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  1. These people are scam artists they are still taking money out of my account and I canceled service last year

  2. The phone number on merchant details on bank transactions is a false number 660-374-2001. Two transactions were charged to my card as a recurring fee. I’ve won money and can’t get payout for it. They won’t even charge any future tickets to the money I’ve already accumulated in their winnings account. There seems to be no way of rectifying this seeing that there is no template or access portal in the back office to access the money already won. Payout has been attempted. I give lottery tickets away with no strings. even hundred dollar multidraw tickets without strings. Check my track records “TheCleverGiver”. I have given away 5 grand prizes with no strings. How much has this lottolishus given. or taken. I’ve never asked for a penny or donation from anyone. Its all been given for over twenty years since May 1992 out of my pickets to strangers rich and poor and homeless. Where is what goes around on that? Google me the original “The Clever Giver’ a man has trademarked what I started. I wrote a book on giving away lotto winnings tickets ect. “The Clever Giver” By Solomon Johnson Google my track record. Lottolishues appears to be a scam?

    • Hi Carl. I’m not sure if you have tried to contact us via email at Support(at) Reach out and I’ll do my best to solve any issues you are having. My name is JD.

      • Hi, JD. I need your help, please. I’ve changed my email address, and can no longer get into my account with you. Although you are still able to take money from me! This is my sixth request for assistance.
        Katharine W. Milloy

        • Hi Katherine. I have replied to each email you sent to the support email but it seems for some reason you are not getting them. Please reach out to jd(at)

          • The problem is … for the umpteenth time … I have a new email address. Please send me a check for my winnings! Thanks, JD Bates

  3. They ay I have won some money and checks were made but not given to me. So I will stop payments to them from my bank! I’ve tried to contact them several times and got no reply!!!

    • HI William. Did you reach out to our support email support(at)

    • Hi William. We have replied to you via email asking if you had made a payout request. Payouts are being made with normality. Pls contact us again or reply to the latest email thread and we’ll get you squared away.

  4. I made a request to withdraw $9.60 from my Lottolishus account to my credit card since June 18th, 2019, but it is still In-Process until today. I have sent many emails to support, but no one has answered me so far. What a joke is this Lottolishus! I wouldn’t advise anyone to join. This is a scam.

    • Hi Sebastian. The minimum payout is $10. But please reach out to us to our email support(at)

  5. I won about $5 K USD. I’m here in Australia. I had my check within a few weeks. No scam here.
    I can prove it.

  6. Won some money even on my own numbers. When I tried to get the funds couldn’t seem to get that part of the site to work. No response. I cancelled and thank goodness it wasn’t a lot of money.

  7. I have also won very little with and there is no place to cancel your account. They don’t respond to email and the phone No. Listed on my charge card billing slip will not even go through. It says not working at this time call later. What the hell? If someone did cancel please share how and where to go to do it. It has been 3 months and I still can’t cancel

  8. I have been in LottoLishus for about a year now. I have only won $19 and some change. I am getting ready to cancel. The only people getting rich are the two that run the show. It’s all a big joke. There are too many people in the pool.

  9. Just came across this page and had to add my thoughts. I joined LottoLishus 10 days ago. Since joining, I already have 20 people in my universe. I’ve emailed customer service three times for clarification and received responses within just a few short hours. I’ve only made a few dollars since signing up to LottoLishus, but I knew going in it would be a slow build up to eventually get a little money or make a big hit. I’ll say this also, I love the fact of splitting winnings with my universe mates. The only big winners out there are the lotteries themselves. Honestly, who needs 100 million, 200 million, or 500 million dollars all to themselves. It’s just plain dumb. Share the money, live a wonderful life, and pit it forward by sharing. Me, I’m just looking to make one good big hit, which by the way, would be no more than 3 to 5 million to live comfortably and peacefully the rest of my life. Let me ask you…what would you expect a site like “lottoexposed” to say about other competition. They also say the dashboard, guides, and FAQs etc., are jokes. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In 10 days so far, I don’t have a single complaint about LottoLishus. Don’t fall their competitive garbage comments.

  10. It is true there is no contact besides email. They will respond to your email unless you have a negative comment-like I am canceling and do not want to play anymore. DO NOT take anymore $$$ from account. Had to cancel debit card. Bank did refund my money after I told them I notified LOLish that I was canceling. Bank said it is illegal to do on auto debit as it is considered gambling. That is why they DO NOT ACTUALLY AUTO DEBIT-they do a FRESH DEBIT every month and can therefore get around the rule. I wanted to cancel because even though I initially signed up on the 12th of the month, they stated taking funds out earlier and earlier until it was the 26th of the prior month!!! in essence enabling them to make more $$$. They surprisingly responded to that email saying they have no control over when the funds are taken out. REALLY!!!!! So there were a few months where it hit my bank to hold funds on the 26-28 & withdrew it on the 1st. Then took $$$ again on the 26th, in essence taking $$$ 2x in 1 month. You only get 1-5 cents or so if anything. Not worth it with what I would call their DEBIT SCAM. Especially if you have other auto draft payments for real bills on a strict schedule and LOLish does their SURPRISE draws take $$ that is for other bills and then you have an overdraft fee(s). So their debit scam can COST YOU $$$. They never responded to the emails regarding canceling. They did send me notices, AFTER I sent them cancel notice, saying their was a problem with the card and they were unable to take $$$. Really??? OK, well the above should give you the info to decide if you want to join. I was willing to try it as I knew my tickets would be submitted weekly without worrying about it until their scam business practice made me realize they are not trustworthy.

  11. I purchased the lotto dominate $97. Then they wanted me to subscribe for $77 I declined. Then for the lotto processor they want $197. Then the lotto pools are $70 more. I’m sick of hearing about “i am a 7 time winner…trust only me!” Now I’m asking for a refund.

  12. This is my second month at LottoLishus. I am trying to log-in, I am always given an error.
    No one is available to help me log-in.

  13. Lottolishus is a joke! U can’t win anything caz there r to many people in the pool, u pay for ur numbers & the fee & if u ever win the jack-pot u only get 50% of ur winning, amp; u can’t cancel & try & get ur money back u have 2cancel ur credit card, don’t waste ur time on lottolishus it’s not worth it! Why pay a fee which is twice the amount then what u can play by ur self without paying lottolishus fee. I play by myself now & win.

  14. I have been in lottolishus since Mar 20.2017.
    Got 4 people in my group, I keep winning small amounts, also my group, we are waiting for the big one! Their help line is very good with any teething problems.

  15. Lottolishus is a scam. There was a mixup on my part. I have tried and tried to get help. What a joke that turned out to be. They will do nothing to help correct the problem I even told them how to correct it. Do not join lottolishus. I am an individual and am not trying to push other lotto system. Lottolishus treated me like shit through this whole process.

  16. I am a subscriber. How I got this I don’t remember, but I can NOT unsubscribe!! I can NOT get any money that I “won” and I can NOT stop the payments to them. I had to cancel my credit card to stop the transfer of funds. WHAT A RIP-OFF!!!

  17. I tried to sign up by joining the new account. It kept saying don’t match the new password and username. Promo Code? I tried then it says “don’t match” Don’t make sense…this is for sign up only should not seek for match. I just want to sign up and then failed to get in. Why is this make it difficult to sign up?

  18. Here is what I wrote to LottoLisus:

    I tried to sign up for Lottolishus and it asked me for a Promo code. I don’t have a promo code so I put “I don’t have one”. It says Invalid Coupon Code. Please enter a valid coupon.

    It doesn’t tell how to get a valid coupon code. I don’t even know what that is or why it’s needed. It doesn’t explain how to get it or why you need one to join.

    If you get on the Lottolishus site and want to join for the first time and have no knowledge of a Promo code what am I to do? It leaves no other options. There is no phone number and no contact information. So can you tell me how to get a promotion code to log on to Lottolishus so I can join?

    • I don’t understand. A lot of sites have coupons, etc. You don’t need them to sign up for a subscription, but if you do they save you a few bucks initially.

      There is a support link you can email, right at the bottom of the main web page.

      Just google ‘Lottolushis coupons’… kind of basic for finding anything.

      Just trying Lotto Lushis, will report back.


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LottoLishus Exposed — Might Give You a Lotta Lotto Laughs!

LottoLishus Review

With a name like LottoLishus, this platform is supposed to satisfy all of your lottery dreams and cravings. Or maybe not! While LottoLishus sounds so very cool, the services that the website offers are so limited!

If you’re looking for an online agency that gives you access to the world’s biggest lotteries, this one isn’t it.

LottoLishus allows you to purchase tickets for only two US-based games.

On top of that, there have been some complaints about the LottoLishus customer service and how winner prizes are being processed.

This LottoLishus review will check out all of these concerns and dig deep to give you a good idea about just how delicious this platform is.

Games at

Only two games are available for purchase after a LottoLishus login – Powerball and Mega Millions. If you’ve been into US lotteries for some time already, you know that most international online lottery agencies provide chances for the purchase of such tickets.

How much does it cost to buy tickets through LottoLishus?

Both Mega Millions and Powerball are available for two dollars per play. That may sound reasonable but wait. It’s not like getting an actual ticket for these two lotteries through a regular retailer.

LottoLishus allows you to play in a pool. Here’s how the whole shenanigan works. If you have the winning numbers, you’ll be paid out 50 percent of the prize. The rest of the amount is split in two ways. The first 25 percent is divided into five shares and spread out among five members. The same thing happens with the other 25 percent that is distributed among five other members.

Suppose you want to learn more – good luck! LottoLishus has the most annoying FAQ page that’s supposed to be funny, but it’s solely juvenile. The answers are contrived, clichéd, and, most importantly – they don’t give you a ton of information about what’s going on.

LottoLishus Claiming Your Prizes

As per the official presentation, LottoLishus members have won 677,260 dollars over the previous year. However, the validity of such claims cannot be verified.

So, what’s the prize claim procedure?

Again, the FAQ page of the website is entirely useless while it’s pretending to be smart and funny. If you go through the LottoLishus reviews shared by actual members under this guide, you’ll find out that people have had problems with their prize claims.

One of the main issues is that withdrawal requests have remained pending for months without any action undertaken on behalf of the LottoLishus team. People have gone out of their way to send messages to the customer service team, but unfortunately, they weren’t taken seriously.

Who Can Play at LottoLishus?

As per the official terms and conditions, you only have to be of legal age to play LottoLishus.

Who’s Behind LottoLishus?

It seems that most of the LottoLishus website features purposefully vague content. You see a charge of two dollars for playing Powerball and Mega Millions, and you’re hooked. Only later will you find out there are additional fees and membership charges.

The vagueness extends to the entity behind LottoLishus.

The Terms of Service page is pretty short and generic. It does not provide standard information about the company that runs LottoLishus. A subscriber agreement is also featured, but it’s just as generic.

If you go to the contact page, you’ll be welcomed by a form you can fill out and wait for someone to get back to you. There’s no phone number, no actual email, or God forbid, an address, or a company name. A final attempt we made to uncover some info focused on the entity that’s purchased the website and its domain. Since the purchase has happened through a large hosting platform, however, there’s once again no information about the mysterious entity behind LottoLishus.

Other Bits and Pieces

Is LottoLishus legit? That’s a difficult question to answer, given the fact that members are given just scraps of information.

The LottoLishus website is not accredited in any way or form. There’s no national license or certificate issued by an authority responsible for lotto service provider regulation. If you’ve gone through some of our other lotto agency reviews, you know that most of the companies behind those have such registrations to give customers peace of mind.

A final thing we need to mention is the fact that many members complain about having no option to cancel their subscription. It’s probably hidden within the website design somewhere, but once again, that’s a purposeful attempt to discourage people from ending their (financial) relationship with LottoLishus.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

LottoLishus does not take its customers seriously, which is why we’d strongly recommend staying away from it. This platform has been around for some time already, but there seems to be whatsoever no improvement since the early days of its existence.

If you want the brief version of what’s good and what’s bad about LottoLishus, here it is.


Simple, clean, and intuitive design

Features two big US games

Pooling options available, which means everyone within the pool will get some share of prizes won

Open to all international players (as soon as local regulations in your country allow playing online lotteries)


Purposefully vague information, ridiculous FAQ

The company behind LottoLishus does not want to reveal its credentials

It’s not clear how much you’re spending on the service (and what you’re getting as a result)

Lots of complaints about the quality of customer service

Lots of complaints about the inability to withdraw prizes

Please choose a better and 100 percent legitimate online agency to play Powerball and Mega Millions. With so many good websites out there offering international players such opportunities, there’s no need to rely on something as incredibly shady as LottoLishus.

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