Lottery Super System Exposed

Lottery Super System

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Price: Free to $225
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Description: Lottery Super System is another algorithm that supposedly analyzes numbers for various lotteries to improve your odds of winning a prize.

Lottery Super System Exposed — A Mystery Wrapped in Enigma (and Not in a Good Way)

Lottery Super System Review

Lottery Super System Review

When you look at this website, you probably tell yourself that it looks incredibly out of date. And you’re right. The Lottery Super System platform looks like something lifted out of the 1990s. But let’s not judge a book by its cover. After all, the software could be exceptional, regardless of the website’s appearance.

According to the official presentation of the Lottery Super System, you can now become a lottery winner for the first time by counting on the program’s optimized wheels and advanced strategies. However, if you go through Lottery Super System reviews, you’ll find out that nobody has won a jackpot by counting on this algorithm.

There are many kinds of lottery software products out there, each one making grandiose promises. Could Lottery Super System be the one that’s different from all the others? Could it give you the chance you’ve been waiting for?

That’s what we’re about to find out today by digging deep into the algorithm and the supposed way in which it’s going to help you beat the lottery odds.

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What Is Lottery Super System and What Does It Do?

Let’s start with the official program presentation. It states that Lottery Super System has been developed for people who want a straightforward but scientific approach to improving their chances of winning the lottery.

Needless to say, that premise sounds just as vague as the marketing materials of most other lotto software products we’ve reviewed here. There’s a reason why – if beating the lottery was that easy, we’d be walking in a world of millionaires. Unfortunately, nobody has yet to find a foolproof (and legal) way to crack the system.

Lottery Super System supposedly establishes patterns and trends to find a bit of logic in what’s supposed to be completely random – lottery drawings. As per the website’s homepage, the analysis applies to popular lotteries in the US. You can select your state to receive more information about the games being analyzed.

Later on, we’ll look more into the way the supposed analysis work. As of now, however, we can confidently say that you’re not going to discover any revolutionary information via this platform.

How Much Does Lottery Super System Cost?

Lottery Super System lures people into giving it a try by claiming that the opportunity is free of charge. You can indeed create a free profile (something that we did to explore the platform more thoroughly), but it only gives you access to limited information.

If you choose the free profile, you’ll only get the best number analysis based on a set of 50 games in the past. There isn’t any additional information on how these 50 games get chosen or how often the information being analyzed is updated. And the term best number analysis refers to hot numbers – the ones that appeared most often among the winning digits over these 50 drawings.

Anyone who wants the best number analysis, cluster analysis, lucky number suggestions, and overdue number suggestions based on the past 200 drawings will need to spend 4.95 dollars per month.

There’s also a quarterly subscription plan of 12.95 dollars billed every three months. If you decide to go for an annual subscription, you will need to spend 39.95 dollars per month.

Apart from these packages, there’s also a lifetime power subscription that includes all of the mentioned analysis kinds based on 250 past drawings. In that case, the cost of access is going to be 225 dollars for lifetime access.

How Does Lottery Super System Work?

The information about the packages gives you a pretty good idea about how Lottery Super System works. And the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t.

The hot, cold, and overdue number analysis trend isn’t something new or revolutionary. It is the most common way lottery players use to establish patterns and trends for their favorite games.

What’s even more important is that most lotteries provide this kind of information free of charge. Just head to your favorite game website (be it a US lottery or an opportunity from another part of the world). The chances are that you’ll find a stats section there. This section will give you official information about the hot and cold numbers chosen most often. Such information will usually be based on annual analysis or a lifetime of drawings (since the start of the respective game).

The Lottery Super System presentation is filled with buzzwords. Supposedly, the scientific analysis being offered to subscribers is based on Prof. Jones Gold and Platinum Lotto and Lottery Systems. Thorough and extensive research doesn’t reveal all that much about who Prof. Jones is (a rather generic name, isn’t it?) and how the system works.

There have been forum publications about Prof. Jones ever since 1997. Unfortunately, reviews didn’t provide too much of a positive experience. According to some of the reviewers, the products developed by the so-called professor Jones rank among the worst lottery systems to ever appear on the market.

Thus, if you want more clarity about what you’d get if you buy Lottery Super System, don’t bother reading the official presentation. While filled with marketing tripe, it fails to provide meaningful and beneficial information about exactly what the algorithm is based on.

Lottery Super System Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions say that periodic subscriptions will be renewed automatically – something to keep in mind if you want to test out the Lottery Super System for a certain period. Also, once payment is made, there’s no way to get a refund. We view this as “amazing” customer service and an absolute red flag in this day and age.

Like all other similar websites, this one gives you a disclaimer you’re not guaranteed any lottery wins using the system.

Keep in mind, however, that Lottery Super System doesn’t feature extensive website terms and conditions. Some info is available via the FAQ section. Still, it doesn’t feature a ton of information on how your rights as a consumer are being protected or the website’s privacy policy.

Even if you have a member account, you wouldn’t be entitled to additional information.

As far as payments go, you can only use a credit or debit card. The payment portal is integrated via the website. Luckily, Lottery Super System does employ a security certificate, which means you can rest assured the transaction will be handled reasonably (as not to jeopardize your sensitive financial data).

Who Is Behind Lottery Super System?

Here’s where things become interesting. The lack of sufficient information on the entity behind this platform has contributed to numerous Lottery Super System scam alerts in forums and lottery-related communities.

If you go to the website’s Contact section, you’ll only be provided with an online form to fill out. There’s no physical address or phone number to use. As already mentioned, the website also lacks thorough terms and conditions that state the company’s name operating the platform.

The homepage mentions the elusive Prof. Jones (who apparently doesn’t have a first name).

Searching online, we did find a couple of lottery-related books that Prof. Jones supposedly wrote. One of them features a brief and quite generic bio. Prof. Jones is supposedly a leading computer software designer in the lottery and sports betting fields. He holds degrees in psychology and statistics (very, very relevant credentials), and his first software product supposedly came into existence in 1983.

All of this vagueness gets us to assume that Prof. Jones is a fictional character. It’s impossible to know who’s hiding behind the name. However, the fact that someone isn’t brave enough to openly claim the product they’ve developed should be telling you sufficiently about Lottery Super System.

Why You Should Register with Lottery Super System


Has terms and conditions

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery Super System


The owner’s identity is hidden

No transparency

Too expensive

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Is Lottery Super System Legit?

There’s nothing more disappointing than someone trying to get cash out of others in a completely dishonest way. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what Lottery Super System is attempting to do.

Through our analysis, we’ve managed to conclude that there isn’t a system in place. Hot, cold, and overdue number analysis is available for free. You’ll find free-of-charge software that will make lotto digit suggestions for your next ticket based on such information.

Lottery Super System gives its potential clients zero transparency and no chances to get in touch with the actual human being responsible for creating the platform. Also, the cost of accessing the full service is not worth it. Adding the no refunds and no guarantees policies to the picture provides more than enough information about the platform.

Because of all these red flags and incredibly disappointing practices, we have to award Lottery Super System a 1 out of 10 stars rating.

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