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Neverforgetlotto Exposed — Forget Playing at

Neverforgetlotto Exposed

Neverforgetlotto Review

What a riot! If you are a resident of the United Kingdom and have a mobile telephone, you can belong to a syndicate for two lotteries played twice a week. Note the singular use of the word ‘syndicate’. offers one syndicate with two lotteries, EuroMillions and UK Lotto. There is no limit to the number of members or the number of tickets. So what’s the story?

Never Forget Lotto’s Games

Players sign up on the online form and then everything else happens through your mobile phone – that’s your UK mobile phone. The weekly buy-in is £2 for a share in Tuesday & Friday’s EuroMillions and Wednesday and Saturday’s UK Lotto. This amount is charged directly to your mobile telephone.

The Syndicate purchases one ticket for each draw for every twenty members. Don’t look to play your favorite numbers here. uses ‘lucky dips’ (quick picks) for their syndicate (singular, not plural). Ticket numbers are published on their site. There is no way to know how many tickets are involved until the tickets are published. We noted on their 18th July UK Lotto draw, there were 300 tickets which says there are actually 6,000 shares. Even I can do this kind of math. That means if that jackpot had £6 million, each player would get £1,000. Okay, it is winning but according to their site, last week’s winnings were £553.00 which paid out at £0.092 per player.

Winning at Neverforgetlotto

Now if you have won – or think you have won, players are direct to go into You might have to be registered already to do this as we just kept coming up with a 404 (page not found) error. You must have a minimum of £10 to make a claim which is collected at the post office. If you’re claiming more than £500, then you need to talk to customer services to make arrangements. There is no information on how long your claim will take or how it will be made available.

Reliable Syndicates

If you want to be a part of the reliable syndicate and boost your odds of winning, join Wintrillions!’s Customer Service

There is a UK phone number, email address, and an online form. There is no snail mail address or live chat. uk is owned and operated by Doing Digital which we think is a UK company though we weren’t able to get any information on them. In checking out customer complaints, the team came across a blog relating to which is a direct link to Never Forget Lotto. It seems they randomly text people offering a chance to ‘increase’ your chance to winning soliciting you to text back and say ‘yes’. So why do they do it?

Beware the Small Print

Never Forget Lotto is very upfront in their terms and conditions that they are going to share your information! In their own words “By joining Never Forget Lotto the company will send promotional email or SMS marketing from selected third party companies for your consideration…”. They even go so far as to say even if you stop using their syndicate service, that does not cancel you from the marketing and promotional material you are going to continue to receive.

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The Bottom Line at

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom and have a mobile phone, then £2 a week for a lark could be fun and you could win something – if you are willing to put up with receiving marketing and promotional material. Seriously folks!


Winning Something


Spam & Marketing/Promotional Material?

How Many Shares?

How Do I Change My Phone Number?

This site gets a thumbs down. There are a lot of great syndicates out there that provide a better share ratio never mind don’t set you up for receiving heaps of marketing stuff. I’d stick to them.

  1. I was one idiot who thought subscription to never forget lotto was great idea. For a good few years now they’ve been charging me via my contract phone. I’ve tried unsubscribing and it never worked they continue to take 20 a month, adding it to my phone bill, this has gone on for a good few years. Recently I clicked on the website and low there it says total winnings with a large sum. I tried clicking to see if they have a full website or someway of myself finding out if this is indeed a fact. Would be good if it is I’m waiting on a call back if that happens lol. Will wait and see. I know one thing my attempts over the years to stop them taking money has been ignored. How do I get at least my subscription money back. 20 a month over at least 4 years is a lot of cash. Help if you can direct me what steps to take next.

  2. Okay – as they say if you live in the UK and want a bit of a lark then what the heck. I get that some of these folks do this to build advertising lists but why anyone would want to hook into a lottery where the odds of winning anything is pretty poor and put up with lots of spam. Not my game!


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