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All The Best Lottos Exposed — A Bad Mystery and an Expensive Portal to Stay Away from

All The Best Lottos Exposed

All the Best Lottos Review

Welcome to yet another lottery operator review. This time, we have our eyes on All the Best Lottos, or ATBL for short.

The website is quite colorful, but the reliance on beautiful graphics isn’t the thing that we’re interested in.

Instead, we’d like to find out whether All the Best Lottos is legit, whether it offers good conditions (like ticket prices and a good variety of games, for example) and whether All the Best Lottos reviews out there share a positive experience.

Since we have a lot to look at, let’s not waste more time. Here’s everything you need to know about buying lottery tickets through ATBL.

Why is 24Lottos popular in the UK?

Games at All the Best Lottos

The first thing that caught our attention is the fact that the ATBL website is pretty minimal. There aren’t menus or extensive sections that provide more information about what All the Best Lottos is or how it works.

The website’s homepage outlines the games available for online ticket buying. Unfortunately, this operator offers only eight opportunities – EuroMillions, Powerball, Mega Millions, Bono Lotto, Thunderball, Saturday Lotto, Polish Lotto, and Italy’s SuperEnalotto if you’re interested in other European or international lotteries, tough luck!

Upon further inspection, however, we found out that the option for ticket buying is disabled for Polish Lotto, Mega Millions, and SuperEnalotto.

The FAQ section of the website shows that El Gordo and Cash4Life options are also available, but these are nowhere to be found in the list of games.

Next, we have to check out how much the acquisition of a single ticket through ATBL is going to cost you.

We randomly chose the UK Thunderball, and a single ticket costs one pound if you’re playing the game from the UK. At All The Best Lottos, however, you will have to spend a staggering 4.9 pounds per single ticket!

It’s also interesting to point out that for some games, you cannot buy a single ticket for a single drawing. Instead, you’ll have to get the one-week worth of tickets. Thus, in the case of Thunderball, the smallest amount you can spend on a single purchase is 19.60 pounds for four drawings.

Not only is this method of buying tickets not budget-friendly, but it also lacks the basic flexibility that most other online agencies offer to their customers.

Claiming Your Winnings with All The Best Lottos

All the Best Lottos scam alerts abound, and many people question the legitimacy of the website. Assuming it was real and legitimate, however, we need to check out what they have to say about paying prizes to winners.

The website’s FAQ section states that all winnings will be claimed by an ATBL member on behalf of the respective player.

There aren’t any clear definitions, however, of the methods in which a player is going to receive the money. That’s a massive red flag. Legitimate online lottery ticket buying agencies have well-defined procedures about how prizes can be claimed. Typically, smaller awards are immediately credited to the player’s digital account, and the money becomes available for withdrawal.

ATBL’s FAQ section also states that in the event of winning a large prize or a jackpot, a player will be contacted by the Winners VIP Team (whatever that is). Once this happens, the player and the VIP team will decide if the award will be claimed by ATBL on behalf of the winner or if it will be claimed personally.

Who Can Play at All the Best Lottos?

If you’re still interested in buying lottery tickets through ATBL, you should know that the website has a minimum age requirement of 18 for those who want to join.

What’s interesting here is the fact that the registration form on the website doesn’t ask for age or date of birth information.

Hence, just about anyone can sign up and begin acquiring lottery tickets through this platform. The absence of safeguards or ID verification steps is bad news because young and gullible individuals can quickly become caught up in this effortless chance to play lotteries.

The website does ask for phone information. According to the explanation, this information is required so that the player can be contacted in the event of winning. We’re wondering, however, what’s wrong with email communication and why is there no customer support phone number that winners could use to get in touch with ATBL and inquire about the procedure.

Who Is behind All the Best Lottos?

The answer to this question is a big mystery. We’re not the first ones that have tried to find out what entity stands behind this portal. Various All the Best Lottos reviews, including testimonials written by actual lottery players, suggest that no such information can be discovered.

The about section of the website suggests that the site is operated by an entity called Giant Marketing S.L.

Company check websites suggest the entity is registered in Barcelona, Spain. Still, there’s no phone number, and there are no additional details about the history of the enterprise and the specifics of the Giant Marketing business.

Under corporate purpose, the entry states other business management consulting activities. The entry could virtually mean anything. The company’s LinkedIn profile doesn’t reveal a lot more, other than the fact that it’s a marketing and advertising agency.

Things do look suspicious, and it’s challenging to find out if Giant Marketing is truly the entity behind this website or just the legal registrant.

Other Bits and Pieces

Before making up your mind, do read the website’s terms and conditions.

They don’t shed a ton of light on the situation. But still, you will discover some peculiarities about ATBL operations. For example, the website reserves the right to charge you for fees incurred while attempting to pay out your lottery award. These charges include travel and accommodation arrangements if you have to claim personally (because in the age of the internet you can’t make your arrangements), banking costs (because ATBL reserves the right to open a bank account on your behalf and credit the prize there), FX transactional costs, chaperone costs (???)  and wealth advisor expenses!

We did come across an interesting discussion about ATBL online.

Most people who come across the website believe that All the Best Lottos is a scam.

Now, this platform isn’t a scam per se, even though it will rip you off in all possible ways when you decide to use the service. But the fact that nobody has come forward to announce they’ve won any amount through ATBL does seem pretty concerning.

There have been some reports about people being called by ATBL, which is never a good thing. A legitimate company wouldn’t do that, and you already know the fact. Rather, it works the other way around.

Why You Should Register with All The Best Lottos


The website is user-friendly

They do feature some of the world’s most popular lotteries like EuroMillions and Powerball

There are FAQ + Terms & Conditions sections you can check out

Just about anyone can sign up effortlessly

Why You Shouldn’t Register with All The Best Lottos


A minimal selection of lotteries and some of the ticket-buying options are not active yet

Exuberant pricing policies, tickets are way too costly

The ATBL team contacts you in the event of winning; there’s no clarity about the prize claim procedure

You could be charged some ridiculous fees in the event of winning a prize

Many online reviewers believe ATBL is a scam

There isn’t information about the company behind ATBL (supposedly, it’s a marketing agency, but it doesn’t have a website?)

There is no phone number you can contact to inquire about ATBL

There are no signup bonuses or additional rewards for members

Would you mind rating

Is All The Best Lottos Legit?

We do not believe that All the Best Lottos is the online ticket-buying platform you should entrust with your hard-earned money. Playing international lotteries is cool and desirable. Luckily, you have many operators to choose among, and you can confidently ignore platforms like ATBL. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this website.

We cannot conclude that All the Best Lottos is a scam, but the service provider isn’t the most reputable one out there. There is no transparency about what ATBL is or who stands behind the project. Whenever this happens, we believe that you should support another business – a business that’s interested in clear rules and offering stellar customer service.

  1. As yet I’ve spent about £3000 or more and my winnings total to date £255 which I’ve not been able to withdraw-really had enough now. Apparently, you can only withdraw your winnings to your debit or credit card-I’ve tried that numerous times with no success.
    I can give them a zero star rating!

  2. Excellent online international lotto playing platform, deposit to withdrawal is great and secure, customer support through, E-mail and live chat are very supportive, and the site is a recommended site to play and win! Good Luck!🙏

  3. Service is great with ATBL, I won 50k USD on American Powerball. My account manager Jack called me to congratulate me on my win.

    I think lotto exposed should make more accurate reviews.

    Never won anything with Wintrillions or LottoKings…. and was always charged charged on my visa without me knowing…

  4. Phillip King is the best agent I have spoken to at all the best lottos he has been very successful for myself and I would recommend working with, I am definitely in the green since working with him and I hope some other people will give him a shot he’s the man!!!

  5. I like these guys because they offer a decent selection of lottos and the site is really good. Especially like the quick picks function 🙂 I like lottos but over the years got dejected…Then I came across ALL THE BEST and really have not been disappointed.
    Their advisors have won me some decent cash this year circa 12,5k. I really have appreciated this 🙂 I don’t know what other people’s experiences are like but I would like to thank James for all his work with me this year.

    Still dreaming of millions to be honest. Good luck to all the players!

    Oscar – East Scotland

    • I suspect the comments which always refer to some professional or person who works for this lottery. Generally speaking, I do not even remember who spoke to me on behalf of the company. However, most of these comments always refer to some person, which is suspicious.


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