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Price: $39.95 for 360 Days
Trial: Guest Membership
Guarantee: 24 Hours
Description: WinSlips is a web-based application. According to its developer Stefan Vandevelde, there is no software required to use WinSlips, nothing is installed on your computer. Purchasing your membership gives you access to the site.
  1. It does not work in Florida!

  2. Sure, it is something different. And sure, the site is built in a way that sells.
    But take this from someone who (shamefully) paid money for this: you will have as much luck playing quick picks.

  3. I’ve purchased this software in May 2020 and it is true that the winning combinations are always in one of the panels since a lot of numbers are taken out for you. However, if the creator could allow the users to lock more numbers than just 4 it’ll make this software more likable. What I believe is that people need to do their own strategies to come up with their own numbers and use these softwares that allow you to put them in

  4. I was going to go for the Ultimate, but with all that was written, he can keep his programming, I will not Invest in His Dream, as it will not make me any money.

  5. Needs a free trial of a week… if you win for a few bucks the winnings can pay for the year… who wouldn’t try it longer if the trial proved to be valuable?

  6. I wasted my money this does not work at all, random quick pick is much better

  7. The web page offered triple your money back if you try it for 30 days and it does not win so what the heck I thought I couldn’t lose. Tried it for a month and did not win. In fact the system usually gave me only one or none of the winning numbers. I would have been better off picking any other numbers. After a month I asked for triple my money back but he only wants to refund the original cost and not triple the amount. He claims the system did not fail me??? What? No winners, how is that not a failure. I would suggest you stay away and ignore the guarantees. Did not give me any winning tickets.

  8. Never won over $3.00 in any given game for the last year

  9. Bought it, tried it, and realized that it was just a position of number predictor in the column and rows of the lottery sheet. IOW, if you have 12 rows and 4 columns on the lottery sheet where you fill out numbers, it will “predict” which rows and columns will hit the most, with the random number pick on those rows and columns. I must admit, it was a “new” idea, and made sense to me at the time of purchase, but then I thought more about it and it basically boils down to “the number” just being on that row/column of the sheet. So it’s not really about the position but the number. The lottery balls or RNG generator could care less about the numbers position on the sheet – we know its all random, but the selling point with the ole adage “makes your odds better” works for the sales page only.

    Quick Picks IMO IS THE Way to go on any lottery, the randomness is no better than any lottery system on the planet unless you get a “feeling” for certain numbers, then play them –

    Signed, Lottery Loser since forever

  10. Does not work for Florida Lottery games Fantasy 5, Lucky Money, Cash4Life or national games PowerBall and Mega Millions. Tried playing each draw of these games for 3 months and was lucky to match 1 number here and there, occasionally 2 numbers. No earnings worth purchasing the program.

    • I have found the same. Nothing works in FL. Tried everything you mentioned and got the same as you

  11. I purchased the yearly plan and I had won some 3’s and one time a 4 number prize. Unfortunately, Hayan Superstorm (Yolanda) hit the Island of Leyte and Samar, damaged properties, infrastructure and loss of over 7,000 lives and electricity was not restored until about 4 months. So, I was not able to continue using WinslipSystem.

  12. I purchased the system and have used it off and on for about a year. I have won enough to cover the purchase price with a little left over.

  13. I’ve followed this system for a while, never bought it for the reasons explained by others. Steve touts its the best program ever, but he never really explains how this system works, its kinda well you have to “buy it to know the system” sorry, I’m not falling for that one, I don’t see his system as being anything other than pick random numbers in random columns wow!

  14. I bought the ‘ultimate plan’ because in Holland they don’t offer the other options. I’ve now tried it for 8 weeks with 6 lottery tickets twice a week for Euromillions, and I haven’t won anything. Not even a small price. So it’s a SCAM!

  15. Use a free Quick Pick tool and don’t waste your money. Yet another piece of garbage.

  16. You never bought it…so you don’t really know.

  17. How can the writer of this blog comment on this program if they never used it. Buy it and try it then you can really comment on it!

  18. I purchased winslips for a 90 day period and played $100-$200 a week through the system. For the 90 day period. I can tell you it’s like a quick pick machine (system). I do not plan on renewing my subscription. I most likely would have won more, letting my lotto retailers computer pick my numbers. I hope this help.


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WinSlips Exposed — Give WinSlips the Slip

WinSlips Lottery System

WinSlips Review

According to Stefan Vandevelde, WinSlips is the world’s best lottery system. It’s online software that players use through their browser. According to Stefan, it is “powered by an enhanced version of two lottery systems previously known as the One Ticket System and the Inverted Lottery System.” It doesn’t claim to guarantee that big mega jackpot win but claims to make it a lot easier for you to pick a possible jackpot ticket. So, how do they do it?

How WinSlips Works?

This is a web-based application. Stefan says there is no software required to use WinSlips, and nothing is installed on your computer. Purchasing your membership gives you access to the site. Now I must confess I roll my eyes when someone uses terminology like “logging into a secret page.” There is no way to find out how exactly it works until you take a guest membership – which is free. I don’t like the idea of providing my email address to get more information, but do not know who they are. I get nervous when anyone uses terms like “hidden information” and “uncensored screenshots” to dress up what looks like simply another lottery system.

Buying Into

Players can choose Econo (30 days), Standard (90 days), Premium (180 days) or Ultimate (360 days) plans, with options on auto renewal. Just beware if you decide to go past the guest membership on whether the auto-renewal is checked or not. I did chuckle on the Ultimate Plan because, with their $10 off coupon, it’s about the same price as their premium. These kinds of sales gimmicks always make me edgy.

Lottery Games that Work with Winslips

Stefan underlines that his lottery system is not limited to US Powerball and provides a page of different lotteries it will work with. It won’t work with Pick 3 lotteries but deals with most of the regular lotteries like Canada’s Lotto Max and EuroMillions. It was interesting to see such a comprehensive list of where lotteries are currently being played. I wish there was a more comprehensive list of how to get in touch with Stefan.

Customer Service

There is no customer service, no phone numbers, addresses or email addresses get in touch with Stefan and – there is simply an online form. I would not have been surprised if the players were simply purchasing a book or software. But the fact that you are playing online through their provider/server, I would need to know a lot more about WinSlips. Then again, part of me wondered if this was just a way to get email addresses. Stefan even goes so far to say he is not sure how soon he will be able to answer and blames this on time zones.

Who is Stefan?

Stefan Vandevelde is originally from Belgium and currently residing in the Canary Islands. He says he has written heaps of books on lottery systems and that WinSlips is the culmination of a year of working on numbers. It would have helped the legitimacy of his site if he showed something he had purchased as a result of the system. Then again, maybe that’s one of the “secret pages” that players get access to once they get a guest membership.

What About Lottery Systems

There are a lot of arguments on lottery systems – whether they increase your odds of winning. Most agree that some of them can increase regular small wins especially a steady practice of purchasing tickets, but no system exists that can ensure you win that big mega jackpot. Stefan doesn’t claim this, but he does say that winning isn’t just luck.

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The Bottom Line

If I am going to consider a lottery system to help play lotteries to win, I certainly want more information from the start. I don’t want to be teased with taglines as WinSlips uses – oh sorry, I should say Stefan.




Too Little Info

Where is Stefan?

Our team gives WinSlips a thumbs down. If you want to learn more about lottery systems check out our other articles. Some lottery systems can increase your odds of winning, but sorry Stefan, it does take some luck!