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Lotto Whiz

Poor 2.2 | Reviews (6)
Price: $29.95
Trial: 30 Days
Guarantee: No
Description: Lotto Whiz claims it is the most powerful lottery software using wheeling systems, a variety of statistical data and analysis to help you choose the winning lotteries for Keno, Lotto, Powerball.

Lotto Whiz Exposed — The Most Powerful Software!? Are You Kidding?

Lotto Whiz

Lotto Whiz Review

“What kind of sorcery is this?” you might be asking when stumbling upon Lotto Whiz for the first time, as the software claims to help you beat seemingly insurmountable odds. The name is more appropriate than the developers have probably expected it to be and unfortunately not for the right reasons. I have to say that this software is related closer to fiction than it is to provide a magical recipe for success.

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How Lotto Whiz Works

Lotto Whiz claims it is the most powerful lottery software using wheeling systems, a variety of statistical data, and analysis to help you choose the winning lotteries for Keno, Lotto, and Powerball. MegaMillions, Pick 3, and Pick 4 lottery games. I must give credit to Lotto Whiz that someone has taken the time to input all that information. Maybe, that in itself works for the $29.95 to purchase the software. They claim it is a “must-buy software” and even suggest that it makes a great gift. Okay, there is no one that I dislike that much.

The application has six sections including The Analysis” section with graphs, charts, and drawing groups; Performance Combinations; Printing Center; Drawing Maintenance; Pick3 and Pick 4 Specific Info; and Probability Calculator. Lotto Whiz also provides a bunch of screenshots that show how some of the information provided in the different sections can be used.







While utterly useless in guaranteeing to win, most of the statistics and analysis that the application processes are what some lottery enthusiasts are looking for in their quest of beating the odds. Some people do believe that wheeling works though I have yet to hear a winner who said I won as a result of using a specific system. Most people just play their favorite numbers or are part of a syndicate that does increase your odds.

Lotto Whiz Complaints

There are no scam allegations to be found online, but this doesn’t mean that Lotto Whiz does what it promises to do. It might simply mean nobody has bought it. I found the user interface horrendous as the software looks like the work of a mediocre IT student from the early 90s. It seems to be a combination of information presented in EXCEL format using standard graphs and charts. Okay, maybe there is a bit of ACCESS there, but most professionals who do statistical analysis develop their software.

Is Lotto Whiz Worth your Money?

I know that $29.95 doesn’t seem like that much, but would you spend it to buy the Brooklyn Bridge? If you are interested in lots of statistical data presented in a not-so-professional manner, then it might be good money spent. I do have problems with their claims especially the fact that their wheels offer guaranteed wins.

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Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lotto Whiz


The statistical presentation of data is off

Poor website

Lotto Whiz developers simply put together a heap of statistics and analysis with too many assumptions and a general lack of good marketing. This is not a magical recipe for winning. Their site is offensive and their presentation of their facts and figures is childlike. There is no question, all of us would like to do something to better the odds of winning lotteries and jackpots, but this isn’t the place to try.

  1. Pure nonsense software. If you want to spend $0 dollars, go and search for Excel spreadsheets and download it for free! Many mathematician sites have it for free download.
    Do not spend your hard earned money on this total scam!

  2. I used lotto whiz with limited success. Most rewarding was the ability to print tickets and the ability to exclude numbers by process of elimination.

  3. If you are a real Lotto Player, then you would know you need some help.
    You just don’t know how to use the software and understand what it is telling you!
    The only thing this software doe’s not have is a way to find out the repeater phenomena.

  4. Gimme a break. If this system really worked then they owners would be taking their winning jackpot money to the bank and not charging $29.95 for a so called system. The only person that is guaranteed to win here is the person taking the $29.95.

    • You’ve hit the nail Julie! I just wonder why the software engineer does not just used that facility to gain as much as he can if it works!? This is a desperate money cheating machine, I would say.

    • I would apply that reasoning to any lotto system if it really worked to predict winners then it would likely be a closely guarded secret!
      I bought Lotto Whiz 4G a couple of years ago primarily for the flexible wheeling systems that can be generated, I have found that its “predictive” rate is very poor along with other lotto programs that do statistical analysis so I just use my own methods of picking numbers then wheel them using the software. I do find their manual a bit simplistic and could find no explanation of why it often offers different numbers of resulting games eg 14 numbers in a 4 from 6 wheel will allow you to generate 14 or 15 games.


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