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Description: Mr Lottery claims he specializes in picking the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery numbers for any state.

Mr Lottery System Exposed — A New Twist in the World of Lottery! What In The World Is This?!

Mr Lottery System

Mr Lottery System Review

When I first heard about Mr Lottery System, I thought, well here’s another site I’d have to review, and what a task it would be… but here’s the good news. There’s no site. Yeah, it’s a free blog that is administered by David Laster, who I assume calls himself Mr Lottery. Here’s what I saw on the blog,

“Weekly blog listing of lottery numbers posted by David Laster aka Mr Lottery 15, Dr Lottery and also simply Mr Lottery. Addition, Rundown and Subtraction are posted every Sunday morning. Other numbers posted throughout the week. Lottery Numbers, Cash 3, Cash 4, Helping people realize their dreams through the Pick 3 lottery since 1997 Lottery Results “Mr Lottery Turns Your Ticket Into Cash”…”

Now what surprises me is that Mr Lottery System has been available since 1997, how come it isn’t as popular as other lottery software? Maybe the guy wants to keep things simple, or perhaps none of the tickets were turned into cash!

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What Mr Lottery System Is All About

It’s about cheap marketing stunts that include tons of “call today” and a million question marks in one post. I find that annoying, I feel like the one writing this must doubt himself so much because almost every sentence ends with a question mark instead of a full stop. See? That’s what I mean. Apart from that, he keeps publishing his email address asking people to email him, and his phone number for people to call. It’s slightly weird why a lot of valuable information is not disclosed on his site. At the end of every post, he says,

!!! Big Money!!! Big Money!!!
“Mr Lottery Turns Your Ticket Into Cash”

Seriously, What Is It About?

From what I have read so far, he posts winning numbers along with an unrelated video clip of Janet Jackson and is almost getting ready for a big holiday – thanks to the people who secretly bought his product. He is quoted saying,

“My business offers great service. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and will do what it takes to make our customers happy. The buck stops here so there are no rules getting in the way of our ability to get customers exactly what they need. **Play at your own risk-entertainment purposes only”!!!”

This means that he is charging for these services, so they’re not FREE, I repeat they’re not FREE! My question is that how can you claim that you strive for 100% customer satisfaction when you don’t provide any information at all about yourself or the kind of cost you charge? Now, remember shallow waters are always deep.

My 3 Cents on Mr Lottery System

If you want to try a product, what it is that you check for first? Reviews. If there are no reviews, then you see if the price is small enough not to matter, what if there’s no price? What kind of customer service can you expect from a business that doesn’t disclose important information like the details about the creator or system, the case studies of people who used it, testimonials, and price? In my experience, chuck this and move on. You might want to give it a try, but I’m sure that it’s not going to work because it just won’t.

Why You Should Register with Mr Lottery System


To receive weekly updates on lottery numbers

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Mr Lottery System


Does not provide any information about the creator or system.

It is unclear how much the services cost.

There are no reviews or testimonials available.

The disclaimer states that the services are for entertainment purposes only.

Overall, the lack of transparency and information makes it difficult to trust the validity and effectiveness of Mr Lottery System.

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Is Mr Lottery System Legit?

Mr Lottery System is a blog administered by a person named David Laster. The blog posts winning lottery numbers and includes a disclaimer stating that the services are for entertainment purposes only. However, it is unclear how much the services cost and there is no information provided about the creator or system. Given the lack of transparency and lack of information, it is advisable to avoid using Mr Lottery System and look for other, more reliable options.

  1. He is a con artist and a liar and I have the emails to prove it. He will not challenge me on this because David Laster aka Mr. Lottery knows that I have the truth in my emails. Similar to my comment above.

    Money money money is all he wants from you…

  2. The good thing about this all is that I can play my own numbers!!! I really do not like giving out numbers! It is really not worth the headaches! So people are very stupid when it comes to playing the lottery and if I am spending that time tracking my system and not spending that time dealing all the different personality is time well spent!
    I goo down through the years site the many time that I help my thousand of lottery players win money. I know that if you really take my book a follow the instructions that I give you can win lots of money. It is easy for those that have not studied my system or seem my system to criticize me and my system. These people are the naysayers that attack any and everybody because he lives very small and unhappy lives!

  3. I noted the date on the article and yakkety back and forth and couldn’t resist going in to see what the site was like. Are you serious? What a mess of a site! What exactly are people supposed to do with this stuff? What are addition, rundown and subtraction numbers?

    • More Lottery Numbers Food for Thought!!!
      980 in Ga on Cash 3!!!
      A general rule of thumb is that any time that you get serial numbers- you usually get another serial number or doubles or both within three days! With that being said and 980 a series the double that I like are 373-484-595-606-717-828-939 040-151-262, and the mates are 737-848-959-060-171-282-393-404-515-626… play the all straight box? The 484-595 and the 848-959 are the ones that stand out so they deserve extra play on each of them? The series that I like are 109 and 190. These rules apply to any and all states! Check it out?
      Serial numbers are numbers that you can line up in sequence such as 123-234-456, etc. But they don’t have to be in that particular order!

  4. It is amazing that some that is all of 25 years of age can claim to call something that she know nothing about a scam. I would go so far to doubt if you even know what a rundown consist of. I dealing with and playing he lottery before you was even born. In addition to that I have done over ten years of research in developing my system. How do you call a system scam that you have never seen. You have not purchase anything from me. Therefore, I know for a fact that you have seen my system to make or draw any conclusion about it. But we will wait until my books are published next year and we finish this discussion. Then we will allow the public judge and determine for themselves. I will at the point hold lectures and workshops for any of those that truly want to learn my system for themselves. Stay tune for the final word.

    • Alright! Now, this is what I call a winner! Thank you for getting back to me, in a not so calm way. But that’s okay 🙂 Okay are you saying 25 years old shouldn’t be commenting on things that hit their nerves? Or are you saying 25 years old are still toddlers in the world of lottery? Clearly, your post needs to be edited, but I firmly believe that if a person is wrong, and when he knows he is wrong, he will explode – much like you did up here!

      So I’ll leave you to fantasize about what I know and what I don’t, clearly, it doesn’t matter to me 🙂 You said, “How do you call a system scam that you have never seen.” <<< That's exactly why I think it's scam. Why is there no LIVE proof on air to show that it’s not? You want people to buy your software only to repent later on? Why don't you step up and show the world what your software is all about? Why not come out live, pick a volunteer and let's see, let the whole world see your software works. Does this sound like a plan to you?

      Nevertheless, I am hoping you will invite me to your workshops and lectures and if it really does what it claims to do, then I'll post a note about it. Deal? I can smell scam so you'd better put your best move forward!

      I look forward to seeing more from you! Cheers!

    • Thanksgiving Day 1999!!
      It was Thanksgiving Day Nov. 25, 1999 and was a day similar today and I had move from Macon Ga. back to my hometown of Americus Ga. During that time would call back to the radio WIBB station every week day morning during The Doug Bank’s Morning Show at 8: 00 am and during the break I would give out the Cash 3 Lottery numbers! At that time the station had roughty 25,000 to 27,000 daily listners! On that morning I just happen to call in I did not even know if I would be on the air. But like usual the DJ Greg Roberts anwser the phone and said hold on a minute Mr. Lottery let me do this commercial and I will be right back with you? And he came back on and introduced me by saying alright every body you know what time it is and he in on the phone right now!!! Mr. Lottery!!! what are the lucky numbers for today? And I came on and I said this! As every body knows that tomorrow is Black Friday! And I am going to send everyone shopping tomorrow! Therefore: I want everyone to pay 000 Midday today? And the rest is lottery History because 000 hit that Midday! The DJ even won him $500! I had a Lady in Americus to hunt me down to give me $50.00 and she did not even know me but she ask around found me! She said I had been such a blessing to her and her family that she was able to buy all hers Christmas gifts! And I want you to know that until this day payout that day for 000 has not been broken!!!

      11/25/1999 EVENING
      7 5 4

      11/25/1999 MIDDAY
      0 0 0


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