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Price: $37.00 / $39.95
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: is a bunch of books that claim they provide a system for winning at lotteries.

LottoTrix Exposed — So What Is It?

LottoTrix Exposed

LottoTrix Review

Do you think surviving the first number drawn is a good reason to buy into a lottery system? That’s just one of the claims that makes. Though they offer a “Free Lottery System Guide”, and there is some convoluted explanation on how it works, it all costs!

LOTTOTRIX – What Does It Do?

LOTTOTRIX’s first offer is a book called “If You Can’t Win the Lottery then Change Its Rules”. Try clicking on any of the chapters advertised and it takes you back to the advertising page. Click on the book offered and you are taken to another site to make a purchase. Basically, the book sounds like an instruction on how to wheel numbers for lotteries using more than the usual numbers, though they – LottoTrix – claim that this is not wheeling. Then says that if you can’t play heaps of tickets (solely or with friends), then you need to pick up their WINSLIPS system. Add to this a Pick3Snipe system that supposedly helps you win through a selection of picking numbers.

Is GiantLottos legit in Spain?

What Is the Cost?

Each of the books/systems offered ranged from $37.00 to $39.95 though there is no info on whether they add the tax to this. They do offer a seven-day option of trying their Pick3Snipe system and if you’re not happy or decide you can’t afford multiple tickets you can exchange it for their WINSLIPS system. This one involves 1 to 8 tickets.

How Does It Work?

So whether it is 8 tickets or many, many more, this simply looks like another someone who is claiming to have a system that is going to increase your odds of winning. Stefan claims this system is not wheeling but it certainly looks that way to me.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are a discourse on what they won’t do versus what they will. Basically, you can’t get your money back for any reason, they are absolved of any liability if you lose money using their system and they say that LottoTrix isn’t responsible for how you use the information. I love the added touch that they say “all testimonials shown on this site are unsolicited and from real customers”. The list is extensive and frankly, I don’t buy it.

Who Is LottoTrix? is owned by a guy called Stefan Vandevelde. It is run out of the Canary Islands, hence under Spanish law. I’m not sure why he claims that “our service” is subject to these laws as you are simply buying a system. There are no additional updates or add-ons unless you count the potential of Stefan contacting you to purchase more products.

Why You Should Register with Lotto Trix


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Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lotto Trix


No proof it works

No money-back guarantee

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Is Lotto Trix Legit?

Sorry folks, but I really think that you’d be better off taking your $39.95 and spending it on the actual tickets. You’ll have a better chance of winning! I’m still trying to figure out what the hoopla is about their claim on the first number drawn in each lottery and its importance. That one really got me puzzled, especially the amount Stefan writes up on it. Frankly, the only person winning using this system is Stefan and he’s taking the money straight to the bank!

Final verdict: 1 out of 10 stars.

  1. In a way it is almost impressive how much Stefan can talk about “beating the first obstacle”, with nice visuals etc. and yet… it just does not make any sense.

    (As you said, the only one winning here is Stefan and he is laughing all the way to the bank. I say this as someone who is ashamed to admit I, once upon a time, actually paid real money for WinSlips.)


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