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Price: Free
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: aka AutoLotto is an app you can use on your smart phone for purchasing lottery tickets and checking your tickets. Exposed — The Former AutoLotto Exposed Review is supposed to be a place where you can buy lottery tickets and check your results. At this point, it only shows the results of five US lotteries – Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Lucky For Life, and Cash4Life. Reading through the complaints, it looks like it definitely needs to go back to the drawing board. – What Does It Do?

This app is supposed to make life easy for checking your lottery results and buying tickets. Basically, you’re supposed to be able to click a pic of your ticket and the app will check whether you’ve won. It seems though, that since the last time they updated their system, it hasn’t worked correctly. The terms and conditions go on about the rules and regulations of buying lottery tickets here, but I couldn’t figure out what to click on to do so.

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What Is the Cost?

The app is free and can be downloaded online or on your computer. You can credit your account using Visa, MasterCard, a linked bank account, or Apple Pay. Winnings can also be withdrawn using these payment options mentioned.

How Does It Work?

To download, simply type your telephone number in and click “get the app”. Keep in mind when you do this, needs to access on your phone your device & app history, identity, contact information, location, SMS, photos, media and files, camera. You need to give them permission to do this. Some apps need this access to operate and some access information that is not necessary – they are data mining. I don’t see why needs to access my device and app history.

Terms and Conditions

To use this app, you have to be physically located somewhere in the United States and 18 years of age or older. Interesting that it says ‘physically there’ versus a resident. You can only have one account. If you’re using this site to play lotteries, please note that you have 30 days from the point notifies you to collect your winnings.

Who Is

There is no information on who actually owns and operates There is a snail mail address for them in San Francisco buried in their terms and conditions and a couple of email addresses. There are also a couple of email addresses and an app chat to talk to these folks. It appears that was originally called
From the complaints, they definitely had glitches when they made the change.

Why You Should Register With


Offers decent American Lotteries

Has an app

Why You Shouldn’t Register With


No welcome bonuses

Not so many lotteries

Would you mind rating

Is Legit?

Reading through the complaints on their app page through Google Play, I wonder why anyone would go any further. The glitches seem to range from not being able to scan your ticket to check your numbers to simply can’t purchase tickets on the site anymore. It sounds like the original app by AutoLotto worked pretty well, but since they updated their program, it’s gone to the dogs. There also seem to be huge time delays in responding to complaints.

Final verdict: 2 out of 10 stars.

  1. I tried the app and on my third purchase, I received a confirmation of the purchase and later a notification that I won $30. I have sent repeated emails and have not had a reply or any money put into my account.
    Now the app does not show my ticket at all but I have the email confirmation and a photo of the winning notification.
    I don’t trust the app and plan to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General

    • I had this same issue! I read on their site that they purchase and redeem the tickets and credit your account balance on the app. If the money is not making it to the profile account, who is actually keeping the money? Almost like it is using other people to buy tickets and pocketing the winnings.

  2. Keeps rejecting my CC. I’ll be watching closely to see if it’s a scam. I’ll stick to the OH Lottery app put out by the state. Hopefully, I won’t have to get new CCs

  3. There’s no info on how and when you get your winnings

    No one returns emails

  4. I used this app for a week, had all kinds of problems and you can not buy Lotto tickets on it.


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