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Lotto Pro

Poor 2.1 | Reviews (44)
Price: $29.95
Trial: 15 Days
Guarantee: 30 Days
Description: Lotto Pro claims it maximizes your winnings. It offers lottery wheeling, smart number picks, etc.

Lotto Pro 2013 Exposed — How About Increasing Your Odds of Winning?

Lotto Pro 2013

Lotto Pro 2013 Review

Everyone would like to increase their odds of winning lotteries. I’ve looked at a variety of systems and applications that make this claim. Lotto Pro 2013 came across my desk today, so I thought I’d take a look and see what they promise. I’m not a big fan of lottery software for winning as they usually make all kinds of wild claims and it’s their sales that make them money. I’ll do my best to put any misconceptions aside and give you a fair and transparent review of Lotto Pro 2013.

How Lotto Pro 2013 Works

As lottery software goes, Lotto Pro 2013 is quite remarkable in complexity, and I can honestly say that it is one of the more professionally designed applications of this type. You install it on your computer, and at least in theory, you can use it right away because there are only a couple of buttons and actions that can be performed. Trust me when I say that you wouldn’t want to do that without prior research and I strongly recommend you to go over the user manual. It’s as thick as Encyclopedia Britannica but it explains in detail how every single function works and what it does.

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The user needs only to download Lotto Pro 2013 and install it, with the registration being done through the software itself. Assuming you have read all the information presented in the aforesaid user manual, you can use this lottery software for creating and checking lottery tickets. It is also helpful to those who interpret statistical charts and graphs, while the icing on the cake is the section explaining how wheeling systems are supposed to be used. There is no shortage of winners’ stories on their official website, though I took these with a grain of salt.

Lotto Pro 2013 Complaints

After wasting a couple of minutes trying to find some comments that were even remotely negative about Lotto Pro 2013 in their testimonials section, I went elsewhere. There are no scam allegations online and not many complaints about this lottery software, though I  did eventually find a couple of pertinent reviews. The guys at CNET wrote a mostly positive review of the app, but they were not very satisfied with the layout and the design.

Equally upset are the users, and if you’re looking for a couple of short but honest reviews, I suggest you visit The complaints were mostly about the fact that the application installs icons and shortcuts without asking, downloads third-party content, and ultimately slows down the computer. Given the fact that these are mostly technical issues and the complaints are not directed towards the application’s ability to actually improve the players’ chances to win the jackpot, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised.

Why You Should Register with Lotto Pro


Great user interface

Statistics are up to date

Positive reviews about an increased chance of winning

15-day free trial

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lotto Pro


Complaints about technical issues

Works on Windows only

Unresponsive customer service

Would you mind rating Lotto Pro?

Is Lotto Pro Legit?

I must say that the developers did a good job in creating an application that lottery enthusiasts who are hoping to cut corners and win the jackpot will find useful. The graphics are average, and the application is neither speedy nor very intuitive, but overall it is considerably better than most of its competition. While I stick to my opinion that lottery software is as useful as a wooden frying pan and I wouldn’t pay a dime for Lotto Pro or similar software, go ahead and take advantage of the 15-day free trial. Just beware of the downloads.

  1. Was this on floppy disks? It is so outdated? News flash, the only truth with this product is that there is no money back guaranteed at all. If there was i would have my money back.

    Lotto Logic Pro is superior, everyone knows this.

  2. ok, so i just want to let everyone know my recent struggles with Windows Lotto Joke.

    Hopefully someone from support will read this and give me that 100% money back guarantee.

    When i realized i have no control over the software and have to PAY a subscription or you can use it.

    I’ve sent numerous emails demanding my money back.

    Nothing. Zero response, evidently the 100% money back guarantee is 100% bogus.

    Look i just want them to honor the 100% money back, the software is literally crap, useless, and the fact you have no control and they demands a sub to use it is propitious.

    Hate that feeling when you’ve been ROBBED and lied to!

  3. The two most important comments from the reviewer.

    “I wouldn’t pay a dime for Lotto Pro” 100% agree, dumpster fires provide more value. This is like a failed high school project from the 80’s.

    “Just beware of the downloads.”
    If you installed this, format your pc immediately.

  4. Want to throw away your money? Then buy this, as that’s what you are doing.

    There is nothing good here at all. They seem to spam out a bunch of amateur sites to try and convince you that this is the best option, when in fact it is the worst. Not once in almost a year has it got one number correct?

    Now that i know i was scammed hard, i feel sorry for anyone who falls for this.

    Stop feeding this troll, hopefully will go away and stop ripping off unsuspecting people. Any site that tells you that this is the best or even slightly good can not be trusted as they are as dishonest as that site is.

  5. holy moly this pos still exists?

    I was using this exact same product over 30 years ago and hasn’t improved one bit? If anything has gotten much worse due to a sub requirement to use this?

    It was a pos back then and is now a even bigger pos today as it installs something virus scanners do not like. You will need to format your pc to get rid of it.

    !!!AVOID!!! Even for free i doubt anyone would ever use it, it useless.


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