the Lott App

the Lott App

Bad 1.2 | Reviews (11)
Price: Free
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: This application, available for iPhones and Androids, brings together official Australia lottery playing and betting sites for Australian lotteries.
  1. Can’t open the app – app won’t open

    Houston YOU have a problem

  2. 5 numbers & the supplementary, I only received $150-00 payout in $60,000,000. Yes it’s a rip off

  3. Change my number!
    I use lott app to play, the way I play was ‘mark your number’, then ‘fast select unfilled’ I buy it when numbers look alright. The thing is, when I check my ticket, the number is different from when I bought it. And those numbers are like 1,2,3,4,5,6,six increasing numbers, everyone knows increasing numbers are a lot less possibility to win.

  4. Can’t verify my account, made numerous calls to their help centre… no answer.

  5. An absolute waste of time. I have a lot of trouble getting the app to open, let alone buy a ticket or check my numbers. I’ve decided going to a proper Lotto agent is far less irritating and annoying. It has lost me

  6. First problem:
    Account verification: I did ring customer care 3 times and they told me my account verified. But then it is not verified.

    2nd problem:
    Money withdrawal: you won’t be able to withdraw the money if account not verified.

    3rd problem: No matter how much balance you have in your account, it will turn into $0. Reason is simple, they just take your money away. The Lott does not steal in a smart way, they will just steal within a few days u topped up your account. coz they think human is dumb and got no memory?

  7. Too many hidden costs that I wasn’t aware of playing online. First was charged $2.50 by bank for each credit card transaction, apparently, this is deemed a cash advance for gambling (how this is different from paying at newsagent beats me), then another 20c on the cash advance fee again. Not worth it for casual lottery playing, so trying to withdraw fund to my bank savings account, was advised there’s a $1 fee to “confirm” a credit card that was used earlier to pay for 2 transactions. WTF! How withdrawing funds to savings account has anything to do with confirming credit card beats me.

    • Sounds like an issue with your bank, not the app.

  8. I’ve never dealt with such a sham. Can never get them by phone. Have emailed and no response. It’s a total joke. My money and I can’t even withdraw it. Will be deleting this pathetic app and going through ozlotteries app. I advise all customers to do the same. So much better. Boycott the Lott.
    And I am contacting the ACCC.

  9. How this app and website is legal! I have been trying to verify my identity to claim my winnings but it won’t let me! Try to call and no one answers and have sent numerous emails and still no reply! Cannot believe this is an Australian company!

  10. They will change your numbers if you win to minimize your payout. Screenshot all of your tickets once you buy them!! Changed my 22 to a 23 and missed out on $40 and thought I wouldn’t notice

    • BS! You get a confirmation email once your purchase is confirmed and all your chosen numbser are emailed to you. There is no way they change numbers post the draw.


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the Lott App Exposed — Is It Worth to Download?

the Lott App Exposed

the Lott App Review

the Lott App brings together Tatts Online, UBET (Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory, and Tasmania), and Golden Casket (Queensland) all on one application for playing Australian lotteries online. This application is available for both iPhones and androids though not through the usual google play store. People need to go to the web link and then click download. It’s all very straightforward and in most cases, you’ll set it up with your existing account with Tatts, UBET or Golden Casket.

What Is the Cost?

The application itself is free. Playing Aussie lotteries online at costs. Each of the different lotteries has different prices. This also goes for who can play here. Some of the Aussie lotteries have restrictions on who can play depending on the state you are in. Paying and playing here at theLott also means you have to be in Aussie.

How Does It Work?

Simply download the app and sign in. Most of the time you’ll use your registered information that you’ve used to register at Tatts, UBET and Golden Casket. This is simply an application for you to be able to access playing Aussie lotteries online through your Smart Phone. Okay, there are a few other app options including “PicturePick – Lotto Number Generator” and “the Lott Lite – Lotto Results”.

Terms and Conditions

Now theLott terms and conditions is a serious read. One of the issues is that they break down the different rules and regulations depending on who you are playing through ie Tatts versus UBET versus Golden Casket. Even for Australian players, there are specific rules on each of the lotteries offered on whether you can play depending on the state you are in. If you are already familiar with the different Aussie lotteries, then that’s pretty easy. If you’re not

Who Is theLott?

Customer service is open seven days a week from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time). There is a toll-free number for Aussies and an international dial phone number for people elsewhere. There are also a snail mail and email address. There is an auto-reply on the email address which is nice to see. Keep in mind there can be a delay in email responses. This is an official site run by professionals linked into the registered companies in Australia. Plus, the lotteries you can access are official. Okay UBET is a little different, but if that’s the way you like to play, go for it.

Would you mind rating the Lott App?

Should You Download the Lott App?

If you’re in Australia and want to play Aussie lotteries through your Smart Phone, this looks like a good platform. The guys that run it are the pros and know what they are doing. The only frustration is that you’ve got to be in Aussie to do this plus there are certain lottery games that you’ve also got to be in the correct state. Make sure you check out the specific terms and conditions of each lottery to make sure you can play

Final verdict: 8 out of 10 stars.

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