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Price: $49.95
Trial: 60-day free trial
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Description: Specifically created for Powerball analysis, PawnPower is downloadable software that supposedly helps you pick the set of numbers that makes the most sense for a potential win.

PawnPower Exposed — Amazing Powerball Analysis or Yet Another Flop?

PawnPower Review

PawnPower Review

When was the last time you downloaded the software onto your computer? If you can’t remember, you’re not alone. With so many web and cloud-based applications, it’s difficult to imagine software good enough to get you downloading and installing locally.

As a lottery fan, you’re probably seeking systems and opportunities to improve your odds of winning.

PawnPower is supposed to be such software. Furthermore, it ranks among those programs you need to install on your computer in order to run. As per the official presentation, PawnPower is supposed to help you improve your odds of beating Powerball.

Is this really so? Should you empty up enough disc space to download the PawnPower software? The answers to these questions depend on your expectations. Still, there are some subjective criteria that can be used to judge the quality of the program.

Is TheLotter legit and how easy is it to win?

What Is PawnPower and What Does It Do?

The PawnPower numbers assistant is a desktop application used to analyze previous Powerball drawings and come up with sets of numbers that improve your odds of winning.

To make it different from other similar solutions, its makers also rely on the analysis of random numerical collections to disclose inherent biases in the lottery.

In essence, many people believe that lottery digit selection isn’t truly random. They come up with a series of hot and cold numbers – digits that are drawn more often than others and digits that appear among the winning ones less often.

Based on the theory of lottery digit bias, they try to pinpoint the numbers likely to show up among the winning ones more frequently.

While this theory may seem logical, there are various problems with it. We’ll take a deeper look into the math, later on, to explain why a belief in inherent bias is faulty and why it cannot be counted on to improve your odds of winning.

How Much Does PawnPower Cost?

This one got us sweating a bit. If you visit the PawnPower website, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to determine how much you’ll have to spend on the software.

There is a 60-day free trial period. This is what you learn when you decide to download the program. Once the trial period expires, you will have to pay for your copy in order to keep it active (and in order to get numerical analysis based on the latest PowerBall drawings).

Unfortunately, the PawnPower website doesn’t mention how much you’ll have to spend in order to keep your copy.

This is why we downloaded the software to try it out and to determine how costly it is.

And here’s what we found out – if you want to keep your copy after the expiration of the 60-day trial period, you’ll have to spend 49.95 dollars on it. The amount is labeled as a promo offer, which could be a marketing trick. Still, it’s also possible for the regular price to be higher than that.

Payments can be completed via PayPal or credit/debit card.

Needless to say, the sum is quite significant. Many other lottery systems are available free of charge or they cost less. Still, if PawnPower has something amazing to offer, that amount would be worth spending. So, what’s the truth when it comes to quality?

How Does PawnPower Work?

This PowerBall analysis software isn’t based on something unique or revolutionary. In fact, most programs developed for the purpose of cracking the lottery code will do more or less the same thing.

The PawnPower software presentation states that naturally occurring patterns take place each time a Powerball drawing takes place. Identifying such biases is possible through long-term analysis of drawing data.

Supposedly, the system improves your odds of winning the Powerball jackpot from one in 300 million to one in 10 million. But how exactly?

A quick summary of the PawnPower strategy includes a few points. Some of those are never choosing a numerical sequence that was selected during the previous drawing, allowing no more than one consecutive number selection per sequence, refraining from using all of the “most likely” to win numbers, keeping numerical sequences properly dispersed and others.

Anyone who has gone through lotto systems before knows these recommendations are quite common. In fact, they’re the basis of many other paid/free solutions that promise to be doing the same thing.

Here’s the truth, however. If lottery prediction software worked that well, most people would have become millionaires already.

Also, the creators of such systems would probably be keeping the secret to themselves in order to win big instead of selling it to others.

Even if lottery drawings aren’t truly random, it’s impossible to determine exactly when specific hot numbers are going to be drawn. You simply cannot minimize the set that much to ensure winnings and consistently beat the lottery.

Mathematicians, statisticians, and lottery professionals all agree that it’s not so easy to improve the odds. Thus, you can use programs like PawnPower for fun. If you have big expectations, chances are that you will experience big disappointments.

PawnPower Terms and Conditions

The PawnPower website doesn’t have a detailed terms and conditions page. There’s a Privacy text but obviously, it’s not the one that matters the most here.

As far as payments go, PayPal’s terms and conditions apply. That’s good news, as PayPal is a well-established system that’s going to protect your privacy and customer rights.

You can also find a bit more on the website’s FAQ page.

For example, you’ll learn there are occasional updates to the software but these don’t happen all too often. If you download PawnPower, you wouldn’t need that statement. The interface is so incredibly outdated you’ll know it hasn’t been worked on in quite a lot of time.

And that’s quite surprising, given the fact that the software was supposedly launched in 2021.

Additional terms and conditions are provided when you download the software itself. Please check that text out before moving forward with using the program. That’s super important, especially if you, later on, plan to spend some money on PawnPower.

Who Is Behind PawnPower?

This Powerball analysis software is the creation of Randomware Software Solutions. Here’s where it gets interesting.

There’s absolutely no information about such a company. You can do all kinds of research – online, using trade registers and directories that supposedly provide information on registered companies. You’re not going to find anything about an entity called Randomware Software Solutions.

The PawnPower website also doesn’t state anything about the people or entities behind the software. In our book, that’s a major red flag. Those who are confident in the quality of their product will stand behind it with an actual name and some contact information. You’ll find it impossible to access either when it comes to the PawnPower software.

The website’s support page isn’t helpful, either. You will get access to an online form rather than an email or a phone number. And again – this is an easy cop-out for those who’d like to maintain anonymity (and who’d also prefer to refrain from offering a more reliable form of customer support).

So, be cautious about who you trust with your money. Also, given the fact you have to download something onto your computer, you should be provided with more information. We don’t recommend installing software that you’re not 100 percent confident in. The security consequences of a bad decision can be pretty profound.

Why You Should Register with PawnPower


60-day free trial

Why You Shouldn’t Register with PawnPower


There is no clear pricing information available on the PawnPower website

The software claims to improve odds of winning the Powerball jackpot but does not provide evidence or explanation for how it does this

There is no guarantee that using PawnPower will actually increase the chances of winning the lottery

The software relies on the theory of lottery digit bias, which has been proven to be faulty

The cost of keeping the software after the initial 60-day free trial period is significant compared to other lottery systems on the market

Would you mind rating PawnPower?

Is PawnPower Legit?

PawnPower is yet another program among dozens of such solutions available for download/use online. Should you be giving it a try? Our recommendation is to refrain from downloading PawnPower. It’s not the option that will help you crack the Powerball lottery code. In fact, such an option doesn’t exist.

PawnPower is fairly expensive and for 50 bucks, it doesn’t really give you something unique or distinctive. Furthermore, many of the people who downloaded and tried the program claim it’s too complex and difficult to use, even impossible to master because of the complexities.

Playing the lottery should be fun. Trying to crack the code will definitely suck all of the enjoyment out of the process.

You’d be better off spending 50 spare dollars on actual lottery tickets. Who knows, this could be your one chance to win big.

Because of its cost, the fact that the maker of the software remains anonymous, and the specifics of how it works, PawnPower receives a rating of 2 out of 10 stars.

  1. While I am not an ardent lottery player, I do dabble with the Powerball now and then. As I play less often, I feel the need to be a little more selective with my pick numbers. I have chosen Pawnpower as my strategy of choice based on many, many attempts at using other methods out there and my own analysis of the past winning numbers. The app has several modules that plainly show how I can improve my odds using a common sense approach. There are no mysterious algorithms and no promises that would be literally impossible to live up to. I understand why this site refers these types of systems as scams, and I agree that most of them are just that. If you take advantage of the 60 day free trial, you can determine for yourself the benefit this software offers.

    By the way, the sign up fee after the trial period is $39.95 rather than $49.95 as stated in this site’s review.

  2. The Pawnpower program is unlike any of the other strategies that I have tried over the years. The app’s help pages show how only 17% of the possible 126 patterns are winning patterns 50% of the time. This means that if you layout your picks using those patterns as a template, you will be within the winning patterns’ group nearly every other drawing. Of course you still need to refine your numbers selections beyond that, but it is a critical first step in a well developed strategy. And this is only one of the several insights that the program offers.

    I don’t understand Lotto-Exposed’s review of this program. They have pre-determined that ALL methods to analyze any lotteries’ winning numbers are worthless scams. As posted elsewhere on this website, they state:
    “While I stick to my opinion that lottery software is as useful as a wooden frying pan …”

    This speaks volumes about the reviews posted on this site.

  3. It seems as if it was too much work for this site to get into the details about how Pawnpower works. Either that or it was way over their head. They have completely missed the mark with this review and it makes Lottoexposed lose every bit of credibility with me on all of the reviews posted here. Pawnpower is by far the most sophisticated powerball analysis program I have used. While I have not won big bucks with this program yet, I have won enough to keep playing. If anyone thinks that some piece of software is going to win big at the lottery on a regular basis, they are delusional. The best you can hope for is a dramatic improvement to the odds.

  4. I have used, and am currently using PawnPower’s software. I will admit that depending how you use it, it can appear a bit complicated. It should be. This is not a simple process we’re talking about. For those who don’t want to grab the bull by the horns, the app offers an Automated selection process that does all of the analysis and numbers selection and I need only enter the quantity of pick numbers that I want to generate. That’s as easy as it gets and I’ll admit I use it more because of my time commitments. I can’t picture this app as a web app. It would take forever to simply go through a single analysis.

    I have also used the Support option when I had an issue transferring the app to a new computer. The response was quick, polite and professional.

    I did my research before buying in and the company is Randomware LLC based near Columbia, SC. You can find them listed with Dun & Bradstreet.


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