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Description: WinSlips is a web-based application. According to its developer Stefan Vandevelde, there is no software required to use WinSlips, nothing is installed on your computer. Purchasing your membership gives you access to the site.

WinSlips Exposed — Give WinSlips the Slip

WinSlips Lottery System

WinSlips Review

According to Stefan Vandevelde, WinSlips is the world’s best lottery system. It’s online software that players use through their browser. According to Stefan, it is “powered by an enhanced version of two lottery systems previously known as the One Ticket System and the Inverted Lottery System.” It doesn’t claim to guarantee that big mega jackpot win but claims to make it a lot easier for you to pick a possible jackpot ticket. So, how do they do it?

How WinSlips Works?

This is a web-based application. Stefan says there is no software required to use WinSlips, and nothing is installed on your computer. Purchasing your membership gives you access to the site. Now I must confess I roll my eyes when someone uses terminology like “logging into a secret page.” There is no way to find out how exactly it works until you take a guest membership – which is free. I don’t like the idea of providing my email address to get more information, but do not know who they are. I get nervous when anyone uses terms like “hidden information” and “uncensored screenshots” to dress up what looks like simply another lottery system.

Buying Into

Players can choose Econo (30 days), Standard (90 days), Premium (180 days), or Ultimate (360 days) plans, with options on auto-renewal. Just beware if you decide to go past the guest membership on whether the auto-renewal is checked or not. I did chuckle on the Ultimate Plan because, with their $10 off coupon, it’s about the same price as their premium. These kinds of sales gimmicks always make me edgy.

Lottery Games that Work with Winslips

Stefan underlines that his lottery system is not limited to US Powerball and provides a page of different lotteries it will work with. It won’t work with Pick 3 lotteries but deals with most of the regular lotteries like Canada’s Lotto Max and EuroMillions. It was interesting to see such a comprehensive list of where lotteries are currently being played. I wish there was a more comprehensive list of how to get in touch with Stefan.

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Customer Service

There is no customer service, no phone numbers, addresses, or email addresses get in touch with Stefan and – there is simply an online form. I would not have been surprised if the players were simply purchasing a book or software. But the fact that you are playing online through their provider/server, I would need to know a lot more about WinSlips. Then again, part of me wondered if this was just a way to get email addresses. Stefan even goes so far as to say he is not sure how soon he will be able to answer and blames this on time zones.

Who is Stefan?

Stefan Vandevelde is originally from Belgium and currently residing in the Canary Islands. He says he has written heaps of books on lottery systems and that WinSlips is the culmination of a year of working on numbers. It would have helped the legitimacy of his site if he showed something he had purchased as a result of the system. Then again, maybe that’s one of the “secret pages” that players get access to once they get a guest membership.

What About Lottery Systems

There are a lot of arguments on lottery systems – whether they increase your odds of winning. Most agree that some of them can increase regular small wins, especially a steady practice of purchasing tickets, but no system exists that can ensure you win that big mega jackpot. Stefan doesn’t claim this, but he does say that winning isn’t just luck.

Why You Should Register with WinSlips



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Too Little Info

Where is Stefan?

No customer service

Would you mind rating WinSlips?

Is WinSlips Legit?

If I am going to consider a lottery system to help play lotteries to win, I certainly want more information from the start. I don’t want to be teased with taglines as WinSlips uses – oh sorry, I should say Stefan.

Our team gives WinSlips a thumbs down. If you want to learn more about lottery systems check out our other articles. Some lottery systems can increase your odds of winning, but sorry Stefan, it does take some luck!

  1. 100% SCAM! Save your money. You are better off just getting a quick pick or easy pick generated by a lottery dispensary. Tried this system from top to bottom and it is impossible to provide winning numbers to play the lottery for any substantial wins. The Arthur of this system claims in his marketing emails that all you have to do is select from his lottery platform system the lottery game you would like to play and next press a button to receive the most probable group of numbers for a guaranteed win and its not at all true… not even close to being true.

  2. Being using it for 2 years and it’s rubbish. Claims you will have 5 of the winning numbers in every game you play using the invert method, never happened for me. Won a couple of small wins like £3, £10 but don’t waste your money it’s rubbish.

  3. This is just a cash grab. He says things like it’s “A RADICAL LOTTERY SYSTEM, COZ …IT WORKS ALL THE TIME”, “Zero Failures Since 2011″. and ” the NEXT winning combo is in there. G.U.A.R.A.N.T.E.E.D.” just to get the guaranteed word in there. I wrote him about that and he shot back alot of doubletalk. I’ve been playing through his system on a number of lotteries, online and offline, for about 7 months now, and I haven’t won a thing. His promotional web page and “system” are just a unique way of taking desperate people’s money. I am on a disability income, and he sucked me into giving him my last $50. I was a fool. Don’t be one, and don’t waste your hard-earned cash. This is just another way of doing a quick-pick, and no one can predict the future!!!

  4. According to Stefan Vandevelde, WinSlips is the world’s best lottery system. Totally untrue a complete waste of money, anyone can eliminate a set of numbers to reduce the pool. Once on the email system you will be spammed daily and the unsubscribe does not work.

  5. You can use his software all around the world on any lottery and whether you use your numbers or let the software choose for you a winning ticket you will get! I’ve been a Member for two years now and Stefan answers you per e mail or WhatsApp fast if you need any help !


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