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Description: Lottomart gives you an opportunity to bet on some of the world’s biggest lottery jackpots and to explore additional ways to win.

Lottomart Exposed — UK Licensed App

Lottomart Exposed

Lottomart Review

If lottery betting is your thing, Lottomart may be the right choice for you. The app is easy and convenient – all you have to do is download it on your phone to get started. As per the official presentation, Lottomart provides numerous opportunities for cash prize wins. While the theory sounds pretty good, we need to explore Lottomart in practice. We’ve put our detective hats on to test Lottomart and tell you everything you need to know about it.

Let’s start the Lottomart review with a quick explanation of the opportunity.

Actually, let’s start with what Lottomart isn’t. Lottomart is not an online international lottery operator. You cannot use it to buy a ticket for a lottery of your preference and get a chance at hitting the jackpot for the respective drawing.

Rather, Lottomart allows you to bet on the jackpots of different international lotteries. You will not be participating in the game itself, the betting opportunity is provided by Lottomart rather than the official national lottery entity.

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Still, Lottomart occupies a specific niche and it gives you a chance to extend your lottery playing activities. If you like to test your luck and explore multiple betting venues, you’ll probably enjoy what Lottomart has to offer.

Since you will be betting actual money, however, it’s very important to determine whether Lottomart is legit and if you should be giving this opportunity a try. A number of safety considerations will have to be examined and you’ll find some of these key issues discussed later on in the Lottomart review.

What Is Lottomart and What Does It Do?

Lottomart was launched in 2017. The Lottomart app is the creation of Maple International Ventures Limited – a company registered in Gibraltar for the purpose of releasing lottery and betting-related products on the market.

The Lottomart app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You simply have to download it to your phone for free and create a profile to get started. Keep in mind, however, that some location-based limitations may apply. Lottomart isn’t available in all countries and if you’re not seeing the app in the list of possibilities in the respective digital store, chances are that Lottomart is disabled for your location.

In a sense, Lottomart is similar to Lottoland. You bet on the outcome of existing lotteries. Just like the lottery, these apps collect funds through the bets that individual players make. A portion of the sum collected this way is allocated back to the payment of prizes.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Lottomart app itself is free for installation. If you want to play and bet on international lotteries, however, you will have to fund your account with real money.

Each of the betting opportunities is provided with a detailed explanation of what the bet options are and how much you can bet.

Lottomart also supposedly has responsible gaming features. These enable players to keep track of their betting history and refrain from going overboard. Still, anyone who’s addicted to betting will probably ignore these metrics.

If you do download Lottomart, it will be up to you to use this opportunity responsibly. Bet small amounts of money and set a weekly limit. Otherwise, you may end up investing unreasonably large sums of money in a game that isn’t necessarily going to give you anything back in return.

How Does Lottomart Work?

Lottomart gives you a chance to bet on the outcome of national lotteries instead of actually participating in them. Some of the lotteries featured via the Lottomart app include EuroMillions, the US Powerball, Mega Millions, Irish Lotto and various others.

If the numbers that you’ve chosen via the Lottomart app match the official ones drawn, you will win a cash prize. The more numbers you match, the higher the payout is going to be.

On top of the national lottery betting options, Lottomart also has custom draws and additional games members can participate in.

Some of the betting options enable the winning of free scratchcards or diamonds. The scratchcards work in the standard way and they could produce a prize (although the manner in which digital scratchcards are regulated is somewhat dubious). Diamonds can be used instead of cash and when a sufficient number adds up, these will provide a free of charge betting opportunity.

As per the official Lottomart presentation, the scratchcards can produce awards of up to 150,000 pounds. While Lottomart was launched in 2017, we couldn’t find any information about people winning such massive amounts through the app games.

If you don’t qualify for free scratchcards. You will have to spend actual money on them. The price ranges from three to 10 pounds, depending on the specific scratchcard you’re interested in.

One other Lottomart feature worth discussing is the so-called boost. The Lottomart boost multiplies the number of line bets that you have in a draw. Hence, the boost is supposed to improve your odds of winning a prize. Those who use the boost, however, should be aware of the fact that it leads to a proportional reduction in the prize amount in the event of winning.

According to the Lottomart presentation, prizes are paid out immediately and credited to winner accounts. The money can be withdrawn but some limitations apply (these are outlined in the Lottomart terms and conditions).

Lottomart Terms and Conditions

Is Lottomart legit? The short answer is yes. The company behind the app has created detailed terms and conditions that shed more light on the specifics of the app and the ways in which consumer rights are protected.
Like all other lottery-related apps, Lottomart does not guarantee winnings. You are spending real cash on a betting opportunity and by doing so, you acknowledge the fact you could be losing some money.

Lottomart does have some restrictions in place. In order to create an account and bet through the app, a downloader must declare that they’re 18 or older. In addition, players have to be located in permitted jurisdictions for the purpose of downloading and using the app.

Players are not allowed to hold more than one Lottomart account and the use of automated players/bots is prohibited. The provision of false or misleading information, as well as attempts to cheat the system, will contribute to the termination of a Lottomart account.

The app has detailed privacy policies, as well. You can rest assured that your information and your payment details will be protected adequately when you sign up for a Lottomart account.

Who is Behind Lottomart?

Lottomart is the creation of Maple International Ventures Limited.

The company is registered in Gibraltar and it is licensed by the Gambling Commission of the Government of Gibraltar to provide gaming products to customers in jurisdictions where betting and the use of such digital tools are deemed legal.

In addition, the company is licensed in the UK under a license reference number of 000-038991-R-319408-004.

Maple Ventures Limited does not provide a contact opportunity on the Lottomart website but customer support reps have been responding to negative reviews in the App Store and the Google Store.

There haven’t been complaints about money losses or Lottomart being a fraud scheme. A few negative remarks have focused on the betting odds for certain lotteries and how these happen to be somewhat unfavorable.

If you’re not happy with what Lottomart has to offer, you can initiate a complaints procedure (outlined in the Lottomart terms and conditions). Those who believe they have lost money unfairly or they’ve experienced a technical problem that prevented them from monetizing can raise a complaint within six months of the incident date.

The complaints procedure is available via the Lottomart official website. The phone number that can be used to submit a complaint is 0207 347 5883. App users can also send a written complaint to the Maple International Ventures Limited physical address: IBAS PO Box 62639 London EC3P 3AS United Kingdom.

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The app is easy and convenient

This app is properly licensed in Gibraltar and the UK

It is available for both Android and iOS devices

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Players have to be located in permitted jurisdictions to use the app

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Final Verdict

Let’s summarize a few of the most important points at the end of this Lottomart review.

Is Lottomart legit? The answer is yes. This app is properly licensed in Gibraltar and the UK. The company behind Lottomart focuses on transparency through detailed terms and conditions. There’s also a complaint option if you’re not happy with your experience.

Is Lottomart worth it? That depends on your preferences. It’s difficult to understand why you’d go for result betting instead of the actual national lottery. Some people, however, like this opportunity and the additional games that betting apps provide.

Overall Lottomart is safe and easy to use. It deserves a 7 out of 10 stars rating.


  1. Definitely a scam worst site played on. Don’t even deserve one star

  2. Extortionate wagering requirements when using bonus funds. The slot side of this casino is riddled with Play N Go slots, too many slingo games. They clearly don’t like criticism as upon leaving an honest review on another platfrom I had my account closed.

  3. Anyone thinking of joining this bogus site just DON’T!!!!!!!
    IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!
    Honestly I have had the same reels with my past 3 deposits!!! All recorded ready to be sent off………
    Seriously stay away it’s a COMPLETE con!!!!!
    Many reviews about this site and none of them were good!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are absolutely DISGRACEFUL and should be shut down…
    I will see to it that they get investigated….

  4. It’s a big old scam you join the site and get a win or 2 then in a few days time they start to remove money from your account with out your day so fraud!!!

  5. Utterly scammed. Do not use


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