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Description: Be a Lottery Winner is a program to help you win Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games. It gives you the drawn numbers before they are drawn if no number is drawn twice.

Be A Lottery Winner Exposed — Its Claims Are About To Be Interrogated! And We Start Live In 3, 2, and 1! #Booyah!

'Be A Lottery Winner' Exposed

Be A Lottery Winner Review

Yes of course, only if it were so easy, mate. By the way, creative title or slogan or whatever it is, really I can’t be bothered. But it does manage to capture attention, you know, like if you read a sign that says ‘Be the next best bachelor’ or ‘Be the next Miss Universe’ it does capture attention and of course it’s way better than the random and painfully boring, “Do you want to be a lottery winner?” it’s like asking a question for whose answer you already know! Like, hell yes I want to be a lottery winner, what kind of question is that? It’s like asking a guy, who has walked half the Sahara desert, if he wants some cold water.

If that guy had a gun, you might be dead for asking that question. Anyway, that’s not the point of this article. What I’m about to do will help you keep your eyes peeled for any such products that guarantee things that just cannot be – like wishing for the real Santa Clause to appear for Christmas – it’s okay to tell the children that Santa will be visiting, and you can then ask someone to be Santa for the day, but deep inside you know it’s all made up – it’s not true. I’m hoping you get the point. You are not children, and ‘Be A Lottery Winner’ is not Santa!

Be A Lottery Winner – What it’s all about

The homepage is a big block of text, so naturally, I had a tough time combing through it to get to the gist of the whole program. So this program is developed by a person named Eric, who claims to be a mathematician currently living in England. Here’s a paragraph from his website, you will note that apart from the claims, it’s also grammatically very, very incorrect.

“Hello, my name is Eric, I am a mathematician, I lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 12 years, I live in Worcester, England now. I have designed a program to help you win Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotto! and improve your chance to win the lottery It has already benefited countless people and if you try my system you will be surprised how easy it is to win because I do not guess the numbers I give you the drawn numbers either in the correct order or box order every time they are drawn in the amount of numbers you choose.”

That’s two sentences right there! I dare you to read without taking a breath!

Alright, so how does it work? “My system is simple I give you the drawn numbers either in box order or straight order before they are drawn if no number is drawn twice” and how much does he charge? ‘Only’ $10.99. Now my big question to Eric, don’t you love yourself? Why would you give away your precious ‘lottery winning’ strategy and not use it yourself to be rich? It always surprises me; you know how people want to ‘give back to the community’ without even being part of it. “Yeah, I’d love to give back to the golf clubs, have you ever played golf? No, I don’t even know what golf is, but I’d love to give back to them.” LOL

And what are the chances of winning Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotto? A staggering 85%! That’s what he says here, “Every Game of Chance is pure mathematics; that’s why permutations will increase your chance of winning Pick 3, plus Pick 4, Pick 5, 6/49 lottery, PowerBall and the Mega the games by 85%.” But then the paragraph above says, “I guarantee if the 3 numbers drawn are in the 8 numbers you choose, you must win the Pick 3 Lotto. The 3 numbers will be either in box order or the correct order when you win.” Then below he blew it by stating, “The formula I use gives you a 100% guarantee that if the 3 numbers are drawn in the amount of numbers you choose, they will be together.” So really the guy has no idea what he wants to convey, and the sales pitch is just not up to the mark.

Be a Lottery Winner Products – Spoof Of the Dummies Guide

Did you notice or am I the only one who thinks that his products resemble the dummies guide books?! So clearly he thinks we’re dummies! So the ‘buy now’ page has tons of ‘Be A Lottery Winner’ products ranging from $2.99 to $25.99.

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My 2 Cents

Please move on. Think about this for a minute. If you had a magic potion that you could drink to transform yourself into a beauty queen or a handsome hunk for life, what would you do? Like practically? Share that magic ever young pill with others for a fee or keep it to yourself to remain young forever? Duh, these lottery software developers make me wonder what they think we are. Thank goodness we’re not so dumb! So people, move on!

  1. Be A Lottery Winner is the best lotto system on the internet because I give you the pick 3 and pick 4 drawn numbers before they are drawn either in the correct order or box order if the drawn numbers are in the amount of numbers you choose.
    It will cost you nothing to test me for free if you will tell the world you are a winner as soon as you win send your chosen numbers to balw @

  2. What a riot. Folks, if this guy had such a great system he would be taking his winning to the bank and not what you pay for his system. Using the term guarantee anywhere in this kind of thing is a definite no no! I definitely say no to this one!


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