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Smart Luck Software Exposed or How to Rediscover the Wheel

Smart Luck Software

Gail Howard’s Smart Luck Software Review

Smart Luck Lottery Software claims that their software is based on Gail Howard’s winning systems and strategies which are supposed to improve the chances of beating the odds for playing lotteries. What would I like to know is why in the list of all the winners that have used her system, how come Gail’s name isn’t at the top of the list? If it works, wouldn’t she use it? Let’s take a look at what Smart Luck Software has to offer the avid lottery player.

How Smart Luck Software Works

The software produced by Smart Luck promises prospective buyers to improve their chances by using advanced number selection systems and wheeling programs. They make the same claims as many other software developers before them, but they have diversified their offer and sell different distinct apps. Customers can choose between the Advantage Plus Program or Balanced Wheel Programs though of course they are encouraged to buy it all.

Advantage Plus Lottery Software

This is their flagship software and essentially uses different selection methods for choosing lottery numbers. It uses various charts to analyze the potential numbers to select the next winning numbers for a variety of lottery games. At a non-refundable price of $79.95, I think your money would be better spent on buying lottery tickets.

Balanced Wheel Programs

Smart Luck Software offers five different Balanced Wheel Programs including Wheel Five Gold Lottery, Wheel Five Gold Lottery, Wheel Ten Gold Lottery, Full Wheel Generator Plus, and Filtering Full Wheel Generator. Each of these different software programs offers the mechanics of picking numbers for specific lotteries ranging from Pick 3 or 4, up to the Full Wheel Generator plus picking up to 10 winning numbers. All Smart Luck Software has a free demo.

What Is Wheeling

Wheeling is a statistical strategy for play lotteries by mixing or combining groups of numbers to create mathematical patterns. It does not so much guarantee winning but minimizes the chance factor to win something. Generally, it is accepted to be more effective with lower number lotteries (i.e., Pick 3 or 4) plus small, regular wins versus hitting the big jackpot.

Smart Luck Software Complaints

Though there weren’t a lot of complaints, the author at Lottery-guy claims that their system based on Gail Howard’s strategies falls flat in predicting winners. The same type of comments can be found on by some of the authors that commented on Igamingforums.

My Complaints

Never mind the reality of whether or not any of Smart Luck Software works, first a person has to get beyond the site itself. It’s noisy with information scattered all over the place, filled with bragging and congratulations to themselves. Then there is the whole concept of paying for upgrades (didn’t they get it right in the first place), additional shipping costs (tiny print) and Gail Howard’s weekly favorite music. Seriously?

Our Unbiased Conclusion

What Smart Luck lottery software tries to convince us is that they have rediscovered the wheel or at least the best wheels for lottery enthusiasts. I’m not convinced, and the fact that they are so desperately trying to sell seven different apps instead of one or two bundles doesn’t help with confidence building in using their systems. I think a more appropriate name would’ve been Tough Luck lottery software because asking people to take a leap of faith and pay hundreds of dollars for all lottery systems is a bit excessive.

Overall rating for Smart Luck: Poor 2.7 from 0-5
Based on 31 reviews