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LottoChimp Exposed — Only Three Syndicates Available

LottoChimp Exposed

LottoChimp Review

Looking to play a syndicate for EuroMillions, EuroJackpot or US Mega Millions, might be the place. This is an online lottery provider only for syndicates. Their Terms and Conditions do talk about single purchases for lottery tickets, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to click to do this. They do offer a first purchase guarantee, but then we are talking syndicates so one of the tickets that month will probably win something. It just might not be enough to withdraw your money. Let’s talk.

Games at offers three syndicates for EuroMillions (50 shares/100 ticket lines), EuroJackpot (100 shares/100 ticket lines) and US Mega Millions (100 shares/100 ticket lines). Their site also advertises US Powerball, but they haven’t added it as yet. Each syndicate goes for four weeks. There are 25 ticket lines per week. But – take EuroMillions that are available for play Tuesday and Friday. The EuroMillions syndicate only plays on Friday. You can play either with your favorite numbers or quick pick. But, your ticket line will only be used once a month. Just think of the frustration if your ticket line came upon one of the other draws!

Becoming a Member

Keep in mind, joining syndicates at is date orientated. You’ve got to pay your membership fee on the 1st, 2nd, 15th, 16th, 25th or 26th of each month. Once you’ve paid, your membership kicks in on Monday after you’ve paid. You don’t get to enter a syndicate until the 14-day cancellation period has expired. Membership is part of the cost of your tickets. Syndicates are for four weeks.

LottoChimp and Getting Your Winnings

There is a minimum withdrawal amount for any winnings of £10. If you are withdrawing £20,000 or more, they do require the Know Your Customer (KYC) documents. Winnings are available after the four weeks of the syndicate. Withdrawals are completed within five working days. LottoChimp deducts any applicable taxes. There is no commission on winnings.

Who Can Play at

There doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on who can play at LottoChimp except being 18 years or older, the money doesn’t come from any criminal activity, you agree to pay the taxes applicable, and you’re not on any exclusion list. Also, you’ve got to be honest about registering your info and not an employee of LottoChimp.

Getting in Touch with LottoChimp

This online lottery syndicate provider is operated and managed by a company out of South Africa, at the same time is a legal business entity in the UK. There is a snail mail address (South Africa), email address and phone number. The weird thing, there is no country designation for the phone number. There is also a live chat, and someone is there.

Money-Back Guarantee says they are so sure you are going to win; they will refund your monthly membership fee if you don’t win any prize money within the first month. Okay, we are talking a syndicate so members probably will win something. It just might not be the necessary amount to withdraw something to spend. Promotions

Currently, LottoChimp has a bunch of promotions. From the 1st of Aug through the 31st of December, there is a 20% discount on any single ticket US Powerball purchase. For the same period, their bundle promotions offer a 6.4% discount on their Star Bundle, a 12% discount on their Union Bundle and a 2.9% discount on their Bananza Bundle. There is also a 10 free ticket promotion for new members once they have made their first purchase. It’s a little vague on how this works.

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The Bottom Line at

Besides the fact there are only three syndicates available, I have a problem with the number of tickets purchased for each draw. Also, I’d be annoyed if, for EuroMillions, one of our ticket lines came up on the Tuesday draw and/or my ticket line won on one of the other Friday draws. There is also promotion information on US Powerball and their bundles but nowhere to get them – at this point.


Three Syndicates Available

No Commission on Winnings

Money-Back Guarantee


Only Three Syndicates

Ticket to Share/Membership Ratio

Winning Ticket/Wrong Day gets a thumb’s down. Syndicates are a great way to play, but I look for a good ratio of shares to ticket lines.

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