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Description: software only goes so far as to identify days that are particularly lucky for a player. Good astrology software goes a lot further. Exposed — Real Astrology or a Money-Making Machine? Exposed

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How do you choose your lotto numbers? Do you stick to your favorite dates? Or maybe to numbers of personal significance? How about relying on astrology and numerology?

If astrology is your thing, you’ll probably be excited when you come across a product like Lucky Days. Lucky Days TV is being advertised as astrology software for gambling. But hold your horses before spending your hard-earned cash on such a product. There are various essentials we need to talk about in advance.

The chances are that you’ve already written the update published above, and you have some idea about what we’ve been subjected to ever since writing our first Lucky Days review. Regardless of the fact we’re being bombarded with threats, we will take an impartial look at how the platform works and whether it’s worth spending your money on.

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What Is Lucky Days and What Does It Do?

On the main home page of, Adrian Fourie (the platform’s creator) refers to the ‘Dave Gorman Important Astrology Experiment’ as a testament to how well this software works.

On the show, Dave follows his horoscope for forty days, and his fraternal twin does not. This show aired on BBC TV2 back in 2002. Adrian claims that Dave won money, and his twin brother did not, entirely based on betting on lucky days.

So, the Lucky Days TV daily horoscope report follows a similar logic, giving you a chance to bet whenever the stars are properly aligned in your favor.

Members will be provided with reports based on their birth date and a specific future time period. A sample report is published on the official Lucky Days TV show website. It looks somewhat complicated, especially if you have no experience in the realm of astrology. If you do take an interest in it, however, you may find the information valuable.

Keep in mind that the platform doesn’t limit itself solely to lottery playing. The same methodology is supposedly applicable to betting on horse races, casino games, and other gambling opportunities.

How Much Does Cost?

As per the official website, you’re supposed to get a free three-month report before signing up for the full program. The cost of membership is 79 dollars, which entitles you to free upgrades.

How Does Lucky Days Work?

Whether astrology works or not is out of the question. Some people believe in the power of cosmic alignment; others do not. We are here to assess Lucky Days TV and determine whether you should be spending money on it or if you’re better off investing your almost 80 dollars into something else.

Astrology software has been available for a while. There are many such platforms out there, but verifying their legitimacy and the accuracy of the claims being made is obviously impossible. software aims to identify days that are particularly lucky for a player. However, there isn’t additional analysis that could be beneficial and help a lottery player make more informed choices about the numbers they’re going to play or the particular games to bet on.

If you check out the Lucky Days TV reviews above our article, you’ll see that many people complain of getting nothing out of the tool or only winning small amounts in the five-dollar range.

According to the official presentation published on the program’s website, Lucky Days TV boosts your odds of winning by as much as 60 percent. Unfortunately, there’s no information provided on how this calculation is made. There’s also no statistical analysis of the number of members who have won. Without such supporting information, it’s impossible to take such claims at face value. As a critical thinker, you can evaluate on your own and come up with a valid conclusion about the Lucky Days system (or the absence of such). Terms and Conditions

There is no terms and conditions section on the Lucky Days TV website. The only official-sounding link in the footer is the disclaimer one.

As per the disclaimer, the software’s efficiency isn’t guaranteed (regardless of the 60 percent success-boosting claim mentioned earlier). You buy the software, use the software, and play the lottery at your own discretion.

And this disclaimer comes from someone who claims to have predicted accurately the stock market crash of 2008 and the discovery of extraterrestrial life (not to mention a promise for the cure of AIDS and Covid-19).

The absence of a standard privacy policy, as well as detailed terms and conditions, makes us really nervous. Any reputable product developer would feature such information to protect themselves and inform potential buyers about their rights and obligations.

Who Is Behind

As already mentioned, the founder of Lucky Days TV daily horoscope and astrological reports is Adrian Fourie. If you check the comments section above, you’ll see a ton of his responses.

The Lucky Days TV website has a section dedicated to the program’s author, but it doesn’t reveal an awful lot about Fourie’s credentials.

You will get to read a long explanation of why Adrian Fourie developed this software and what it has done for him. The only contact is a Gmail address. There is no phone number, no address, and no endorsement or licensing by an independent third party.

However, Fourie has developed multiple other products like StarLove – a program aimed at giving you astrological opportunities for discovering your significant other and the Venus Report (which has something to do with beauty, apparently). There’s also a HitBox software product dedicated to Blackjack playing. We assume that if we did some more digging, we’d probably come across additional similar developments.

Why You Should Register with Lucky Days TV


May work for you if you believe in Astrology

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lucky Days TV


No customer support

The website does not have terms and conditions

The reviews are not entirely trustworthy

Would you mind rating Lucky Days?

Is Lucky Days TV Legit?

We did seek additional Lucky Days TV reviews to make sure we have the complete picture before finalizing this account.

Do understand that Lucky Days has an affiliate program that provides financial compensation for referrals resulting in sales. There are numerous generic-sounding positive reviews out there that all feature affiliate links. As such, these testimonials are not the most trustworthy ones out there.

As far as comments (including ones featured in our own guide), many also have a generic, overly-optimistic vibe. They quote the 60 percent accuracy rate mentioned in the official presentation. It’s impossible to tell if these are fake or not, but you can draw your own conclusion as a reader who uses logic daily.

We have examined astrological reports and charts in the past. Most of them provide a lot more information than Lucky Days TV gives its members.

The absence of clearly defined terms of usage is also concerning.

Please be careful about spending your money on products that supposedly improve your chances of winning the lottery. For many of those, simply investing the respective sum in the acquisition of lottery tickets could help you achieve much better results.

  1. Do not waste your money on this. I purchased it and the only thing that happened on lucky days, despite following all the instructions, was to loose BIG TIME and a LOT, repeatedly. Just a scam.

  2. After a few years of testing this program, it hasn’t owned up to its 60% success rate more like 0%
    I can honestly say that this doesn’t work in the least bit.
    Sorry to those who feel different but these are the facts
    It’s NEVER been accurate at all.

  3. I did very well using the luckydaystv chart.
    Out of 6 5 $$$$$, I won on at least half the lucky days.

    Thanks, Adrian

  4. I have had this program for a couple of years. It has made a difference in the days I pick to take chance in a game of luck. There was a day that I had a “fair” day. I had no luck the whole day but after 9pm it changed. I could not lose if I wanted to. I won around $3,500.00. I have been journaling my win. It made me realize what kind of a mood I was in, was I content or ornery. Was I tired or sick? Was I stressed out?? Was the burden off of my shoulders? So for my own personal research. When I have lucky days, I make sure I have had good sleep, feel good, and read the planets. If I have Venus in my planets I would buy bingo papers from women, If I had Mars in my planets I would bingo papers from men. These are just examples. The program is set to work for you if you are aligned for it to work. No matter how lucky your days are, if you are not aligned to win, then you should not go and play. All in all, this is a good program. Tailor it to you, not you tailor to it. I would say it has worked 80% for me but that is for me. If you decide to buy the program, take full responsibility for yourself and research how you can make it work for you. Good luck.

  5. Adrian Fourie is a scammer and a thief. I’m not talking about the $80 which he offered to refund me because his software doesn’t work.

    I am talking about him stealing my life from right under me. Specific things he said that would happen in my life that didn’t. He is a very vile and evil man. Plain and simple.

    There can be excuses made but the honest truth was that he gave very specific details on what would happen in my life and I did not even ask for this prediction.

    I suppose it is all my fault because it is my greed and thirst for wisdom that attracted me to this software in the first place.

    You can see Adrian all over the internet congratulating people from India etc on winning rupees and his friends that know him in his personal life who have won a few dollars at bingo. You can see him all over the internet congratulating these people.

    It is a fraud and a scam. He will tell you that in my 35 years of living. I have been a bad person for all these 35 years and this is why I haven’t experienced a taste like these others.

    I can only tell the truth. If you sense any lies or exaggerations that’s fine. Karma will get you all.

    • I spent dozens of hours trying to help James with his life, he asked me to look at his chart many times. I did not charge a cent for doing this and cut him off when he started emailing my girlfriend and saying horrible things to her. I ignored his many emails after that. You would do the same.


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