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If you’re seriously into betting and want to apply this to lotteries, is definitely the site for you – well that is if you live in South Africa. This is an online gambling site for sports and horse race betting and yes, lotteries. This is not an online site to buy lottery tickets. Instead, players bet on one or more numbers occurring during an official lottery draw and that includes deciding how much you want to bet. This is very different.

Is 24Lottos a legit lottery service in South Africa?

How to Play at

Players pick to bet on one, two, three, or four numbers and/or the bonus ball. You choose how much you want to bet (your stake). Click on ‘add to slip’ and you see the odds of winning. Take Canada’s Lotto 649. Choose to bet you can guess two numbers that will come up on the next draw and the odds are 30 to 1. If you bet $2 and nail two of the numbers in the draw, it pays out $60. Okay, I should point out that is Rand (South Africa dollars). The highest fixed odds are for choosing 4 correct balls at 4,000 to 1.

What Else?

Players can also bet on high and low numbers meaning the total number of balls that are part of the draw are divided in half. When a lottery involves a bonus ball that could be multiple digits, you can bet on whether it will a single-digit or double-digit. Oh, and again buried in the small print is the fact that can take a 5% administration fee on any credit card transaction.’s Games

The list of lottery games here is amazing. There were a bunch that I’d never heard about like Lithuania’s Jega and Mauritius’ Loterie. Keep in mind they can do this because they are not buying tickets. Players are simply betting on the official results. The usual big international lotteries that we know and love like US Powerball and Euro Millions are there.

Who Can Bet at

Though does not specifically say foreigners can’t play here, buried in their terms and conditions are the rules and regulations that you must have a South African address, contact details, and bank account. Players may not send any winnings to a non-South African account and they go so far as to specify which banks are okay. So, unless you live in South Africa, all bets are off. T&C

Back to the terms and conditions at, don’t look for a lot on lotteries. It’s all about the different rules and regulations on sports betting including winning thresholds. This is important. If you put up an amount for a bet that calculates to win more than the threshold, you won’t get that amount. Actually, the word lotto and lotteries are not mentioned anywhere here.

Tax and Conditions

One of the other weird things in the terms and conditions was that tax is applicable on specifically horse racing at a current rate of 6% and is collected on behalf of the player. There is no information on whether this applies to sports or lottery betting.

Customer Service at

Besides the online form, offers a postal and snail mail address, phone and fax (do people still use these) numbers, and an email address. There seems to be an online chat where you can leave a message when no one is home. Office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm though there is no indication if this is only weekdays or includes weekends.

Why You Should Register with


Heaps of Lotteries to Bet On

Good Odds

Why You Shouldn’t Register with


No Mega Jackpot

No Real Terms & Conditions for Lotteries

Only for South African Residents

Would you mind rating

Is Legit?

Well, if you live in South Africa, this could be a good place to win a bit though it is important to remember it is capped. The odds are better than usual on winnings for 1 or 2 numbers. But, the terms and conditions are very weak when it comes to lotteries.

This site gets a thumbs down mostly as it looks like it was set up for sports and horse racing betting and lotteries were added as a second thought. We’d want a heap of more information to play here.

  1. I tried logging in to my account today only to find out it was restricted. I then contacted customer care to enquire. They told me that my account has been flagged and they do not know what is the problem but they are investing. The good part is that I have never lost on ever since I joined but won. I suspect they have blocked my account purposely as I am a winner, not a loser. Just be careful peeps casino only want to win but not loose. If you win they block you out😂😂😂😂 as you are a threat to their Financials 🤣🤣🤣

  2. 6% is deducted at sa racecourses on the winnings only, doesnt apply to tote bets


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