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Poor 2.5 | Reviews (42)
Price: $49.50 - $79.95
Trial: Free Demo
Guarantee: No
Description: Smart Luck promises lottery players to boost their chances of winning by using advanced number selection systems and wheeling programs.
  1. I have used this software from smartluck since 2018 and haven’t had much luck with it, I agree with the people saying if this was such a game changer I would have won something that I could brag About, and if it was so good why isn’t Gail a mega millionaire. don’t waste your time with this software.

  2. I would not waste my money on these books or tapes! I wasted $500 on them in return I did not even win back not even $1. Total scam.

  3. I give thanks to Ms Howard’s system. I felt I had nothing to lose by trying it. I won 11 times fantasy 5 games 4/5 for a total of $3,113.00. March 2021 finally won a 5/5 match for the grand prize of 188,636.00. Prayer, Patience, and Persistence is also helpful. You should try it! I am so happy I did. I am now debt free, and going to take a much needed vacation! Good Vibes Only from California Ms LJ

  4. Tried her books and her systems which are not cheap by the way and gave it my best shot, sadly my results were no better than using my own quick picks. Too many of these systems suck at helping you win, there is only one winner here, the person selling this trash.

  5. Sorry to inform you all, Gail Howards systems are old outdated many copied from other sources mostly all free online. If you like paying a high price for virtually useless programs by all means proceed.

  6. I had no luck using any of Gail Howard’s systems …. found out many of the wheels I purchased to use from Gail Howard are completely free online and are not all that great to use especially at the price I had to pay. I also looked into her testimonials and seriously many just do not add up, yup something is not right there. I wonder why there are literally tons of bad reviews on her systems and only a few good ones here and there after all the years Gail has been selling these programs…..seems to me her systems have an extremely low win rate and are simply for entertainment not winning anything.

  7. I don’t think it’s a scam! I used her software in 2011 and won the jackpot on a five ball draw. Was very happy with my winnings.

  8. Gail Howard is a publisher and can be quite a shady seller. She uses testimonials made up from software, this can make them look older or newer, but it’s all fakery just to sell her systems which by the way are high cost with little win return rates. Most all of her lottery wheels are copied or stolen from others, some she made up her self with crappy wheeling software which is worth about 1 dollar. Her systems have been around for ages, where are all the real winners? There are very few winners and others that have used her systems mostly report they win nothing. Over the many years if her systems actually worked there would be hundreds of winners, yet there are not. On a poll taken, smart luck ranked almost last, so very poor systems.

  9. Smart Luck is nothing but copied lottery wheels, useless software and numerous useless books all high priced by a none lottery expert, Gail Howard is a joke and has tricked many out of their money for garbage systems. I feel for same and never won a dime. The support is also a joke, do not waste time or money on any lottery software as all are now obsolete. One system that is a none software wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels actually helped me hit some decent wins. Their wheels area little different than the usual and well…..seemed to work not bad and the best part is they are not expensive, just a bit of info that may or may not help you out.

  10. Save your money and treat yourself. Never buy a ticket. Here’s a guaranteed mathematical prediction. In several lifetimes you (almost certainly) would not win the lottery. Those are the odds. But don’t worry, you are more likely to win than to be hit by lightning twice, but only just.

  11. This software’s bullshit u will loose your money everyday if u still using this stupid software

  12. I purchase paper my 1st book in the 80’s upgraded in the 90’s with the full generator. If you can guess the right page among 100’s or 1000’s of pages with multiple combos on each one you will be the undefeated champ of the lottery

  13. Gail Howard is not a lottery expert as she pretends to be, she is just a publisher. Her system is very expensive to buy and even more expensive to use. Her testimonials are very sketchy at best, some look as though they are from the 1950s. Her software is nothing special. If you don’t mind spending a lot to get nothing, then Gail Howards systems are for you.

  14. It is now 2019, so I thought that I would update my review. I have now downgraded it to a 2 star review.

    I am doing so simply because I decided to use it again on the 20th August 2019. I wanted 25 numbers for a pick 5 game, where I randomise those 25 numbers for five lines.

    The system selected 2 numbers correct and 23 wrong. My own system works far better than this.

    I am never going to use this again for selecting numbers, however for statistics you cannot fault it.

    • I use to win free plays here and there on my own. So I thought buying the software would improve my odds, boy I could not so wrong. I haven’t won a single free ticket been using it for a year. it amazes me how scammers like this are allowed to operate. if you’re reading and planning to buy please don’t.

  15. I’ve been using Smart Luck software on and off for a while now and have won over $2000. The winnings have already paid for the software. I was once one number away from winning a jackpot of $250,000 on the Cash 5 game. But instead, won almost $1000 by matching 4 numbers and various 3’s. I exclusively use Chart B2, Skips Due Bias Tracker, located in Chart B.Games Out View of History. This shit really works! I highly recommend Smart Luck Software for all your lottery games. For those with bad reviews, all I can say is learn how to use it. It won’t disappoint!

    • Also, try the Hit charts. Depends on the number of the game for example if is 5/35 choose last 300 drawings, 150, 75 and 30. Choose the best maybe 8 numbers from each one chart. If is a game with 45 numbers choose last 400 drawings, 200, 100, 30.
      Some numbers will be the same in all four charts. Check the companion number chart if you want to choose between two three numbers.
      Try it.

  16. Let’s make one thing clear… Why would anyone write a book about methods to win the lottery? If the author would know how to win the lottery, wouldn’t he/she use the system to win millions of dollars, instead of selling books or software? And let’s say the system really works… Why sell it? If you can win millions yourself, why let other people pay for ‘the system’? Positive thinking will help you more to win the lottery, than any system.

  17. The real scoop here is that Gail Howard is nothing more than a publisher, where do you think publishers get their info from, the Internet. All her books and system are taken from other sources and they are high priced garbage. Lotto Exposed says review site gives it a bad review. That is true but that review site is the real owner of Win Lotto Systems and gives all bad reviews, yet pushes you to what he sells Win Lotto Systems another garbage system even worse than Smart Luck.

    Lotto Exposed review is not correct, this wheeling system is not a software system, it is pen an paper along with their specials strategies you can also apply to boost your chance to win a little more. They do not guarantee wins, states system is a tool to use that can improve your chances to win. No affiliate program like the fake software wheeling systems, so no need to lie. Has many good reviews, only seen shady review sites give it poor reviews as they cannot make money from commissions. Smart Play is a good solid legit system and you must put in a bit of work to get results just like anything worthwhile.

    • I think your review is slightly confusing I think you are saying that Smart Luck is not so good of a system (wheeling ) but the wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels is a good system plus has great reviews. If this is wrong please correct me, if it is correct, then I do have to agree with you 110 percent.

  18. I’m one of the lucky users of Smartluck products, thanks to this powerful Lottery tool system, I have increased my winnings.
    My first Jack Pot win was in the California Fantasy 5, October 2002. I was thrilled when I won at that time, I was also honored too, in receiving a congratulatory call from Mrs. Gail Howard herself, who gave me a good tips on studying and how to keep a better track of the numbers, after a proof of my winnings and using the system, I was added to the smartluck gallery of winners.
    Also I have been very close to a Supperlotto Jack Pot, matching 4 numbers + the Mega number, and too many games matching 4 of 5 and 3 of 5 in the Fantasy 5. The system offers me so many great charts and creates a large data base of the whole history of each game. Not bad because, the more data you have in the history the better chances it gives you to identify patterns and to make better choices and decisions.
    I’m back to using the smartluck system after few years of not using it, now that I’m semi-retired and I have more time to dedicate to it. Actually last night I came very close to hitting a new Fantasy 5 Jack Pot.
    I recommend to create your own Skips Due chart base in the Chart B Games Out of View, and the Chart G Last Digit analysis they are part of the very powerful tools and you will trap the winners from inside out. As part of this additional tools, I have develop more charts and full color spreadsheets in Excel that helps the visual status of the current game.
    I wish smartluck to all the lottery players!

  19. Here is why this predicting system will not work. In the early days of lotto drawing, one machine and one set of balls was used. This scenario did allow for some prediction since certain numbers did appear more than others due to the relationship of the balls to the machine. However, today, typically there are four machines and four sets of balls. You never know what machine or set of balls will be chosen. Thus, there are sixteen different combinations of balls and machines that can be used. So predicting numbers is impossible. Even in the early days predicting numbers rarely resulted in any type of winner.

  20. I am from the UK and I managed to buy the lotto wheel five to win ebook on Amazon for next to nothing, I think it was £2 or £2$. This was money well spent, as I was struggling to come up with 5 digit wheels as you cannot divide these as you can a pick 6 wheel. I will give you a system that I done myself years ago 9 numbers in 3 tickets.

    A) 1 2 3 B) 4 5 6 C) 7 8 9 add together A+B A+C and finally B+C this will give you a 4 out of 5 win on a pick six lottery.

    I have used Advantage Gold to select random numbers and also recommended numbers on 16 attempts with no luck. In fact me just picking out numbers myself has had more luck.

    Using Advantage Gold it selected 0 numbers 2 times, 1 number 7 times and 2 numbers 7 times. I need minimum of 3 for a prize. I think that I have used it to pick numbers to wheel, but I do not log those properly, so I cannot say about this.

    I have used various lottery systems, is it the best? Well it is kind of, it offers more choice than most software programs and at the same cost.

    Please remember that you still need luck to win, however, using wheeling systems, increases your chances of winning.

    • so basically saying is that it is a waste of time buying such books of Gail Howards

    • I am now downgrading my review, sadly I could not edit it, hence having to do this.

      I am in the UK and was testing this on the Thunderball lottery. This is a 5 out of 39 game.

      Advantage gold can pick four different types of selections, I used all four of these to generate 15 numbers which were scoreboard balanced, weighted, random etc.

      I then tested each selection for five draws, out of 15 numbers the maximum that had matched out of the 15 numbers was 2 out of 15.

      Which means no prizes so on the basis of trying five draws, the software does not even come close to picking winning numbers for you. At five draws say £10 a draw, I would have lost £50.

      Which of course is not a very good system.

  21. Sorry to inform everybody, but this is a software telemarketing business meant to make money of weak minded people with too much hope thinking they’re going to hit the nut cracker. I erg everybody to stay clear from this foolish program and in addition the good comments are 100% from the publisher who works or invented this system to confuse people that read the reviews hiding the real truth of this system is a take of to steal of wishful minded people im a top math professionally in Germany one of the best im afraid. The program has been professionally reviewed and checked it was never properly completed witch comes to the conclusion why its for sale online for downloading. I really give this software wear 0/10 fraudulent does not deserve any credit.

  22. I’m not very happy with customer services.
    And not recommended, do not waste your money like that person guy.

  23. People expect lottery numbers to be handed on a plate! No one can help you do that. Smart luck is the best system out there. It suits those who are good in maths, IQ and willing to put time and effort in understanding the science behind this software. It improved my odds greatly, though not won jackpot yet, but did win more than what I was winning using other less sophisticated softwares. Looking forward to great thing happening one day.

    • I agree with you! I also use smart luck to choose my numbers otherwise I don’t play!

  24. Never help me pick the right numbers needs improvement big time.

  25. I have smart luck advantage gold wheel 5 gold wheel 6 gold the book wheel 5 and the book lottery master guide! I havent won jackpot yet! but it helps me a lot to choose which numbers to use!
    I checked and bought another six seven softwares and i deleted them from my computer because smart luck is more accurate and complete system! Of course is very difficult to win the jackpot and need time and efford to study everytime the numbers so to choose which to play!but i never play random because is bullshits. if i dont have the time to study smart luck system i prefer not play doesnt matter how much is the jackpot. dont tell me that smart luck is not working! Is working and is very helpfull! Has very interesting charts like hit charts that show if a number is going up or down!i love this chart! Also the chart 6 skip and hit very nice! You can find between numbers that have the same skip which to play! Chart c also very nice shows the road that each number follows! Chart d very nice also trailing numbers especially i use this to the extra ball from separate machine.i can talk all day! Smurt luck beleive me is the best and complete system and deserves the money i paid to buy even if i never won the jackpot doesnt makes your journey in playing the lottery interesting! I can say that happened to check only the first 15 numbers that chart v gave and all 5 winning numbers was inside 15.not always.but at least 3 numbers always are inside the best of chart v.alsso chart b is beautifull! You decode the code. It shows you how many numbers are coming from cold group or hot group or repeated stydying chart b you will quickly see for example in greek joker that most of the time has 1 number with skip 10 until 20 and the other 4 numbers are from skip 0 until 9. less often maybe every five drawings you see 2 cold numbers and 3 numbers from skip 0 until 9. If you catch me now you will understand that this is the actinography of the combination.very often has 1 number repeated from last drawing.and cold numbers more than 20 skip comes rare.every maybe 8 drawings 1 there are groups of numbers numbers with skip 0 numbers with skip 1 until 9 numbers with skip 10 until 20 and numbers with skip more than 20.also for the extra number there is a difference.the repeat doesnt happen often and the numbers that hit more often are numbers of 2 groups.skip 1 until 9 and skip 10 until 20.i tell you one secret that i discovered.if on chart c i see that in the last 10 drawings 2 or 3 numbers came 2 times each then i choose to play a number with skip 10 until 20 to come as extra number.anyway i hope i helped you pain no effort no success! For people who are lazy to study the charts they can use only chart v or the best numbers of hit charts and stick on these same numbers for one two months using a system maybe 18 numbers for 3 out of 5 and wait to see what will 2 ways or you hunting the numbers or you choose to stick on same numbers for litle and give them a chance to show you how much can make you to last word! Buy smart luck and you will not regret it.

  26. Please do not waste our money and time on this crappy no good lotto software. Do you really think if this thing works, the developer will sell it? They are making money of you. It doesn’t work.

    • I won some money using it so I’m Good! it changes my thought process when approaching the game!

  27. 1st week I bought smart luck, I won 2000 dollars it was very helpful!

  28. I have used the system for a few months. I have netted about $200.00. It is possible I would have done the same without the program. I purchased the wheel 5. However, I had a minor software glitch. I called tech support and ended up speaking to possibly the rudest guy I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with. Rude, arrogant, and prissy. He had the gall to tell me I wanted help with a program I was given for free. I will never again buy anything from this company.

  29. I bought this software specifically for it’s number selection feature. Thinking that I’d have a far greater chance of winning. But after having the advantage gold software for about a month, it’s so called “smart picks” were no better than my own randomly selected numbers. So it wasn’t worth the $80 I paid. Though it does have informing number history statistics. But if I could get a refund, I sure would!

  30. Curious George makes a good point. Purveyors of BULLSHIT usually don’t make it onto RESPECTABLE lists. I studied the Smart Luck books cover to cover 3 times and my results never exceeded randomly selected numbers (quick picks).

  31. If this software really worked in winning the lotto, Gail Howard would have a huge net-worth. Therefore, she would be displayed in the top highest net-worth list, which she’s not. So, how can you build something that didn’t make you a billionaire?

  32. I have used this software for at least 4 or 5 years. I have not had a big win. I use it mainly for choosing numbers. I have found the customer service/technical support to be really horrible. The guy basically says it not their software; but, your hardware. Most recently, the telephone access has been absolutely horrid. That these people call themselves professional is inexcusable.

  33. I purchased the Gail Howard system, after taking advantage of their introductory demo. This allowed me the opportunity to become familiar with the program and decide if this would be a worthwhile investment.
    The decision to purchase this program was entirely based upon the thoroughness of the program’s ability to delineate statistical information in multiple categories. It’s all about probability analysis and pattern recognition, it is not a be-all, end-all solution guaranteeing anything beyond improving the odds. Not everyone one is capable of utilizing Ms. Howards program because it is in fact more complex, than most programs available. The program is very detailed and covers a multitude of variables and quite frankly appeals to those whom enjoy Math.
    Last point: Actually Ms. Howard recommends the “Rolling Cash 5” as the best game in town! The 5 wheel section, works for the Maga Mil, Power Ball and the Rolling Cash 5, without any additional purchases. Thoroughly read and study the books, become familiar with the charts in the books, then paper-trade your preferred game. All before buying the computer version and betting real money!
    Best of Luck to all!

  34. Agree with some of the above comments. As a statistical tool, Smart Luck is excellent. It gives results based on probability, and helps reducing complicated mathematical calculations. But never be naive to believe that it will guarantee a big win, because it is impossible for anyone to ensure or guarantee a lottery win. Luck is something beyond reach…but it really exists.

    • This is UNBELIEVABLE. People still fall for this shit in 2015. Surely, it’s the bludgers and the lazy arse ones who go for this crap. I had my aunt spend thousands to get this to work on windows 8 64Bit with no luck. Must mention she is cared facility for people who have nothing. You can guess why!
      Gail Howard I’ll tell you a better name that fits the bill for her and the users as well FAIL COWARD.
      The support assholes wanted me to run it in DOS Shell (20+ years old version before Microsoft made windows).
      All the best folks.

      • Really!!! It worked for me beautifully. I use this lottery program maybe once a month for a few minutes and have won millions.

  35. It’s a tool… the best on the market.. it will do some of the work.. but if you think that you will get a million dollars for 75 bucks then I have beach front property in Arizona.. you don’t fix a kidney with a scalpel.. you need a operator and a bunch of other tools… you can use it for helping you separate the junk numbers to give you a better chance.. I use 20 different tools… I am close to cracking the lottery code.. chart 3 abbreviated helps a lot..

  36. I agree with Saimone; I gave the Gail Howard system a college try and experienced only disappointment and heartache and an utter, complete lack of results surpassing random quick-picks.

    • SPOT ON – I know a few (losers or wasters as you call them in real life) queuing up at WinBig, the lotto shop (which is near my butchery in Boston) daily with Gailo’s Halo around their head, thinking they are going to win. Some I have been seeing since I was 14 and now after 50 years I still see some (few have gone to the grave but still no lotto) of them. I feel sad and pitiful for these old men and women whose existence on this earth is meaningless, but then get angry. People with disabilities are working or at least trying but these able-bodied ones are a shame. What a waste of life. Gambling I guess is for the lazy ones. All they need is an excuse of some past incident or an example of someone who has one and that’s all they can see or do. These are the ones who have worked little or nothing at all when they were young so their loved ones should have seen this coming.
      My grandfather once said God helps those who help themselves.

  37. Well, Gail never won some big jackpot, according to internet and Smart luck wheeling system is based on strategy. So maybe it will work and maybe won’t. If you are so passionate buy it, but it’s better to take your own chances…

  38. Hi! I am using advantage plus software for a year now! Ok! I know is little difficult to predict the five numbers, but it helps me very much to predict often the bonus number! Ok, sure many times also helped me to predict a number to be repeated from last drawing or a number that has, for example 5 drawings to come because at last ten drawings there wasn’t any number that has five drawings to come. So now you have two numbers. Open your mind to find another three. Maybe one or two cold numbers sometimes three or even four are coming. Open your mind. Hello. Learn how to use advantage plus software. Is the best! And do your combinations according to the blueprint that you are waiting to have the next drawing. Did I win the jackpot? Not yet! But sure soon! Use the retailed board for bonus number from drawing 1 until last. Check how each number behavior. Together with board 5 and board 4 F5. If you don’t find the bonus number I will cut my dick. Thank you.

  39. The rating depends on your reason to buy this software. As a statistical analysis tool of lotto drawings, it’s as far as I know the most advanced software tool out there. If you buy this lottery software expecting it will give you the winning lottery numbers on a plate, forget about it. But for number crunchers and people who like to make more estimated guesses it’s a great software tool.

  40. Very encouraging system, makes sense. Only nagging feeling is that the lottery results are random. Well Gail’system does give a headstart and possibly increase the winning chances.

  41. I’ve purchase books and software from Gail. Honestly there’s no way to predict lotto numbers but Gail’s software allows you to keep track on numbers so you might be able to pick the right numbers yourself.
    No one can predict the stock market or the currency market or even the next technology boom. But you place your bets on educated guesses or accessed RISK. Just like lotto. Honestly Gails lotto numbers patterns seem to work, but then again you can have more than one number with the same pattern and they can’t all win. So through the randomness of numbers patterns seem to show up. But don’t trust Gails knowledge as an all-in-one solution. I’ve found you still have to think outside the box. I’ve won more money by using Gails software for my own purposes and not necessarily as instructed.

  42. I bought her book and followed all her tips on the UK lottery and the results were worse than playing completely random numbers! That book and all those systems are complete joke!

  43. I bought Gail Howard’s lottery master guide and lotto wheel five to win and I am very impressed I usually play the fantasy 5 for it is a daily game with a 30-day numbers. I have hit 4 out of 5 many times her system is incredible. She recommends ken Dickerson’s book how to win the game of chance and Lloyd Strayhorn numbers and you, numerology and astrology play a very big role!!! You have no idea.

  44. Fuck you bitch! that is bullshit! your system doesn’t work at all!

  45. Hi, I used Advantage Plus and Gail’s wheeling systems before when I was in the USA. First time I used her strategies and the wheeling system, I won almost almost 5k and subsequently, won some smaller prizes. In fact, I had a lotto pool consisting of 10 players and we’re lucky sometimes using Advantage Plus picked numbers. Thanks.


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Smart Luck Software Exposed — How to Rediscover the Wheel

Smart Luck Software Review

Gail Howard’s Smart Luck Software Review

Having smart luck when playing the lottery – wouldn’t that be the best-case scenario? If there was just a little way to improve odds, to make winning statistically more probable… Smart Luck suggests that such an option exists in the form of yet another lottery software product.

The product is supposedly based on a system developed by Gail Howard, a person whose website claims to be “the original lotto expert.” Supposedly, Howard founded Smart Luck back in 1982 and has been “America’s most credible lottery authority for 33 years.” Does Smart Luck provide any evidence to back these claims up? Not really! But her so-called credentials do make up for some attractive marketing materials.

Today, we’re on a quest to find out what’s behind the success (or the lack of such) of Smart Luck. We’ll look at the system, the methodology it uses, and whether anyone has actually made money by following Gail Howard Smart Luck. Let’s get started.

What Is Smart Luck and What Does It Do?

The Smart Luck lottery software supposedly uses statistical and mathematical models to improve the odds of winning a prize.

In fact, Smart Luck is a range of products based on lottery wheels and other well-established methods for numerical analysis.

There are numerous books – from the Lottery Master Guide priced at 24.50 dollars to Lotto Winning Wheels for Powerball & Mega Millions costing 14.95 dollars.

As far as lottery software products go, there are six options. It’s pretty difficult to differentiate between them – there are a main Advantage Gold product and several additional software packages that range from Pick 5 wheels to full wheels.

These may sound like alien concepts if you don’t have a lot of predictive software experience. Wheels, however, are pretty much the basis of trying to beat lottery odds. We will go into a more detailed explanation of how such methodologies work later on in the guide.

How Much Does It Cost?

That would depend on the product you choose.

The main Smart Luck lottery software product (Advantage Gold) is available for the “modest” amount of 79.95 dollars. Yep, this isn’t a mistake – Gale wants to charge you more than 70 dollars for a methodology you can readily find online for free.

Advantage Gold supposedly includes strategy charts based on your game’s lotto history. Supposedly, this product works for all standard draw-style games and not for Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotteries (needless to say, a separate product exists for those).

You can find out more about the software features and the types of charts you’ll get if you visit its individual page. Claiming that one generic software works for all standard draw-style lotteries, regardless of the country and the numbers being selected, however, is laughable. It’s nothing but logical to conclude that a universal way to beat the lottery doesn’t exist. Anyone who claims they’ve found the key to beat every single lottery on the face of the planet is obviously misleading you into buying something that works questionably at best.

How Does Smart Luck Work?

To understand how Smart Luck works, you need an explanation of lottery wheels. Here’s a quick overview that doesn’t go into all the technical, complex details.

In essence, lottery wheeling is a strategy that focuses on combinations that provide a minimum guarantee of winning a prize. The aim is to come up with the smallest possible number of ticket digit combinations for a win. Needless to say. However, wheeling does not increase the odds of winning a big prize. It simply focuses on ensuring some reward through the purchase of multiple tickets.

Wheeling is much less accurate than using hot and cold numbers – the most and least popular for a specific lottery. Hot and cold number analysis is based on the specific game, and according to many statistics experts, it is the only approach that can potentially improve the odds.

Going back to Smart Luck.

If you want to learn how to win Powerball with Smart Luck, you won’t get an exact answer. The website’s homepage states that the “secret” formula used by our good friend Gail traps 70 percent of lottery jackpots (whatever that means).

The term “secret” referring to their formula raises the most massive red flag we’ve ever seen. If your formula’s really that good, you wouldn’t be afraid of providing at least a basic explanation. You also will have information about tens of people who have won large amounts by using your system.

Granted, there’s a Proof of Winners page on the Smart Luck website. And when you click on it, you get no proof at all. There are no names; there are no faces. All that the page claims is that Smart Luck software owners have won jackpots 109 times, claiming a cumulative sum of 102,007,908 dollars. Yeah, right!

Smart Luck Terms and Conditions

Standard terms and conditions apply. Please check these on the website before deciding whether you’re going to buy the Smart Luck system.

There’s a standard disclaimer that Smart Luck doesn’t ensure any lottery wins. Most software companies feature such a disclaimer to avoid legal responsibility because people don’t really win anything this way.

Supposedly, there’s a software return and refund policy. But a big, big catch applies here. The refunds are only available for unopened software packages. In other words, you can’t test out the product and get a refund if you don’t like it.

There also isn’t a money-back guarantee, and that pretty much illustrates the attitude of Smart Luck towards its clients and customer service.

Who Is Behind Smart Luck?

Smart Luck Inc. is the company behind the software that’s been producing winners for over three decades.

The company is registered in Florida; there are an actual physical address and a phone number linked to it.

What do People say About It?

If you check out the Smart Luck lottery program reviews that our readers have created, you’ll find out that most people are massively dissatisfied with the software.

Some of the main complaints focus on the books’ cost and the systems created by Gail Howard. People who have done their research also discovered the fact that Howard is anything but a lottery expert. True, she’s been prolific in creating dozens of books, but that’s about it.

Others report that using the system; they have barely managed to get a correct number during a drawing that they had a ticket(s) for.

If you go to Amazon, you can also find lots of reviews on the Gail Howard books. People claim that her approach probably worked three decades ago when games were drawn differently—some report spending hundreds of dollars on Powerball and Mega Millions tickets without winning anything back. So, there goes the claim of guaranteed prizes when you use lottery wheeling.

Adding up the different products’ costs, some may end up spending thousands of dollars on the charts and diagrams that don’t really do anything. Needless to say, some overly optimistic and positive reviews do exist. None of these, however, provide solid and fact-based evidence about a win. Until someone shows their winning ticket based on a Smart Luck prediction, we reserve the right to be completely skeptical about the system.

Would you mind rating Smart Luck?

Final Verdict

Smart Luck is anything but smart or luck-inducing.

The only entity that will win anything from the system is the company behind it.

The Smart Luck products are so overpriced and ridiculous without giving you any guarantee or refund option. Be smart, save your money, and play the lottery for fun. That’s the best way to get something out of it.

Because of the cost and the ineffectiveness of the system, Smart Luck gets a 1 out of 10 ratings.

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