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LottoMatic Exposed — Find Your Lucky Numbers!

LottoMatic Exposed

LottoMatic Review

Most lottery systems and tools offered online are plastered with the statements of the experience of the people who designed it, what they have achieved and how they will help you win. Not at! They simply present their lotto tools and list the different ways you can use their systems to help you win. It is all very straightforward – that is until you get into the specific lotteries and then look out – this just might take a mathematician to understand. and What They Offer has four different levels of membership on using tools to select the best numbers for winning. “Free” membership offers an advanced lotto wheeling system for up to 10 numbers, lotto number analyzer for up to 10 lotto numbers, unlimited history records for lotto charts and stats, access to lotto numbers as picture, lotto results overlay and lotto results as strings. Oh – and they do say “ads may show up inside your lotto tools”. LottoMatic 15 costs $2.99 per month increases your wheeling and lotto analyzer up to 15 lotto numbers. LottoMatic 20 costs $4.99 per month and increases both to 20 lotto numbers. LottoMatic 25 costs $6.99 per month and increases your wheeling up to 25 numbers and an unlimited number in analyzing. Oh – and membership with Lottomatic 20 and 25 means no ads will show up within your lotto tools.

LottoMatic Linking to Buying Tickets

Click on any of the lottery results advertised and the site opens to a new page with an updated version of the wheeling and other lotto tools including suggested numbers. They give two examples based on previous draws on what a group of tickets would have cost and what a player would have won. Well, hindsight is 20/20 right. Then they give a bunch of examples that they say are good combinations. Choose one or more of the suggested lottery ticket combinations and it takes you direct to owned by The Lotter Enterprises Limited out of the UK.

Wheeling Options at

Okay, it is kinda cool to pop into the different ways they have analyzed what LottoMatic recommends as your best chances to win. Top of the page in the list of numbers to pick is a second little number in the corner that says how many times it has been drawn in the last 100 draws. Then I started getting lost. There are a bunch of different options on how you are going to choose your system of playing. I don’t think you have to be a mathematician at the same time, choosing whether you are going to filter by even/odd numbers or “key and exclude” numbers were beyond me.

LottoMatic and Customer Service

One of the disappointments on this site is the fact that the only way to talk to these guys is through their online form and forum. There are no phone numbers, no email addresses and no live chat. Heck, there is no actual information on who they are or where they are. They have links to a bunch of social media and a blog site once you are a member – and logged in. Guess that’s when you might find out more about who they are.

Are You Going to Join

I’ve got reservations on any lottery system or tool though I do appreciate the fact that these guys don’t plaster their site with all kinds of claims and guarantees. At the same time, with the randomness of the whole concept of lotteries, we haven’t actually found any system that really makes a difference. There are systems that can increase the probability odds and this does look like one of them. Personally, I just couldn’t get my head around the different options!

Final verdict: 8 out of 10 stars.

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