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Price: Price is set per prediction
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Description: Supposedly, the world’s only lotto-related neural network that does intelligent numerical pattern matching for the purpose of increasing your odds of winning.

Neural Lotto Exposed — Welcome to the Future but Is It for Real?

Neural Lotto Exposed

Neural Lotto Review

Just because something sounds as if it’s taken out of a sci-fi movie does not mean it’s better or superior to other options. Neural Lotto is making use of clever advertising strategies to establish its product as a highly innovative and intelligent solution for those interested in picking the right lottery numbers. If you go to the homepage, you will feel that you’ve been given access to space-age technology. Is this really the case? Let’s take a deeper look at Neural Lotto to unravel the mystery.

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What Is Neural Lotto and What Does It Do?

Neural Lotto does sound pretty cool when you first go over the software description.

Neural Lotto supposedly relies on an artificial intelligence (AI) engine to look for patterns and algorithms in past drawings for lotteries of interest (mainly smaller local lotteries rather than the big names). If you check the US options, for example, you will see entries like Pick 3, Take 5, and Pick 5. Big names like Powerball and Mega Millions are missing.

Artificial intelligence solutions have one interesting characteristic. The more they’re being used, the “smarter” they become. The engine learns from past tasks and as the database grows, its numerical generations are supposed to become even more accurate than before.

Such technology is being utilized in a wide array of fields. Even Google relies on an AI and machine learning algorithm to give you better and more relevant suggestions each time you search the web.

Does Neural Lotto, however, really rely on a powerful AI machine? These are claims we cannot verify at the time. The website does feature two examples of tickets that have been generated via the use of the algorithm and that have supposedly won. Such claims, however, are impossible to verify due to obvious reasons.

How Much Does It Cost?

It really sucks when software developers try to come up with misleading and sneaky ways of charging people money. This is precisely what Neural Lotto is attempting to accomplish.

When you visit the product’s homepage, you will get a notice that you can sign up for free. This is indeed the case. After you sign up, however, you cannot use the algorithm to generate lottery numbers unless you make a payment.

The payment is per prediction and it varies from one lottery to another.

If you want a prediction for Montana’s Montana Cash, for example, you will have to spend 1.5 dollars on the prediction. For Austria’s Lotto, you will need to spend 1.5 euros on the prediction. If we go to the UK and Thunderball, the cost of a single prediction via Neural Lotto is going to be 1.5 pounds.

You will be redirected immediately to PayPal in order to make the payment. There’s no option for testing out the algorithm in advance and deciding whether you’d like to spend any money on it in the future.

How Does Neural Lotto Work?

According to its advertising banner, Neural Lotto is the “most sophisticated online [sic] lotto neural network in the world.”  The official presentation states that the AI algorithm is the result of eight years of development and it does numeric pattern matching and recognition.

This isn’t something completely new and unseen. Other neural networks do exist and they do the exact same thing – they look for numerical patterns and they have the capacity to go over a large database over a short period of time.

Supposedly, the algorithm has already contributed to 3-second prizes and one jackpot win. The combined prizes exceed 38.6 million dollars. That sounds perfectly great but anyone can craft a marketing campaign like that. The proof is in the pudding and there’s no way to verify the existence of the winning tickets or the fact that the numbers printed on them have been generated through the use of Neural Lotto.

As already mentioned, this is an AI system. Its developers promise that it will get better and more advanced in the future. It is impossible to tell whether such bold predictions are going to materialize themselves. At the time being, there is no guarantee that Neural Lotto is going to increase your odds of winning. Looking for numerical patterns can easily take place through the analysis of hot and cold numbers for a lottery of interest. You can effortlessly do that without spending anything.

We aren’t the only ones doubting the legitimacy of the claims. The Neural Lotto Facebook page features numerous posts from interested individuals who want proof of actual prizes being won or a chance to try out the algorithm for free. They haven’t gotten any response.

Neural Lotto Terms and Conditions

There are no terms and conditions featured on the Neural Lotto website! Not a single line of text exists about liability, how privacy is being protected and whether the company offers any guarantees to people who decide to try out its product.

Occasionally, discount codes may be provided for the purpose of reducing the cost of usage. If you’re interested in these (and we really don’t advise you to spend any money on Neural Lotto), you should visit the official Facebook page where such opportunities are announced.

When you make a payment, you’re immediately redirected to PayPal. That’s good news because PayPal’s terms, conditions, and protections will apply. That’s the only good thing about Neural Lotto and you can rest assured that your financial information will be protected in the event you decide to spend money on such a questionable algorithm.

Who Is Behind Neural Lotto?

At least the people who have created Neural Lotto do not hide behind internet anonymity.

According to the platform’s about us page, Thomas Kören and Peter Gray established the project back in 2000. They were MIT CDO graduates and they were interested in exploring statistical models and artificial intelligence solutions.

Through research work, they focused even further on the world of lotteries. The two got establishment of an artificial intelligence neural network that’s specifically targeted to reading large volumes of data and identifying trends in the world of lotteries.

Does this sound like an interesting story? It certainly does and while impressed, we decided to dig a little bit deeper. A Google search on Thomas Kören did not produce any results apart from the Neural Lotto page. Peter Gray is a much more generic name. it gave a number of hits but none of them are relevant to the world of coding or artificial intelligence.

We cannot be 100 percent confident that these are pseudonyms but a reasonable analysis of the information (see what we did there!) points in that direction.

When you go to the Neural Lotto contact page, you will not see an address or a phone number. There’s a standard online form you can use to write a message. If you go to the Facebook page, you may eventually have your questions answered. Keep in mind, however, that the support team isn’t particularly friendly. A few people who made legitimate comments about the price of the prediction tool were more or less attacked about their opinions.

Why You Should Register with Neural Lotto


Your financial information will be protected

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Why You Shouldn’t Register with Neural Lotto


No contact number

Difficult to verify actual winners

Final Verdict

Neural Lotto is based on a cool premise and this fact could get people spending money on a supposed artificial intelligence solution. There’s no way to verify the use of an AI engine. There is no way to verify the fact that people have actually won cash using the predictions. Finally, there is no way to verify the identity of the platform’s creators. Their story is cool but most likely, it is a made-up fairy tale aimed at getting more people interested in Neural Lotto.

There is no way to guarantee a lottery prize each time you play. This is why lotto prediction software developers always have disclaimers that their tools should be used more as entertainment rather than a statistical analysis option.

You can easily find hot and cold numbers for every single lottery out there. These are available for free. If you are to test such tools, at least refrain from spending money on them. The expenditure is simply not worth it.

Neural Lotto has a cool presentation but the claims aren’t backed up and the attitude of the support team is not the best one out there. There’s no free trial and no option for you to determine the effectiveness of the tool. This is why Neural Lotto gets a 2 out of 10-star rating.

  1. Scammers using leading MIT supposed names. They sent me a very unprofessional email I. Response. Not highly intelligent as you think. They use big numbers to make themselves look good. Companies not hard to find. Based out of Michigan.

    • That’s not true. I have won several times using their system

  2. Your review is inaccurate in some parts. For example, Powerball and Mega Millions are certainly there (there’s a big list of lotteries). There is also T&C which you have to accept when you sign up. There also exists a free 2 time trial (you just need to know where to look). Results in general are better than home software. I haven’t had a problem with support; very kind and responsive, but that’s just me.


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