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Price: Free
Trial: No
Guarantee: No
Description: LottoRace is a game application available through Facebook which is sort of like bingo. Players compete against each other in a race to get the correct numbers winning virtual chips and tournaments.
  1. I’m writing today to ask u about Lottorace. Since Flash is ending at end of Dec., so is this game. I’ve been playing for years, and I’ve accrued more than 4 million points to redeem for prizes–therein lies my problem. I click on Spend, and I’m re-directed to some random site. I tried on different browsers, but the results were always the same. I wrote to Support several times, but my message came back saying no such address. I know the game is still going on, but I’m at a loss as to how to retrieve my gifts. Any help would be very much appreciated. tyvm. 🙂

  2. Like the game. Every time I win it refreshes. Why does it do that?

  3. There was a guy who used to play this game, I think ray, but he came up with the word bonoboo. It’s just funny they using it as their comp. name…I hope (ray) got a few extra chips from this…Anyway, bottom line, this game will never be big because they are constantly banning people who speak out and ripping them off.

  4. Worst customer service ever, and if you complain about anything, you get banned, for life, its been years and still have not got the fact their page to cash in gold, does not work, and after complaints about this, and they also got bots (auto winners in the game) so its fun to play, when you do not have to play with bots and cheats

  5. Waiting over a year for a simple $40 LCBO card I won and after posting on their Facebook page several times since no response from anyone they have now blocked me and still no card

  6. My husband..myself and my mother all loved this game and the first time or 2 we received the gift cards as promised however the last time each of us has cashed out none of us have received anything.. once i was replied to and told how very sorry they were and that my gift cards would be put in the post straight away… nothing was ever sent out… on all of our accounts it still states “processing”… 1 has been processing since October 2015… i have sent several inquiries about this matter and i get no response … i am very disappointed as this was my favorite game and the only one i ever paid to play

  7. This game sucks so bad. You can’t play this game on mobile because it doesn’t show you the draw!! You only see a blank page when you want to watch the draw. They can’t fix a simple bug and they take money from people’s pocket! Stay away from these scammers. What a Freaking Rip Off!

  8. Wow. Not only do they get your personal details, but they can post stuff to my Facebook page. There is enough advertising that gets popped into things these days without some game adding to the chat. No way I am going to play.


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LottoRace Application Exposed — Don’t Pay to Play!


LottoRace Review

Reading through the list of comments in response to LottoRace’s Facebook game was hilarious. LottoRace is a game application available through Facebook which is like bingo. Players compete against each other in a race to get the correct numbers winning virtual chips and tournaments. Let’s see.

Getting Your Head Around LottoRace on Facebook

This application is a player versus a betting game. I lost count of the times I read through the game rules to get a handle on how to play. Part of the confusion is to find out more info on LottoRace’s Facebook game players have to play. I was about to click play when I noted the information “this app will receive your basic information.” That means anything and everything that is posted on your Facebook page. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with my friends and family, but I couldn’t do it with a game company. They have a privacy policy, but it’s poorly written.

More Worries about LottoRace

Keep reading below the ‘’Play Game” button and this app “may post on your behalf, including your high scores, achievements you earned and more.” Full stop! Now, not only do they have my personal information, but they are going to add things to my Facebook page whenever they want.

LottoRace is Virtual

This is a game that uses virtual chips! There is no money to pay in, but then there is no money to win. It appears players can ‘gift’ chips to other people and reading through some of the posts; people are kind enough to share chips so others can continue to play. Gamers win gold trophies and things like a glass slipper. But folks – it is all virtual!

LottoRace Complaints

It appears the biggest complaints is that some people found a way to make money on their virtual chips. Instead of gifting them to people, they have been selling them. I do give a little credit to the ingenuity of figuring that one out! But the complaints don’t stop there. Some people complain that their ‘gifts’ of chips are deducted but don’t arrive to the person intended. Others claim that they were advised at LottoRace that they were supposed to get a bonus and then it didn’t happen. Even though this company from the Isle of Man has had this app up and running for a number of years, they still can’t seem to get the bugs out. Plus people seemed to be taking it all so seriously – hey it’s virtual.

And More Complaints at LottoRace

I finally figured out why they are taking it seriously. It appears you can buy chips though it sounds like a lot of people didn’t receive what they bought. One person, in particular, used their mobile phone to purchase chips and had problems. I was a little surprised at the number of complaints then again we’re talking about Facebook where everyone can have their say. There are a few people that have posted how much they love the game, but then I started to wonder if they did themselves or LottoRace do it for them.

Don’t Pay to Play at LottoRace

If a gamer (note I did not use player) wants to spend some time in a casino-like atmosphere and can restrain themselves to stop when they run out of chips and not buy more, this could be a fun way to waste an hour or two.

Who Can Play LottoRace

The rules and regulations gave me quite a chuckle. To be eligible for prizes on LottoRace gamers have to be at least 18 years old and successfully answer a skill testing question without assistance or mechanical or electronic aid. Give me a break. Multiple 25 times 4, add 10,824, divide by 3 and subtract 112. I felt like I was back in school for a moment there.

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The Bottom Line at LottoRace

The social side of LottoRace might be exciting but not at the cost of sharing my private details and access to my Facebook page. I couldn’t get past that point. I have played a variety of game apps, my personal favorite being Jeopardy when it was around. But I didn’t have to share my details, and I certainly didn’t allow them to post anything on my page.


Free – I think


Privacy Issue

Mucho Complaints


This game app gets a huge thumbs down. Definitely an app to not simply walkway from – run!

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