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Price: $9.95 per month
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: LottOdds is a lottery software program aimed at helping you pick the numbers that will supposedly increase your odds of winning.
  1. Dave, You won’t answer my emails.
    And continue to extract that $9 out of my account, knowing that I want to cancel. Because I have no access to the prediction feature.

    • I apologize. But if you sent it to my private email, I do not open those and they should not be sent to my private email. You need to use the Help email or post on the lottodds forum. If you did not receive access to the site you paid for no problem, we can issue a refund. Just use the site’s email or forum to post the request.

  2. Had no luck with this system at all! Reports on say all is a scam!

  3. It’s the best. I’ve learned so much since joining in 2016. And have won big also. Like someone send; it’s a learning site. Get your strategy and play at a local store.
    Get of the issue of illegal gambling and play at the store. Awesome Lottodds player!! And I can back the proof!!$$$$

  4. It’s really works won 17 times in row thanks David


    Because Lottodds is NOT a gambling site and takes NO money for bets as the first poster KC wrongly claims. I believe he is the person that was suspended from Lotttodds for breaking its rules and holds a grudge. Lottodds is an EDUCATIONAL TOOL. It simply shows you lottery PATTERNS to help you choose STATE legal lottery numbers. You then take those numbers and go play them in a legal State lottery. Be smart and look I to it yourself. has a 30 day free membership now.

  6. Lottodds is number 1 in my book. I’ve had a problem with being off one numbers for years. After finding lottodds and learning there were patterns as I suspected made my life change after utilizing its features. It’s the best thing created. Everyone gets hunches on numbers, but lottodds guarantee the hunches when you use the features correctly.

  7. Lottodds is involved with illegal gambling and encourages others to post their illegal winnings on its site as well as to avoid the IRS by using bitcoin and bitcoin ATMs. Anyone involved in Lottodds could also be prosecuted for this.
    Here is a warning from the FBI concerning sites involved in illegal gambling like Lottodds and 5dimes that promotes and encourages illegal activity!

    From the FBI:
    “If you’ve ever thought about visiting a cyber casino, here’s something you should know: it’s illegal to gamble online in the United States.

    “You can go to Vegas. You can go to Atlantic City. You can go to a racetrack. You can go to those places and gamble legally. But don’t do it online. It’s against the law,” says Leslie Bryant, head of our Cyber Crime Fraud unit at FBI Headquarters.

    That means:

    …No placing cyber bets on sporting events or in virtual card games;

    …No transferring money electronically for gambling; and

    …No wagers in offshore Internet casinos even if you live in the U.S.

    What’s allowed? Some free online games, fantasy leagues, and Indian gaming sites that aren’t strictly defined as Internet gambling.

    It’s also illegal for businesses to run gambling websites and to solicit online bets. Even companies handling transactions for cyberspace bettors can face federal charges.

    Cracking down. Our strategy for tackling illegal online gambling—as a key enforcement agency—is to start with the companies providing the services in the first place. “We’re going after the people making the money—the owners of these virtual casinos, gaming rooms, and off-track betting parlors,” Bryant says.”
    taken from this article

    • WRONG. It appears KC is one of the members we had to remove from the site for harassing other members. This caused him to make defamatory allegations against lottodds here.

      Nevertheless, Lottodds is not a gambling site, virtual casinos, gaming rooms, or off-track betting parlor. Nor does lottodds advertise nor provide access to off-shore betting sites. Lottodds provides PATTERN FILTERS to reduce numbers. And teaches members Pattern recognition. Anyone who goes into the site can see that.

  8. I found Lottodds back in 2015 when the big game was over a billion. So i started looking on youtube for help. I came across Lottodds and haven’t looked back since. I’ve watched it grow to the juggernaut it is today. There isn’t another site out there that is filled with every type of filter you need. Some sites have a lot of things but David will create a video for every little filter he adds. It makes it so easy to play and learn. There are some guy that are crushing it and they are only using 2 filters. It really is remarkable. To those who are having issues, I suggest asking for help rather than throwing this site under the bus. We all help each other and make it easy to learn and WIN!!!

  9. I have been a member of Lottodds for almost 1 year and I agree and support the breakdown of what David has said above. Since being a member and strategizing using the method, I in fact have been successful several times. We are not promised to win tomorrow that easy as that is not guaranteed. But I do feel that my chances in succeeding with future winnings will go up as long as I keep following the tools and strategies we are given. This is basically gambling smart and entertaining.

  10. LottOdds is one of 2 sites I utilize for my lottery play. The LottOdds tool is well thought-out and functions beautifully for me.
    As I am, and I assume others who have been on a computer for more than a couple of years, know how a Paypal subscription works. So I’m not so sure that is a valid point of from the author of this article.
    The software on the website is dependable and works every time I log in.

  11. LottOdds is a TOOL for intelligent players! I’ve been a paying member since 2018 and I’ve WON multiple times..I can’t stress enough that LottOdds is a (TOOL) to help you recognize patterns! If you’re looking to play the lottery..operable word (play) then maybe it’s not the best tool for you! LottOdds has different filters for you to utilize to help you choose your numbers! I like the forum section of the site, others help you to predict the winning number! Keep up the great work David!

  12. I haven’t been a member long but I’ve joined in March 2019 and so far I enjoy it. I didn’t think there was an educated method when choosing numbers. I found that here. I also met a couple of good people who try and help with their strategies so we can all win. I stuck with lottodds because it seems to be a smaller community of more serious players. Occasionally the creator David, pops in to give updates on the site and also hes his own customer service rep troubleshooting or navigating through the site.

  13. Lottodds strategies do NOT work that David tries to push onto people. If his strategies were so successful then he would not need to collect $10 off of people to make money!

    David basically plays over 200 numbers pick 3 box then wins like $80 so he losses more then wins. ALL the people on Lottodds are losing money playing with his strategies and he posts his wins to try to get them to keep paying that monthly membership.

    David Mehmet also plays on 5Dimes which is ILLEGAL and also takes cash out of the atm in NYC from bitcoin to avoid claiming his 5Dimes income to the IRS. Sooner then later the FBI and IRS both will catch up to him especially since IRS allows anyone to report him anonymously…

    Don’t be fooled by Lottodds as it WON’T make you money! Instead you will lose money paying a monthly membership to scam artist David Mehmet!

    • UPDATE: The LOTTERYEXPERT is the same person as poster KC. You can tell by his use of “Bitcoins, IRS and Taxes” in his posts. We had to kick him out of lottodds because he violated forum rules and was harassing other members and making false statements against them as he is doing in his posts here. His statements are obviously false when compared to the winner’s page on lottodds where it shows members are winning every day and receiving help from other members to win WHEN the majority of people playing outside Lottodds have never won as much. We have talented members who have won multiple huge prizes. As for taxes, he makes baseless assumptions as he is not in touch with any member’s accountant nor in possession of their tax filings nor does he have any knowledge of their intent. As for some members using an offshore betting site, this is not illegal because a federal court in 2019 has ruled that the Wire Act of 1961 is limited to sports betting and not to online lotteries ( HOWEVER, the site those members use do NOT run an online lottery. The site uses legal U.S. State lotteries to generate the winning numbers. BUT you can play in your local stores as we are developing Auto-Bet-Slip printing no where else to be found. Lottodds is made for INTELLIGENT people…And I emphasize “INTELLIGENT” BECAUSE IT TAKES INTELLIGENCE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING PRESENTED ON Lottodds. Most people will encounter this type of methodology for the first time. THUS, there is a learning curve. So for those less fortunate, they will not last at Lottodds. BUT we do try to go out of our way to help everyone understand the methodology. IT IS BASED ON SIMPLE LOGIC AND DEDUCTION. You will find many members having high IQs and a good place to meet new people….REMEMBER, a high IQ helps to promote good conversation too because it allows a person to analyze what is being presented to you better than those with a lower IQ. …Nevertheless, we wish that person the best….And we are having a lot of fun and winning at lottodds.

      Lottodds winner’s page:

    • Wow….I’m sorry you feel that way. But I know who you are. By using the words illegal and 5Dimes, you have disclosed your identity. I know that you are the person we banned from Lottodds for harassing other members and telling them they will go to hell for gambling and using 5Dimes. I’m sorry that we had to ban you BUT you cannot harass other people. And now you have DEFAMED me and made unsubstantiated allegations against me about my taxes. You can be assured my accountant has all that covered. As for the Bitcoins, I purchased them with funds already claimed on my tax return. As for 5Dimes, no member needs to use that service. They can purchase the lottery tickets at their local store. TO THE PUBLIC Are you a good person… Are you a smart person… Then do the research yourself and learn about a great system called Lottodds. Learn why we have thousands of members using Lottodds daily and growing..Just type Lottodds into Youtube and see all the videos giving proof… LOTTODDS IS FOR INTELLIGENT PLAYERS. Over $100,000 in 7 days using Lottodds
      $9,000 win I got on 4 STRAIGHT Pick4 games… I made history that day
      $22,500 win
      $90,000 Win
      Many more wins……NOTE: They are all reporting their wins on their tax returns as we have instructed them when asked…..BUT KEEP IN MIND…Lottodds is just a TOOL that helps you identify PATTERNS. And provides you with filters that help you reduce numbers that have the lowest chance of winning. NOTICE how the person who posted the negative feedback doesn’t mention whether the functionality of the website is broken but makes unsubstantiated allegations. To an intelligent person, it tells you that the person has a hidden agenda. In this case, we banned that person from our website for harassing other members.

  14. I have used lottodds since April of 2018 and I have won multiple times on my pick 3 because of stated it’s a tool to utilize in making an intelligent choice in choosing my lotto numbers..I will definitely keep using it and gladly pay $10 a month for it.

  15. I am David Mehmet the creator of Lottodds. It’s unfortunate that some individuals choose to disparage a site through their ignorance and false statements. Lottodds is a TOOL that provides users with filters based on past lottery number patterns. Contrary to some statements, there are many videos on Youtube and on Lottodds posted year after year teaching members how to utilize Lottodds and many members help each other. Furthermore, many members have won utilizing the filters on Lottodds to uncover strong lottery number patterns to help them eliminate numbers with the lowest chance of winning and keeping those with the highest chance of winning. Lottodds does not predict the future. No tool can predict the future. It is a TOOL to help you recognize lottery number patterns. There is no other website offering such powerful features on the Internet today. You could play the lottery by choosing random numbers but for an intelligent player, understanding patterns is the beginning to winning big in the lottery. We have members who have won over $100,000 and many more winners. We are releasing a new version of Lottodds that is extremely smartphone friendly. Lottodds is a TOOL for “Intelligent Lottery Players”

  16. I thought that I would be using these techs for mega million, so I paid for the subscription. But, this website only gave me pick 3 for my state, which I am not interested in playing. The only time I saw mega million sign was the first webpage before I subscribe. I felt I cheated after all!

    • I am sorry about the confusion. We were in the process of UPGRADING the Megamillions prediction tool to a much better and more powerful tool. It has been launched and ready to use. You can get a refund or additional time. Let us know at Help @


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LottOdds Exposed — The Secrecy Is a Complete Waste of Time

LottOdds Exposed

LottOdds Review

Over time, we have reviewed so many apps and software products that supposedly improve your odds of winning the lottery. Guess what, today we’re about to take a look at yet another such product. LottOdds supposedly employs an algorithm that makes it easier for members to pick numbers for various lotteries. The person who developed this program has apparently won multiple times (sometimes on a daily basis) but evidence about the accomplishment is missing. Is LottOdds really worth the monthly subscription fee?

What Is LottOdds and What Does It Do?

LottOdds is a membership portal that aims to provide members with an algorithm for choosing the right lottery numbers. The problem is that you don’t get any information about it before you sign up and pay the membership fee.

We did create a LottOdds profile but information still seems to be scarce. The developer doesn’t let you know exactly how the algorithm works or how much it improves your odds of winning. There’s no evidence. On multiple occasions, the developer of the program had promised followers to provide proof of his winnings (in the form of a lottery cheque, for example). Such information is yet to be delivered.

How Much Does It Cost?

Being a LottOdds member costs 9.95 dollars per month. The payment is made via PayPal, but keep in mind it’s recurrent. Once you sign up, even if you intend to only check out the software for one month, you will be charged automatically. Unless you cancel the subscription via PayPal, you will issue a payment every single month without being asked about it.

How Does LottOdds Work?

There are dozens of forums and websites whose members have been trying to find out exactly how LottOdds works. So far, nobody has provided any concrete information about the algorithm and the manner in which it supposedly improves the odds of winning selected lotteries.

According to the official presentation, LottOdds relies on pattern recognition. Supposedly, all lottery numbers being drawn sit on a pattern. These patterns can be used to identify the digits that have high odds of being drawn and the ones you should not choose when buying your lottery tickets.

Odd and even numerical patterns are being utilized. Consecutive numbers, split pairs, information about past winning numbers and high/low patterns are apparently also being used by the prediction tool. There’s no confirmation if this is really the case and whether any science at all is used for the choice of the lottery numbers.

Apart from the prediction tool, LottOdds also features a couple of other functionalities.

The draw alert allows you to set email alerts for no hits, odd and even repeat or doubles. The no-hit alert, for example, will give you information about the number of days in which a lottery chart has not produced any winners.

The win alert will make it possible for you to enter the lottery numbers you’ve played or are watching. Whenever those numbers win, you will receive an alert via email.

This may all sound good but in the end, it doesn’t add up to a lot. You’re left with a prediction tool that’s based on a questionable logic and a forum in which most posts originate from the person who created LottOdds.

LottOdds Terms and Conditions

There’s a lengthy user agreement that you have to accept in order to create your LottOdds profile.

As expected, there is no guarantee that the website will provide an accurate estimate. You use it on your own free will and if you lose when you buy a lottery ticket based on LottOdds numbers, you’ll be the only one to blame.

Obviously, LottOdds cannot be held liable or accountable for losses that people have incurred as a result of utilizing the software to play the lottery. This is pretty much a standard condition that protects the developer of the platform from court action undertaken by subscribers.

There’s also a standard privacy policy that protects your private information against distribution among third parties.

If you go through the how-to videos featured on the website, you’ll see there used to a 100-dollar warranty available. Currently, this option is removed from the platform and it apparently no longer applies.

Who Is Behind LottOdds?

It’s very difficult to identify the entity behind LottOdds. If you go to the website’s forum, you will see all of the introductory posts as being created by someone called Bmehmet. This is the individual who has posted about multiple wins, some of them apparently occurring every single day and even multiple times per day in the case of smaller state lotteries.

When the WhoIs information for the website is checked, it suggests that the website is registered by someone called B. David Mehmet from Ashburn, Virginia. Obviously, this is the same person as the forum poster. Mehmet has a number of other registered domains but none of them are related to the field of lotteries.

There’s no information about this person’s expertise, background, and authority in the field.

Would you mind rating LottOdds?

Final Verdict

If you have 10 dollars per month you want to waste, LottOdds is definitely a good option for you. While some people believe it has helped them craft a winning strategy, even they report that the algorithm is sporadic and cannot be trusted to provide consistent lottery winnings.

The person behind this product doesn’t even stand proudly to tell the world who they are, why they have authority in the field of lottery systems and what the specific characteristics of the platform are. You have to sign up blindly and hope for the best. Unless you pay the subscription, you will not get access to the features. The only way to test LottOdds is to pay for it. if you are dissatisfied, you can cancel the subscription but you’ll still be 10 dollars short.

Our final recommendation is to avoid this software. It’s not going to tell you anything you don’t know already and you can easily create your own lottery strategy on the basis of hot and cold numbers or another type of statistical analysis. Because of all these shortcomings and the lack of a good, detailed presentation, LottOdds gets a 1 out of 10 stars rating.

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