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  1. Won 2 dollars I guess I did not they have not paid me

  2. Looks like the Boxlotto site is on auto-pilot and now has issues that need fixing. Had a win, but the display of my tickets shows that I matched the required number, but it shows an N in the winner column. No response from support.

    • Not sure if COVID-19 is at fault, but there is no response from support and the numbers were not drawn for a recent week. However, the numbers were drawn for the following week.

  3. Concerning I have been a subscriber with this firm since several years during which I won several small prizes all of it has been transferred to my PayPal account in maximum two weeks, when I win a large prize if God wish I will send you my comment in this regard until now I can describe 5 stars. Wishing you a healthy long life and prosperity.

    • Was just at the BoxLotto and LoveFreelotto sites. Both show that winners to date have been paid. NOT SO!!!

  4. Same as Margaret. Also in the US. Except my $2 wins were at the sister site Love Free Lotto. One was in April, the other in June. Never received the one from April and have little hope of seeing the June one either. No response from inquiries sent to support for April’s win. On both sites, the last posted “winner’s paid” is for March wins and were posted by Administrator to both sites.

    The sites used to be good and prizes were paid promptly. Beginning to look like both have been abandoned and are on auto-pilot.

    Audie Johnson no longer owns it. He sold it several years ago, as I recall to Gavin Direct. No owner is listed on the site now.

  5. Total scam, I live in the US and won 2 dollars and three months have passed and although the day after the drawing I received an email stating I would receive my 2 dollars the next month, I’ve still not received anything 3 months later, this is a complete scam.

  6. The last few weeks I haven’t been able to access Box Lotto because Avast Security rates it as malware. I’ve been playing for numbers of years and never had a problem with them.

  7. I live in the UK and have been playing Boxlotto for about a year, although I am always skeptical, I have actually had 4 numbers come up twice and received 1 US dollar each time paid through PayPal.

  8. Jeepers, I’m going to stick to published lotteries (hey have you seen some of the sizes of the lotteries right now). I always figure you get what you pay for and this one is free. Checking out their site, it looks like it definitely is one of those ”I’m suddenly going to get lots of spam”. Definitely not what I’m looking for in playing lotteries!

  9. Hello Nick,
    My name is Dylan and I am a Aussie. I have been playing at boxlotto for about 2 months and I am really satisfied with it as I hit 6 numbers and had successfully received the money in a week and I also know how they earn money. Step 1 you enter the details and decide your 6 numbers and then click play and then you get redirected to a advertising page and that’s how they earn money and the also use Google advertising schemes and systems.
    I feel really lucky that I won the money and I am building a $50000 hardcore gaming machine!!!!

    Your Friend –

  10. Thank you very much for your timely exposes that saved me. Please let provide me the list of Genuine Lotteries to play that are both cash-pay type and free-lottos, which I can play from India and UAE

  11. Boxlotto is a great site, you pick your numbers up to 30 tickets then watch New York lotto draw, wow if you match you win $250,000 in 20 year installments, no catch, so why do you make them look bad? p.s i’ve won the lesser prizes and they sent the money.

  12. Sorry Prasad, can only be played “ELIGIBILITY: This promotion is offered only electronically via the Internet and is open to Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States residents at least 18 years and older This promotion is void in the Providence of Quebec. Residents of New York and Florida can play and are eligible to win up to the maximum amounts allowed by their individual state laws. Void where prohibited. Principals and employees of Box Lotto and its respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, and immediate family members of each are not eligible. We ask that all entries be limited to English speaking Internet users only to ensure fairness to our weekly sponsors.”

    But keep in mind that it appears that along with the free play, your details can be shared/sold to weekly sponsors. Basically, nothing is free and if you’re looking to play lotteries, I strongly recommend you look at our recommended lottery service providers! Good luck with your play. Nick

  13. I am from India. Is it possible to play box lotto free from India?

  14. Luke C – I’d love to hear how they respond and/or if you do win anything with these guys. I’d also be interested in hearing if you do get a heap of spam participating with as I am under the impression this is more a marketing site then a lottery site. Thanks for any further info you share! Nick

  15. i submitted my numbers all week for todays drawing and then they put my numbers under may 29ths drawing im going to complain and because even with that drawing i had matching numbers and they had 0 matches on it !!!!!! im going to call in on this

  16. I have been playing Boxlotto for years,only hit 4 numbers on one about 3 times,and they U.S.P.S. mailed me my $2.00 each time.I can’t tell you what happens when someone wins the BIG ONE!Maybe,no payout.They claim they now pay the small winning via

    • Good day, my name Juanita, I’m from South-Africa. I play Boxlotto as well, there was winning numbers on the 04/10/2016 I was playing all my numbers were in the winning, I send an email to Boxlotto to let them know. I send them so many emails and they didn’t get back to me. So I see this as a scam to me, this is not a joke, they may think this is a joke, but not for me. I think it’s better if they get rid of the Boxlotto game. I am tired of scam, I had enough.

    • Thomas – Winning is great eh! Even just $2. Would love feedback if you have received spam with your play! Thank, Nick

  17. I think this post used to be great. I do not recognise who you’re however definitely you are going to a well-known blogger if you happen to aren’t already. Cheers!

    • Asia Bar – thanks! Are you a lottery player? Nick


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BoxLotto Exposed — Promotional Site Dressed Up as a Free Lottery

BoxLotto Review is initially a little confusing. It’s a online lottery site that offers one lottery game free. I can’t figure out how these guys are making money then again, information is money. Though they claim that ‘your Information will not be given, sold, rented or loaded to any third party’ it looks like it happens. is owned by Audie Johnsen and operates under a US address in California.

BoxLotto’s Game is not the place to find UK Thunderball, Oz Powerball or any other international lotteries.  It is more of sweepstakes offering a weekly free draw based on the results of the New York Lottery numbers drawn every Wednesday. The maximum prize is $250,000 for 6 numbers guessed, with 5 numbers providing $250, 4 numbers at $2 and 6 free tickets and 3 numbers get 3 free tickets. Players select their numbers, provide an email address and check to see if they’ve won.

Official Rules at

In reviewing the official rules of, I hit my first snag. They say “Participation constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules. Entries for Tuesday Night Drawing are accepted between 8:01 pm CST Wednesday and 8:00 pm CST Wednesday.” Okay, is it Tuesday or Wednesday.

Who Gets To Play

The next snag was this game is only offered to Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), Ireland, RSA, UK, and USA residence 18 years and older. There are a bunch of other ‘voids’ and ‘ineligibles’  and ultimately ‘all entries are limited to English speaking Internet users to ensure fairness to our weekly sponsors‘. Bingo and I don’t mean I just won.

I realized that these guys at make their money by being paid by other people. I guess they don’t get paid for people who play who don’t speak English.’s Customer Support

There is an online form people can complete for customer support as well; there is also an email address, telephone number (though no indication when someone will be there) and snail mail address. There is an FAQ which has a bunch of information, but it still leaves a person wondering, what am I doing here! There are no fees to be paid, hence no payment options. I guess this could be a good reason that there aren’t a lot of complaints.

BoxLotto Complaints’s Homepage has a place to click to read ‘Fraud Alert’ on the right-hand side. They are upfront here on issues that pertain directly to their reputation.

The first one is a warning regarding receiving letters in the mail saying you have won a large sum of money from Box Lotto out of Canada. Well, firstly these guys aren’t out of Canada so most people should stop right there. It’s the usual scam where they send you a check but require a person to wire to a location the taxes payable. Of course, by the time the wire has gone through, people find out that the check is counterfeit.

We have also come across players who had been participating for a while but had never won any money [].

So, What’s the Catch at

What still isn’t clear is, it appears that doesn’t actually share or provide your personal details to third parties or affiliates but your clicking on links does. It’s a gray area, enough that we do suggest people proceed with caution before they begin inputting this information.

Serious Player or Not – Would You Play Here?

It is hard to imagine serious players either expecting to win for playing for free or opting to even participate in a site which offers just one choice of the lottery. Even the maximum prize money of $250,000 does not offer much encouragement when compared to prizes offered by the major players in online lotteries.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line about

This looks like a promotional site dressed up as a free online lottery option.


It’s Free


Probably Sells Your Personal Details

Lack of Information

Limited to English Speakers

For people who genuinely want to play lotteries online, this is not the place to go. We give it a thumbs down!

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