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Description: Smart Luck promises lottery players to boost their chances of winning by using advanced number selection systems and wheeling programs.

Smart Luck Software Exposed — How to Rediscover the Wheel

Smart Luck Software Review

Gail Howard’s Smart Luck Software Review

Having smart luck when playing the lottery – wouldn’t that be the best-case scenario? If there was just a little way to improve odds, to make winning statistically more probable… Smart Luck suggests that such an option exists in the form of yet another lottery software product.

The product is supposedly based on a system developed by Gail Howard, a person whose website claims to be “the original lotto expert.” Supposedly, Howard founded Smart Luck back in 1982 and has been “America’s most credible lottery authority for 33 years.” Does Smart Luck provide any evidence to back these claims up? Not really! But her so-called credentials do make up for some attractive marketing materials.

Today, we’re on a quest to find out what’s behind the success (or the lack of such) of Smart Luck. We’ll look at the system, the methodology it uses, and whether anyone has actually made money by following Gail Howard Smart Luck. Let’s get started.

What Is Smart Luck and What Does It Do?

The Smart Luck lottery software supposedly uses statistical and mathematical models to improve the odds of winning a prize.

In fact, Smart Luck is a range of products based on lottery wheels and other well-established methods for numerical analysis.

There are numerous books – from the Lottery Master Guide priced at 24.50 dollars to Lotto Winning Wheels for Powerball & Mega Millions costing 14.95 dollars.

As far as lottery software products go, there are six options. It’s pretty difficult to differentiate between them – there are a main Advantage Gold product and several additional software packages that range from Pick 5 wheels to full wheels.

These may sound like alien concepts if you don’t have a lot of predictive software experience. Wheels, however, are pretty much the basis of trying to beat lottery odds. We will go into a more detailed explanation of how such methodologies work later on in the guide.

How Much Does It Cost?

That would depend on the product you choose.

The main Smart Luck lottery software product (Advantage Gold) is available for the “modest” amount of 79.95 dollars. Yep, this isn’t a mistake – Gale wants to charge you more than 70 dollars for a methodology you can readily find online for free.

Advantage Gold supposedly includes strategy charts based on your game’s lotto history. Supposedly, this product works for all standard draw-style games and not for Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotteries (needless to say, a separate product exists for those).

You can find out more about the software features and the types of charts you’ll get if you visit its individual page. Claiming that one generic software works for all standard draw-style lotteries, regardless of the country and the numbers being selected, however, is laughable. It’s nothing but logical to conclude that a universal way to beat the lottery doesn’t exist. Anyone who claims they’ve found the key to beating every single lottery on the face of the planet is obviously misleading you into buying something that works questionably at best.

How Does Smart Luck Work?

To understand how Smart Luck works, you need an explanation of lottery wheels. Here’s a quick overview that doesn’t go into all the technical, complex details.

Is the Jackpocket app legit in Florida?

In essence, lottery wheeling is a strategy that focuses on combinations that provide a minimum guarantee of winning a prize. The aim is to come up with the smallest possible number of ticket digit combinations for a win. Needless to say. However, wheeling does not increase the odds of winning a big prize. It simply focuses on ensuring some reward through the purchase of multiple tickets.

Wheeling is much less accurate than using hot and cold numbers – the most and least popular for a specific lottery. Hot and cold number analysis is based on the specific game, and according to many statistics experts, it is the only approach that can potentially improve the odds.

Going back to Smart Luck.

If you want to learn how to win Powerball with Smart Luck, you won’t get an exact answer. The website’s homepage states that the “secret” formula used by our good friend Gail traps 70 percent of lottery jackpots (whatever that means).

The term “secret” referring to their formula raises the most massive red flag we’ve ever seen. If your formula’s really that good, you wouldn’t be afraid of providing at least a basic explanation. You also will have information about tens of people who have won large amounts by using your system.

Granted, there’s a Proof of Winners page on the Smart Luck website. And when you click on it, you get no proof at all. There are no names; there are no faces. All that the page claims is that Smart Luck software owners have won jackpots 109 times, claiming a cumulative sum of 102,007,908 dollars. Yeah, right!

Smart Luck Terms and Conditions

Standard terms and conditions apply. Please check these on the website before deciding whether you’re going to buy the Smart Luck system.

There’s a standard disclaimer that Smart Luck doesn’t ensure any lottery wins. Most software companies feature such a disclaimer to avoid legal responsibility because people don’t really win anything this way.

Supposedly, there’s a software return and refund policy. But a big, big catch applies here. The refunds are only available for unopened software packages. In other words, you can’t test out the product and get a refund if you don’t like it.

There also isn’t a money-back guarantee, and that pretty much illustrates the attitude of Smart Luck towards its clients and customer service.

Who Is Behind Smart Luck?

Smart Luck Inc. is the company behind the software that’s been producing winners for over three decades.

The company is registered in Florida; there are an actual physical address and a phone number linked to it.

What do People say About It?

If you check out the Smart Luck lottery program reviews that our readers have created, you’ll find out that most people are massively dissatisfied with the software.

Some of the main complaints focus on the books’ cost and the systems created by Gail Howard. People who have done their research also discovered the fact that Howard is anything but a lottery expert. True, she’s been prolific in creating dozens of books, but that’s about it.

Others report that using the system; they have barely managed to get a correct number during a drawing that they had a ticket(s) for.

If you go to Amazon, you can also find many reviews on the Gail Howard books. People claim that her approach probably worked three decades ago when games were drawn differently—some report spending hundreds of dollars on Powerball and Mega Millions tickets without winning anything back. So, there goes the claim of guaranteed prizes when you use lottery wheeling.

Adding up the different products’ costs, some may end up spending thousands of dollars on charts and diagrams that don’t really do anything. Needless to say, some overly optimistic and positive reviews do exist. None of these, however, provide solid and fact-based evidence about a win. Until someone shows their winning ticket based on a Smart Luck prediction, we reserve the right to be completely skeptical about the system.

Why You Should Register with Smart Luck



Why You Should Register with Smart Luck


Users are dissatisfied with the product

Relies solely on luck

No solid evidence of winners

Would you mind rating Smart Luck?

Is Smart Luck Legit

Smart Luck is anything but smart or luck-inducing. The only entity that will win anything from the system is the company behind it. The Smart Luck products are so overpriced and ridiculous without giving you any guarantee or refund option. Be smart, save your money, and play the lottery for fun. That’s the best way to get something out of it.

Because of the cost and the ineffectiveness of the system, Smart Luck gets a 1 out of 10 ratings.

  1. I have the advantage plus and advantage gold wheel 5 gold and full filtering wheel!very good programs and i won many times 4 out of 5 by wheeling 18 or 20 numbers for a guarantee 100% 3/5 but i was lucky the program gave me 4 right numbers on the line.if you study the programs and decide which 20 numbers to use on the wheel 5 gold if the 5 numbers of the expected drawing are included in the 20 numbers you chose you have a good chance to win 4/5 or even 5/5 if you are lucky!also the full filtering wheel eliminates many thousand of combinations that are not going to come on the drawing if you choose the right filters and give you a good chance to win.

  2. I bought this software when it first came out. Never won anything big. In fact, I’ve had better luck since I stopped using it.

  3. I have the program, it’s great as far as getting hot numbers and cold numbers and getting wheel combinations to play. I’ve won 3 and 4 numbers and hundreds of free tickets, in the florida F5 that way. But you end up playing 20 or 30 combinations, and get several 3 number combos. You break even. So I stopped using it and just play my personal lucky numbers in 3 tickets everyday and is less expensive with similar results for me.

  4. This software is not expensive!!
    It works, but you have to learn to use it very well.

  5. They appear to be very keen to take your money but any questions via their tech support go unanswered. In my case, I wanted to upgrade (so spend more!) but a response is clearly too much to ask for. Dodgy.


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