Not sure why anyone would do that given the software has to be downloaded.

Get in Touch with Lottery Looper

There is a toll free number for calling in North America and an Issaquah, Washington State regular number for calling from the rest of the world. There is an email address and they do get back to you within twenty four hours. There is no snail mail address and there is no information on who these folks are or who actually designed this software. It is owned by who also advertise another program called “Lotto Logic Lottery Software”. It doesn’t look like it offers anything more.

Check Out Lottery Looper’s Demos

Looking at their YouTube demo video, I did like all the colored balls blinking all over the place, but it certainly didn’t give me a better understanding of how it worked. It just seemed to be more confusing as I was the one that would have to decide which ranges would give me the best combinations.

Would you mind rating Lottery Looper?

Would You Buy Lottery Looper?

Seriously? If you’re into playing with numbers, then Lottery Looper might be the software program for you. But it’s pretty agreed that with any lottery that uses bouncing balls, the randomness of the numbers means that there is as much chance as the same numbers coming up two times in a row as software that can tell you what the best numbers are. The other thing is just how good is this? If it was so good, why isn’t the designer laughing all the way to the bank with his or her amazing wins.

Final verdict: 3 out of 10 stars.

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