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BoxLotto Exposed — Promotional Site Dressed Up as a Free Lottery

BoxLotto Review is initially a little confusing. It’s an online lottery site that offers one lottery game free. I can’t figure out how these guys are making money then again, information is money. Though they claim that ‘your Information will not be given, sold, rented or loaned to any third party it looks like it happens. is owned by Audie Johnsen and operates under a US address in California.

Should you spend your hard-earned cash on Jackpocket or BoxLotto? Our Jackpocket review will answer your questions

BoxLotto’s Game is not the place to find UK Thunderball, Oz Powerball, or any other international lotteries.  It is more of sweepstakes offering a weekly free draw based on the results of the New York Lottery numbers drawn every Wednesday. The maximum prize is $250,000 for 6 numbers guessed, with 5 numbers providing $250, 4 numbers at $2 and 6 free tickets, and 3 numbers getting 3 free tickets. Players select their numbers, provide an email address and check to see if they’ve won.

Official Rules at

In reviewing the official rules of, I hit my first snag. They say “Participation constitutes the entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules. Entries for Tuesday Night Drawing are accepted between 8:01 pm CST Wednesday and 8:00 pm CST Wednesday.” Okay, is it Tuesday or Wednesday?

Who Gets To Play

The next snag was this game is only offered to Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), Ireland, RSA, UK, and USA residents 18 years and older. There are a bunch of other ‘voids’ and ‘ineligibles’  and ultimately ‘all entries are limited to English-speaking Internet users to ensure fairness to our weekly sponsors. Bingo and I don’t mean I just won.

I realized that these guys at make their money by being paid by other people. I guess they don’t get paid for people who play who don’t speak English.’s Customer Support

There is an online form people can complete for customer support as well; there is also an email address, telephone number (though no indication when someone will be there), and snail mail address. There is an FAQ that has a bunch of information, but it still leaves a person wondering, what am I doing here? There are no fees to be paid, hence no payment options. I guess this could be a good reason that there aren’t a lot of complaints.

BoxLotto Complaints’s Homepage has a place to click to read ‘Fraud Alert’ on the right-hand side. They are upfront here on issues that pertain directly to their reputation.

The first one is a warning regarding receiving letters in the mail saying you have won a large sum of money from Box Lotto out of Canada. Well, firstly these guys aren’t out of Canada so most people should stop right there. It’s the usual scam where they send you a check but require a person to wire to a location the taxes payable. Of course, by the time the wire has gone through, people find out that the check is counterfeit.

We have also come across players who had been participating for a while but had never won any money [].

So, What’s the Catch at

What still isn’t clear is, it appears that doesn’t actually share or provide your personal details to third parties or affiliates but your clicking on links does. It’s a gray area, enough that we do suggest people proceed with caution before they begin inputting this information.

Serious Player or Not – Would You Play Here?

It is hard to imagine serious players either expecting to win by playing for free or opting to even participate in a site that offers just one choice of the lottery. Even the maximum prize money of $250,000 does not offer much encouragement when compared to prizes offered by the major players in online lotteries.

Why You Should Register with BoxLotto


It’s Free

Why You Shouldn’t Register with BoxLotto


Probably Sells Your Personal Details

Lack of Information

Limited to English Speakers

Would you mind rating

Is BoxLotto Legit?

This looks like a promotional site dressed up as a free online lottery option. For people who genuinely want to play lotteries online, this is not the place to go. We give it a thumbs down!

  1. Was at one time a decent site, but lately, things seem to have changed. The original owner kept things running and responded to issues. The new owners have not. Help requests get no response and the issue never gets addressed. Several times this year, the numbers for the week were never posted. Did someone win the jackpot and they don’t want to pay? The prizes have also changed – way lower now.

  2. March, 7th, 2022
    on the 23rd of October 2019, the owner of was Mr.Audie Johnson and at that time I mentioned a comment recommending this site as legit, but I already noticed from the comments of many players today that Mr. Johnson already sold this site to unknown person which seems he or they do not pay any winnings any more which mean we are wasting our time by playing then if we win we do not receive our winnings, it is necessary to know who are the owners of this site now, and hope the owner will read this comment and send me a letter explaining his name and any other details concerning site so that we can place our weekly numbers with confidence that we are going to receive our winnings, please forward this letter to him, wishing you all success.

  3. Won 2 dollars I guess I did not they have not paid me

  4. Looks like the Boxlotto site is on auto-pilot and now has issues that need fixing. Had a win, but the display of my tickets shows that I matched the required number, but it shows an N in the winner column. No response from support.

    • Not sure if COVID-19 is at fault, but there is no response from support and the numbers were not drawn for a recent week. However, the numbers were drawn for the following week.

  5. Concerning I have been a subscriber with this firm since several years during which I won several small prizes all of it has been transferred to my PayPal account in maximum two weeks, when I win a large prize if God wish I will send you my comment in this regard until now I can describe 5 stars. Wishing you a healthy long life and prosperity.

    • Was just at the BoxLotto and LoveFreelotto sites. Both show that winners to date have been paid. NOT SO!!!


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